Limitless content to expand your business and knowledge.

In a few clicks, you get access to content you've purchased, and if you're a Creator, you can track all your digital business results in one place.

Your content, your business. And the best part: results in real-time.

After creating your product on the Hotmart platform, you can track your sales performance, access your balance, and manage your Hotmart Card right in the app. That way, optimizing your strategy and taking your business to the next level has never been easier.

With the Hotmart app, you get a new interactive experience and a quick way to manage Hotlinks — no need to go anywhere else. You'll also have access to the main product information to make important business decisions in just a few clicks.

A smartphone screen showing the Wallet section of the Hotmart app with the current account balance.

All the content you’ve purchased in one place

No ads or distractions: the digital product you’ve bought on Hotmart will be available on the device where you download the app. No more excuses not to consume the content you've purchased.

You can also access the content offline*, from anywhere, at any time.

And more: check the payment status of products, including subscriptions — all in the Hotmart app.

**Exclusively for products that use the Hotmart Video Player

A smartphone screen showing purchased products within the Hotmart app.

What does the Hotmart app offer?

  • Easier for you, Creator, to track your results

  • Quicker access for you, who can have all your digital products in one place

  • Better ways to engage with your community

You stay up to date on all things Hotmart before anyone else.

Frequently asked questions

What’s new about the Hotmart app?

Creators are now more closely connected to their digital products and Hotmart account. And it's quicker and easier for consumers to access the content they've purchased.

The app is not working. What should I do?

Update the app in the app store of your choice.

Can I still create free communities in the app?

No. The app is focused on the consumption of paid content from digital products.