Our Members Area, Built for your Course

Set up your course, organize and distribute your content the way you want, interact with your students, and have access to sales features, all in one place.
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Deliver a complete experience for your students

More than simply delivering your digital product, offer a unique, quality experience for your students. Use your own teaching methodology and also monitor your users' engagement and performance without ever leaving the Members Area.

More than 400k Members Areas have been created on our platform.
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Made for you to sell more

The Hotmart Members Area has one-click buying options that increase your chances of selling more without spending on ads. Encourage repeat customers, offer extra material, promote Affiliates, deliver more content for free to inspire students to buy your course, and much more.

Approximately 40% of sales in the Hotmart Members Area are made with one-click buying. This sales model leads to a higher purchase approval rate.

Source: Hotmart Study
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A payment system developed exclusively for digital products

To sell your course with a safe payment system that makes transactions in more than 12 currencies, use Hotmart's payment system. It’s already integrated into the platform and capable of carrying out thousands of transactions simultaneously.

Sales made in more than 188 countries
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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I manage product modules according to Classes?

    The products hosted in Hotmart’s Members Area are displayed to students divided into modules and subdivided into pages.

    With the creation of Classes, you can select to which classes you wish to make each module available. You can also create a new module according to your strategy for the students who have arrived in your course through an offer.

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  • How can I enable automatic subtitles with my videos?

    Imagine that you teach English literature, but want to sell your classes in France. Club Caption allows you to create subtitles in English and can even automatically translate them into French, or any other language you wish. There’s a wide variety of languages to choose from on the platform!

    To do this, you just need to use the Video Player in your Members Area (Hotmart Club). Once you are using the Members Area Player, check out how to enable Club Caption:

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  • How to create an extra paid module on Hotmart Club?

    An online course Producer who wants to see their business thrive is constantly looking to evolve their product. Therefore, it’s important to study the market and listen to the students' opinions regarding the classes.

    Market research and student feedback can raise questions that require more content, for example. In this case, you can offer extra modules that can be either free or paid. Thus, those who wish to continue studying a subject related to their course have an exclusive area to do so.

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