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At Hotmart, your growth is what drives us. We give you powerful tools, knowledge, and support for free so you can create, market, and manage your digital products. We only get a percentage after you've made a sale.

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For $1.49 per customer, generate subtitles in multiple languages and let your customers view classes online or offline with the free Hotmart App.

FAQ on Pricing

  • Why is paying a sales percentage better than a monthly fee?

    Unlike a lot of other platforms that will just collect your monthly fee, Hotmart has a vested interest in your business. We work hard to provide you with the best features and customer service today and as you grow in the future because our business depends on your success.

    With this in mind, we build all of our features for you to sell more and sell right. Considering the amount of automation and ease we will provide your business, you can scale your growth and strategies in a way that would be unimaginable on other platforms.

  • What other sites and services do I need?

    Hotmart is your one-stop business solution. From customer care to payments to analytics and reports, we’ve got you covered. You shouldn’t need to outsource any aspect of your online business.

    If you feel the need to integrate a third-party service, we do offer numerous APIs to help your business run smoothly.

  • How many products can I sell on Hotmart?
    You can host and sell as many products as you’d like!
  • How can Hotmart help me grow?

    It’s free to start using Hotmart. This means you can build your business without having to worry about monthly fees. When you do start making sales, Hotmart makes it easy to maintain customers by providing a great user experience. This way, your customers will continue with their subscription and even purchase other products you create or affiliate with.

    Additionally, you’ll also grow your business with:

    • Hotmart Payment System

      Our proprietary payment system makes it easy to sell in other countries, offer one-click buying, create bundles, and add order bumps at checkout.

    • Hotmart Affiliate Program

      A network of professionals that can help you promote your product and reach new audiences in different niches around the world.

    • Hotmart Email Marketing, Club Sales

      Promote additional products or extra paid modules while users enjoy your Members Area. Then, increase sales by automating emails for cart abandonment, sales recovery, and much more.

    • Hotmart Events and Webinars

      Expand your business with in-person events or host webinars where you can gather leads, and offer products with one-click buying during your webinar.

    Every feature we develop has your business growth in mind. To learn how to use Hotmart for your business to reach its full potential, we provide a wealth of resources like our blog and YouTube channel to help you every step of the way.

  • What makes Hotmart better than other platforms out there?

    All of our features are made in-house for our users. This means tools that are built to integrate seamlessly and adapted to help you create the most effective strategies. In other words, we adapt to you, not the other way around.

    Want to sell an additional product with one-click buying while your customer is taking your course? No problem! Want to have an exclusive community with your product, all accessible on an app? We’ve got you covered.

    And our developers never stop. Our features are always being improved as the market and your business evolve.