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A complete ecosystem for creators to build, market, and sell digital products worldwide.

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Image of the welcome screen of the platform, presenting the product formats and Hotmart solutions.

Build your product

What would you like to sell? Work with the format that's right for your content and audience.

Charge a subscription fee or one-time payment

Whether it's one-time purchases or lifetime subscribers, find the billing strategy that works for your business.

Image of two screens on the Hotmart platform, one for Pricing and the other for selecting a New Subscription Plan.

Sell more with a payment suite built into your products

The backbone of your business should never be a plugin. That's why Hotmart's proprietary system, HotPay, is integrated into every aspect of the ecosystem.

Automate the process

Automate product access, sales recovery, and commission payments for affiliates and cocreators while reducing churn with smart retries and strategic invoicing.

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Image of the Hotmart platform Sales screen.

More ways to pay

Offer payment options that will leave your customers feeling comfortable. Credit and debit, PayPal, payment with 2 cards, Google Pay, and many more.

Sell global, pay local

Decrease abandoned carts with automatic currency conversion, downsells, and local payment options depending on your buyer's location.

Screenshot of the Hotmart Payment System, which shows the payment methods and available currencies.
Host & Market

Host everything at your own Club

Bring your audience, customers, and digital products together in one place: Hotmart Club. Showcase paid and free courses, members areas, and communities in an ecosystem built to engage and sell more.

A place to call your own

Customize Hotmart Club with your brand and share your content with an intuitive customer experience. Your buyers can take full advantage of your product wherever they want, be it on TV, mobile, or even offline.

Sell more to loyal customers

Have one link, one place, but with all of your products. You can create extra paid modules to sell with one click to repeat customers and make ads for free in your members area, in addition to improving your conversion rate with the tracking pixel in Club.

Two Hotmart Club screenshots overlapped, displaying a banner, product modules, and a paused lesson.

Showcase your work

Build beautiful web pages that match your product, strategy, and brand. No coding required.

Screenshot of a Product Page from a cooking course.

Product Page

Create a product page in minutes with a video, description, and image and increase your SEO and sales.

Screenshot of the “Page Creator” solution on the Hotmart platform.

Page Creator


Build your own landing, home, signup, sales, and thank you pages with Hotmart Extensions.

Checkout Builder

Customize your payment page to match your business, offer additional products, and leave your buyers feeling confident about their purchase.

Screenshot of the High Conversion Payment Pages on the Hotmart platform.
Logo Marketplace

Make your product available to the thousands of potential buyers who visit Hotmart Marketplace every day.

Explore Marketplace
Image of the Hotmart Marketplace home screen, the platform's digital products marketplace.

Keep your audience engaged

Understand your audience and know how to contact them with the right offer at the right time.

Email marketing


Use Hotmart's complete email marketing service to manage your product and marketing all in one place with Hotmart Extensions.



Make live sales, reach and engage a wider audience, generate new leads, and much more with Homart Webinars.

Screenshot of the Hotmart platform's Email marketing and Webinar solutions.


New to the Hotmart Universe? We offer a wide range of integrations to make your transition as smooth as possible. Connect the tools you are currently using and take your business to the next level!

Screenshot that shows the Hotmart platform integration tools.

Reach a wider audience with the Hotmart Affiliate Program

Have a team of professionals promoting your product to new audiences without giving up control over how your product is marketed.

Learn More: Affiliate Program
 Illustration of a creator with a notebook and an affiliate promoting their product on a cell phone.

Bring your team together

Share your journey with employees or business partners working by your side.

Image of the settings screen of the Collaborators Center of the Hotmart platform.

Collaborators Center

Give individual team members the access they need without sharing sensitive information.

Screenshot of a cocreation on the Hotmart platform.


Create a product with a partner, share access, and automate commission payments.

Make informed decisions

Get the relevant numbers in easy-to-read reports that show when, where, and why you're making sales based on customer behavior and tracking pixels with Facebook, Google, TikTok, and more.

Image of the Hotmart Platform Tracking Report and Pixel screens.

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