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Hotmart Club has evolved for your business to reach new heights! Use the latest version to create a members area and expand your reach.

I want to use Hotmart Club
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A Members area built to engage and sell more for you to earn more with less investment

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All your products in one place with one link
Intuitive design, optimized for digital products
52% less refund requests than other members areas*
*According to Hotmart’s internal data
More sales, lower cost per lead
Your own members area, customized with your brand
On TV, computer, mobile, even offline
Communities for buyers and creators to interact
Tracking pixel for more sales opportunities in your customer’s journey
Quizzes to motivate course completion and certificates for your students
Courses, ebooks, bundles and communities in one place

You need leads that pay for themselves

Break free from the never-ending cycle of spending too much to attract new customers. With Hotmart Club, you don't waste time or money: improve customer retention without having to create endless new content or spend too much on traffic.
Screenshot of Hotmart Club in dark mode showing the Fitness Lifestyle course.
Stability for simultaneous access
Integration with other tools
100% content delivery and anti-fraud protection
Pixel tracking to learn more about your audience and improve conversion rates
No bugs and great customer support

Host your online course in the best members area

Made for those who want to make a living in the digital universe, and those who want to learn in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Hotmart Club available to everyone?

    Anyone with a Hotmart account can access Hotmart Club. To put all the features to use, you’ll need to create or upload at least one product to a members area.

    You can create products and communities, manage your modules, lessons, materials, comments, and customers, make additional sales, and much more, all in one place.

  • How much does it cost to use Hotmart Club?
    Hotmart Club is FREE, just like any other service offered by Hotmart. You pay no monthly or membership fees, only a fee for each sale made (9.9% + 0.50). If you choose to use our streaming, you’ll only be charged 1.49 per sale.
  • How to manage the product modules according to the classes?

    Products hosted in the Hotmart members area are divided into modules and subdivided into pages. You can create groups and select which content will be available to them, and even create an extra module according to your strategy.

    To do this, follow the steps below:

    1. Log into your Hotmart account.
    2. Select Go to Hotmart Club
    3. Under Content, find the module you want to change access to and click Edit
      • You can also create a new module by clicking on Create a Module
    4. On the settings page, select the Groups to which want to give access to the Module
    5. Click Save
  • How to add subtitles to Hotmart Club videos

    Besides organizing your course lessons into modules, uploading files in various formats, providing certificates to students, and interacting through comments, you can also add subtitles to your lessons by following the steps below:

    1. Log into your Hotmart account
    2. Click on Products in the left-side menu
    3. Select the product
    4. Click Go to Hotmart Club in the upper-right corner
    5. If you wish to add the content to a new module, click Add Module
    6. If you wish to create content in an existing module, click Content
    7. Enter the name of the page and choose the medium
      • You can add content in the Text and Extras sections
      • You can also customize content availability in Settings.
    8. Under Subtitle Settings, select your video’s original language
    9. Click Subtitle Upload and select the subtitle language you wish to generate
    10. After the subtitles are generated, choose whether or not you want to enable them
    11. Click Translate
    12. Choose whether to enable subtitles in the Player, review the content in the subtitle editor (Review), choose another translation language(s) (Translate), or delete the subtitles (Delete).
  • How to create paid extra modules in Hotmart Club

    Market surveys and customer feedback may give you ideas for new content, for example; or, your strategy might be to increase your average ticket. To implement these strategies, you can offer additional modules, and they can be either free or paid. Want to learn how to create a paid module? Check out the instructions below:

    1. Go to your Hotmart account at
    2. From the side menu, select Product
    3. Click I'm a creator to check out your list of digital products
    4. Click on the desired product
    5. In your product’s internal menu on the right, click Go to Hotmart Club
    6. Click Content, and then click Add
    7. Then click +Create Module
    8. Enter a name for your new module and choose for which groups the module will be available
    9. Check the Paid Module box
    10. Then, a text box will pop up on your screen. In it, enter a description of the new module and determine the price to be charged
    11. To finish, click Save
  • How to set up ads in Hotmart Club

    In Hotmart Club, you can create ads for your buyers, without having to pay extra for this. Creators who have more than one product, for example, can offer them to students at different moments in their journey.

    Here are simple step-by-step instructions on how to create an ad in your product:

    1. Go to your Hotmart account at
    2. In the side menu, select Products
    3. Click I'm a creator to see your list of digital products
    4. Select the desired product
    5. In your product’s internal menu, click on Members area
    6. Click Go to Hotmart Club
    7. Inside the Members area, click on the Content menu
    8. Select the Ads option
    9. Fill in the information for the ad you wish to create (name, product, description, media file upload)
    10. Click Save
    11. And don't forget to click Publish to show the offer to your Buyers.

    That's it! Your new ad can be placed before or after the lesson you have selected in the Club’s content manager.

    Can't find the answer to your question? Go to our Help Center.