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Learn in a didactic manner
Practical classes that will teach you how to use the main features of the Hotmart Universe.
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Create strategies for your business
Exclusive content, created by our specialists with tips and strategies to help you boost your sales.
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Solutions to help you evolve constantly
Quick and simple-to-follow tutorials with the best solutions for your business.
Business Strategy

Everything your digital business needs

Video lessons of up to 3 minutes for you to learn everything about our Members Area and take full advantage of the Hotmart Sparkle app features.
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Make the connection between Hotmart’s solutions and your sales strategies

  • Members Area

    What is the Hotmart Members Area (Hotmart Club)?

    • Understanding the Hotmart Members Area

    Setting up the Members Area

    • Creating modules
    • Registering lessons within the modules
    • How to host content in the Members Area
    • Creating automatic subtitles
    • Creating notes in the lessons
    • Customizing templates
    • Testing your students’ knowledge with a quiz
    • Managing groups
    • Issuing a Certificate


    • Managing comments in the Members Area
    • Sending announcements

    User management

    • Evaluating student progress and performance
    • Understanding student behavior
    • Profile quiz


    • Offering free registration and trial content
    • Club Sales
    • One-click buying solutions and extra modules
    • Fully integrated payment system


    • Enabling access to your offline course with Hotmart Sparkle
  • Hotmart Sparkle
    • What is Hotmart Sparkle?
    • Creating your account and getting to know the app
    • Creating a community
    • How to post through the app and via web
    • Integration with YouTube and WordPress in a single community
    • Setting up a subscription service for your community
    • Accessing products purchased at Hotmart via app
    • Offline videos on the app
    • How to add your event’s information on Hotmart Sparkle
    • Using the Hotmart Sparkle wallet