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3 tips on how to earn income with Hotmart Sparkle

Find out how Hotmart Sparkle can help you boost your digital business’ sales.

Those already working with digital products are aware of the importance of content. After all, content is what makes customers’ eyes sparkle when confirming a purchase. It is precisely with this in mind that I’ll provide you with tips on how to earn income with your content.

More than a mere recommendation to increase your content’s sales potential, today I’m going to show you how to do this with Hotmart Sparkle and other Hotmart platform solutions.  

Using the app is as simple as it gets, and it allows you to further your reach if you have the right content. To show you how this works in practice, I’ll provide you with 3 tips so you can sell more by using the app. Keep reading!

1. Create specific communities to sell products 

The Hotmart Sparkle communities work as places where people who have the same interests can follow or share content. This is a great way for Producers to increase their authority further within their niche.

Furthermore, the Hotmart Sparkle community can help you increase your sales, because you can earn income with your content organically. 

I’ll give you an idea of what you can do with it.

If you keep in touch with those who have already bought your product via email or WhatsApp, invite your customers to talk to you directly. In order to convince them, mention the types of content you will be posting and emphasize that it will consist of exclusive material. 

As your audience grows stronger and your number of followers increases and their interaction with the content evolves, so will your authority. Moreover, you strengthen your relationship with these users, increasing your chances of making a second sale.

With this in mind, post an excerpt about a new product being launched or that you’d like to get off the drawing board. Remember that this free excerpt must be strategic, showing enough to make your audience eager to learn more. 

If anyone still has any questions, you can answer them on the post itself. Those who are curious will ask for more. And this is the time to answer that they will need to purchase your product in order to have full access to the content. And to make the purchase even easier, you can provide your checkout page’s link. Those accessing the link will go directly to the checkout page.

And there’s more. If the checkout page is enabled to receive payments with a Hotmart Account and customers have a balance, they can also make purchases! You can learn more about the Hotmart Account here.

If you don’t want to post a free excerpt of your material, you can post directly on the community. When your customer clicks on the publication, it will take them straight to your product’s checkout. See an example below:

And if you want to know where your Checkout Builder link is, check it out here:

2. Increase the amount of each purchase with content of value

A Hotmart study shows that 85% of buyers say that they’d buy another product from the same Producer. Following this line of thought, why not offer another product to your customers? It might be an ebook complementing the main product, for example.

But if you wish to stand out in the market and get even closer to your customers, offer access to a community where you post constantly. This way, you deliver something different and also create an opportunity to talk more closely with your customers. Better yet, you will be present in their daily lives.

I will teach you the ropes so that you can start using this idea right now.

The first step is to create a paid community on Hotmart Sparkle. In order to put your plan into practice, you need to think about a content schedule, post regularly and the amount you will charge for the subscription. Remember that your customers will be eager to receive relevant content, so make sure you plan meticulously! Find out more about paid communities on Hotmart Sparkle.

Ready? Well then, if you already use Checkout Builder, Hotmart’s customizable checkout page, just enable Order Bump. This feature will allow you to add the paid community in the checkout page itself. Thus, your customer can make the entire purchase at once. Check out the steps on how to configure Order Bump.

3. Make your business evolve with events

By strengthening your position in the market, you increase your authority within the niche in which you operate, and boost your sales. One of the actions that can contribute to this is the creation of online or onsite events. 

This event can be a channel to strengthen your relationship with your customers and win over new ones. To do so, the planning of the action must be done in advance. Therefore, it doesn’t get in the way of other marketing and sales actions. 

In order to create an event, it’s important to consider several phases and the first one is to define the goal. To do so, ask yourself, what audience do you wish to reach? What is the content you wish to convey? What are the results you wish to obtain at the end of the event? With these points defined, it’s easier to organize everything your action requires. 

Although each business has its own peculiarities, certain points such as the definition of the central theme, content, scheduling, date, time, suppliers and advertising are common tasks of most events. Can you see how many things are needed? This is why preparation is crucial! 

Another essential point in the creation of an event is the platform on which it will be hosted. At Hotmart, it is possible to create a physical event. 

For example, if your goal is to capture leads in order to offer your new digital products in communication streams later on, you can create an event on the Hotmart platform. There, you define the name, description, type of check-in, ticket price and the possibility to upgrade. 

In order to make your customers’ experience even better, they can check-in, check out the event’s schedule and details through the Hotmart Sparkle app. And there’s more. If your customers have a balance on their Hotmart Account, they can purchase tickets or upgrade on the app itself.

Extra Tip: Those who upgrade their tickets can receive exclusive content in a private community on Hotmart Sparkle. 

Check out these steps on how to register your event on the Hotmart platform.

Do you have any other ideas on how to earn income with your content by using Hotmart Sparkle? Then, let us know here in the comments!

See you later and great sales! :)