We encourage people to share their knowledge to win the world.

Hotmart has everything for those who want to create, sell and escalate their digital business to where they never thought they'd be.

We turn content creators into entrepreneurs.
And entrepreneurs into businesspeople.

Producing and sharing content over the internet is nothing new. Not even in 2011, when João Pedro Resende and Mateus Bicalho, CEO and COO, founded Hotmart. The big change since then is that, nowadays, monetizing content creation is a reality and not an exception.

As an all-in-one platform, we unify all solutions in one place, so that the producer, the specialist, the creator can focus on their business.

Hotmart Company: a new era for Creators’ Economy

Hotmart is part of the Hotmart Company, a group of companies created as a result of Hotmart's expansion that includes Teachable and eNotas.

Hotmart’s expansion goes hand in hand with the expansion of the creators' economy.

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Our history

One of the best companies for entrepreneurs is also one of the best companies to work for

We are among the best technology companies to work for, according to Great Place to Work. And this says a lot about our team, our Troopers and, mainly, about our culture. We make sure that each one can develop as professionals and, above all, evolve as human being.

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of our team believes Hotmart is an excellent place to work.

From first steps in the career to C level

Hotmart invests in the development of each professional. We create specific actions, programs and events for technical, mental and well-being improvement. Learning something new every day and sharing new knowledge are embedded in our culture. When someone evolves, the company grows up together.

Autonomy to act, freedom to be and love to share

Our culture is our most valuable asset. We make sure that each person who works here can develop as professionals and, above all, evolve as human being. We seek talents that are completely compatible with our three pillars: Autonomy, Freedom and Love.

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A complete ecosystem is an impact ecosystem

Since 2011, we have made it possible for thousands of people to live as content producers. However, we understand that our impact as a global company goes beyond our platform.

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The program allows the donation of 1 to 10% of the amount received for products and services hosted on the platform to institutions focused on education and social inclusion.

Every transformation starts with an attitude

+ BRL 5,5 million


+14K content producers


12 organizations


*Data from 2018 to 2022