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Marcos Pereira

07/26/2022 | By Marcos Pereira

As a digital content creator, you probably already know the importance of developing strategies to bring your audience closer to your brand. Within this context, one of the best techniques to engage users with your business is to invest in the creation of communities. 

With this in mind, Hotmart created Hotmart app – the official app for creators who want to monetize their audience and turn their content into a real business.

Would you like to know more about this membership club and how to create your own community? Then keep reading this post to find out.

What is Hotmart app?

Can you imagine gathering all of your followers in one place? A space for you to post your content in different formats, without competing with ads and competitors for your audience’s attention?

Enter Hotmart app, a community app where your content is the center of attention. No need to rely on partnerships and advertising with brands for your content to be seen. After all, you can charge subscription fees for access to what you post.

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Why use Hotmart app?

If you haven’t started using Hotmart app yet, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Here are the main advantages of using the app:

No competing with algorithms

If you have profiles on other social media networks, you may have noticed that your content doesn’t reach all of your followers.

This is because these networks use algorithms to decide which content is shown in each user’s feed. In other words, there’s no guarantee that anyone who likes or follows your page will see your content.

With Hotmart app, it’s a different story. The app has no such algorithms; your content reaches 100% of your audience.

Premium Communities

Another benefit Hotmart app offers creators is the ability to create premium communities. You can offer exclusive content to your audience and charge a subscription fee for access. A 9.9% service fee plus $0.50, will be charged for each sale and subscription over $10.

All this without having to worry about access systems, spreadsheets, or other complications. Everything is integrated with your Hotmart account, and community access is automatic.

And, there’s a new feature that was previewed at ON FIRE: Now, the process of creating premium communities is faster and allows for integration with sales reports and other solutions already available on the platform. 

With this new feature, Hotmart app Premium Communities is even stronger and more relevant for creators to monetize their content and develop their online businesses.

Everything is done directly on the Hotmart platform, and you can track your community subscription sales results in the same place.


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Knowledge at your fingertips

If you’re a creator and have an online course registered on Hotmart, you have another excellent reason to use Hotmart app.

Your students can watch your Hotmart app courses directly on their smartphones. And they don’t need to be logged in to do so since the tool allows them to download the video lessons to be watched offline.

Flexible content

With Hotmart app, you have total freedom to create content however you see fit. It can be in the form of photos, videos, links, or audio files up to 1 hour long – why not start a podcast today?

Integration with other Hotmart services

Hotmart app is also integrated with other Hotmart services to make life even easier for creators and affiliates.

You can create specific communities related to your products, access sales statistics, and use your Hotmart account balance to purchase directly through the app.

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What are Hotmart app’s unique features?

Hotmart app stands out for a few good reasons, such as platform automation, the ability to perform the financial control of users, and of course, monetization starting with the first buyer. 

Let’s understand each of these features in more detail, shall we? 

The platform does everything automatically 

Usually, when you monetize something online, you need to keep an eye out for debtors and other payment-related issues, right? Well, with Hotmart app, it’s a bit different. 

One of the great advantages of using the app is its automation when it comes to receiving, adding, and deleting people from the community. You don’t have to waste time checking whether someone has paid or not.

In other words, you can devote yourself entirely to the creation of content, because Hotmart handles the rest.

It performs user financial control

Financial control is very important for anyone who sells, and that’s why Hotmart can control this department so you can easily manage it and create new strategies for your business. With Hotmart app, you can track the following:

  • Number of product sales
  • Performance reports and charts
  • Purchase reports by time of day
  • Segmented sales information according to chosen filters

You only need to concern yourself with posting content and providing a great experience for your community members. 

Monetization starting with the first community member

A prominent and unique Hotmart app feature is that you can monetize as of the very first member. In other words, there’s no need to have a minimum number of views, followers, or livestreaming hours before you earn money, unlike other social media networks. 


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How to use Hotmart app

After installing Hotmart app on your smartphone, create an account in the app by following the on-screen instructions.

Understanding the home page

The Hotmart app home page is where you find posts and content from the communities you follow.

See a post you like and want to see more? Just tap to open the content. You can also like ❤ and comment 💭 on your favorite posts, including by sending an audio comment!

Posting content on Hotmart app

On the home page, you can tap the Post shortcut to create your own posts.

You can choose from various formats, such as text, audio files up to 1 hour long, photos, videos, and links.

When you’re done, you can choose in which community your content will be posted or make the content available for only 24 hours.

Start using Hotmart app!

Now that you understand everything about Hotmart’s official app, you should know that we can help you work earn money online and become a part of the creator economy.

Besides being one of the largest unicorn startups in the world, we’ve been in the market for more than 10 years. Our platform is designed to create solutions for people to teach, become entrepreneurs, and learn online. 

This is the right place for you to create your own exclusive community and turn fans of your niche into buyers of your content. Why not create your own exclusive community right now? 

Did you enjoy our tips? Would you like to take further advantage of #Hotmartapp and all of its features to take your business to the next level? So learn more about how Hotmart works and sign up by clicking below.

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This post was originally written in October 2021 and has since been updated to contain more complete and accurate information.