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Entrepreneurial Mindset: 15 Tips to Program your Brain Towards Success

Check out the habits you need to change to reach your goals!


03/20/2018 | By Hotmart

Achieving personal and professional success is the big dream for thousands of people. But the great question people usually ask is: how do I get there?

First of all, you’ll need to get rid of some toxic habits in your life and only then start reprogramming your brain to have an entrepreneurial mindset. This happens because a change in mindset is essential to developing strategies towards reaching your goals, whichever they might be.

However, we know that it’s not always easy to get a hold of our limitations and change the way you behave.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the 15 best tips to develop an entrepreneurial mindset!

Rational x Emotional

As important as keeping a rational posture to developing your professional career is being in sync with your emotional intelligence.

A balance between these two areas makes it possible to achieve great results in our lives.

When it’s time to make an important decision, thinking rationally and emotionally at the same time makes it easier to make better choices that are in consonance with our interests.

So you’re able to develop quality habits, you have to consider habits are built on a daily basis. That’s why programming an entrepreneurial mindset must happen continuously.

Every part of your mind can be reprogrammed in order to achieve success, and it’s up to each of us to set our goals and start working on and developing powerful habits.

15 ways you can program your brain

Now that you’ve understood how important it is to balance reason and emotion, we’ll show you how you can balance your habits and increase your focus to be able to reprogram your thoughts and have an entrepreneurial mind.

1. Have healthy eating habits

Healthy eating has always been key in improving not only the body but also the human mind.

The brain spends a lot of energy because it’s always processing information. Everything we see, feel, and the experiences we live go through our brain.

So, healthy eating shouldn’t play a small part in your life, since it leads to major gains in quality of life.

Having healthy eating habits allows the body to develop its skills without collapsing.

Professionals who give up on paying attention to their eating habits are more likely to have lower performance and little or no creativity when it comes to their professional lives, compromising their careers as a whole.

So, to have an active and willing entrepreneurial mindset, it’s essential to eat well.

2. Think positive

It may sound cliché, but positive thinking is a subject matter of studies all over the world. Although no one knows exactly how it works, it has a direct influence on the physical plan.

When we have positive thinking, we increase the chances of going after our goals until they’re completed, whether personal or professional ones.

More than a habit, positive thinking is an active and conscious behavior towards adversity.

In a word, positive thinking makes us focus on the solution instead of looking for problems.

3. Write down your goals

The human mind can be really powerful but, at the same time, has many limitations. Only highly trained people can remember all their appointments. Sometimes, we even forget our own phone number.

One way to reprogram the brain and develop an entrepreneurial mindset is the habit of writing down your goals on a notebook.

This traditional process is just another example of how you can actually reprogram your mind. It’s completely possible to substitute your notebook or scheduler for digital media, such as electronic calendars. And even smartphones or tablets work in favor of the entrepreneur.

What’s more important is to write down all your goals. This simple procedure helps reinforce the information, which becomes a lasting memory in your mind.

4. Practice exercises

Just like having healthy eating habits is important for a creative and active entrepreneurial mind, practicing exercises does the same.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is a common problem in our modern society. We’re so busy running our businesses that we forget to exercise our body.

As most entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time in the online world, it’s important to make an effort to interact in the physical world.

Setting aside a time in your daily routine to do some sort of work out, such as walking, running, swimming, or even lifting weights helps to keep a sharp body and mind.

5. Learn to meditate

People have been meditating for ages to reach higher spiritual states, find their purpose in life, and develop unique skills.

Great names in the entrepreneurial market are open about meditating often, and claim they do it every day.

The benefits meditation brings explain why it is such a hit, among them you’ll notice:

  • A boost in your energy-level and willingness to perform activities;
  • Reducing stress and anxiety levels;
  • Improving concentration and creativity.

6. Sleep well

Apparently, our parents have always been right in nagging us about having a good night’s sleep. Sleeping 8 hours a day is not something to be fussy about nor for those who have time to spare.

It’s, in fact, one of our techniques to program an entrepreneurial mind. This happens because our sleep quality is closely related to our professional performance.

People who respect not only their ideal sleeping pattern but also have a right time to turn down, they tend to have more energy during the day.

And that’s not all: there’s a boost in the creativity and concentration levels, and happiness becomes a clear manifestation.

7. Study every day

One of the mistakes made by people who don’t know the power of having an entrepreneurial mindset is to stop studying because they believe they already have all the knowledge they need.

First of all, the amount of information and knowledge in the world knows no limits.

Human life, however, has a very limited lifespan. There’s no way we’ll be able to deplete all the content around us.

Not to mention that the market is constantly evolving. Therefore, knowledge we once had may just not work in the current scenario.

One of the ways to keep an active entrepreneurial mindset is by constantly studying. Thirty minutes a day is more than enough to keep up with the market’s best practices.

8. Avoid negative environments

Our behavior suffers from the influence of our surroundings. This is true not only for our work but also family, friendships, and other social circles.

In order to be able to reprogram our brain towards an entrepreneurial mindset, it’s of the utmost importance to try to avoid toxic environments and people.

The more we surround ourselves with positive people, who share the same goals and objectives we have, the better will our behavior be.

We’re pushed to grow in positive surroundings while when we’re in negative environments, we tend to stay put or even take steps back.

9. Don’t talk only about work

Time off exists to relax! There’s no taking your work into your social gatherings with friends and your moments of leisure and fun.

It’s a posture that helps us separate things. Work is important but leisure is equally important to have a balanced life.

Being always worried about work, deadlines, and meetings can wear us down. We’re overloaded and start seeing work all the time, everywhere.

Will you go on a personal trip?

Unless you’re on a business trip, leave your computer at home. Take your mobile in case of emergencies, such as replying to an email, but avoid your best taking your work with you.

10. Get some sun whenever possible

Sunbathing is problematic in the common-sense. Many people avoid the most soaking up some rays because they fear the negative side-effects caused by ultraviolet rays. Skin cancer is among the most common pathologies when there’s continuous exposition to the sun.

This fear can be justifiable but not all things are negative when it comes to the sun. Quite on the contrary, sun rays allow the body to naturally produce Vitamin D, which is important for our organism and memory.

Whenever you can, take advantage of the appropriate timeframe to sunbathe. Specialists recommend early morning and late afternoon sun.

Never being exposed to midday sun is the general rule. If you need to leave at this time, wear sunscreen.

Regardless, sunbathing or maintaining proper levels of Vitamin-D is important. Not to mention the sun has the power to energize the body, contributing to the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

11. Learn something new every day

Not all knowledge in the world takes years to be learned. There are millions of techniques and knowledge that can be mastered in our everyday lives.

Even if it is one new word in a foreign language or even your own, a business strategy or using a new digital tool, it’s possible to learn something new every day.

12. Talk to people

Be in contact with people who are experts in your field. Growing with the help of people who are already successful is not to be frowned upon, quite the opposite, it’s a powerful strategy that is a part of the entrepreneurial mindset.

Study what great names in the market have done in their journeys to become a beacon, contributing to the decision-making progress and a shift in thinking.

More than just knowing what these people did, investigate the path they’ve taken.

It’s common for major players in the market to share valuable entrepreneurship tips. This type of content can and should be explored by those who wish to reach the same level of renowned professionals.

13. Say your goals out loud

Reprogramming the brain is a continuous process that passes through employing scientifically proven strategies to change how you behave and think. One of them is saying your goals aloud over and over again.

Turning our goals into a mantra helps our brain with the sense of urgency in making them real.

14. Develop side projects

Side projects are more than just a hobby.

The human mind was created to think plurally. When we spend a lot of time spent in just one area or activity, our brain loses its creative potential.

The best way to have an entrepreneurial mindset is by stimulating your brain, keeping up with your side projects.

They don’t need to be in our line of work, it may be a completely different project! What’s important is that it makes us feel good and keep our minds working.

15. Listen to stimulating music

Many people like to work with headsets while they listen to music. This helps not only to muffle the sound, if you work in a loud environment, but it can also be a great way to focus.

Music can stimulate your body, which will answer to these stimuli with more excitement and willingness when performing some activities.

However, be careful with the kind of music you listen to. If you need to focus more, look for musical styles that help you focus on the task at hand.

Nowadays, there are several ready-to-listen playlists created with this purpose, with songs that help you concentrate.

Reprogram your mind and see the results

Programming the mind isn’t a magical process. As we’ve said, it demands time and needs constant stimuli. So, put our tips into practice and make them a part of your routine.

We know that changing daily habits isn’t easy but, as you’ve seen, it’s possible to reprogram your mind so you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

However, you should know that everything we’ve shown you here won’t happen overnight. Besides, these aren’t magical potions. An entrepreneurial mindset can only be reached and developed with personal effort.

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