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  • How can I sell in other countries using Hotmart's payment system?
    For international sales, the product’s price is automatically converted into the local currency, and the buyer is offered local payment methods. In other words, Hotmart Payments not only automates the details of currency conversion and local taxes from end-to-end, but also gives your potential customers options to pay the way they feel most comfortable - which means higher chances of conversion!
  • If I’m selling in other countries, how does currency exchange work?
    Relax and let Hotmart take care of it for you. We will convert your sales in other currencies according to current exchange rates, which you can then deposit in your bank account in your local currency.
  • How can I move my digital product and business to Hotmart?
    Awesome! If you need help migrating your business to Hotmart or have any questions about how we can help your business grow, contact us!
  • Does Hotmart offer customer support for my business and customers?
    When you join Hotmart, you’re joining a team that is driven by our ambition to give you and your customers an amazing experience. That means we’ll be here to handle any hiccups as they come up. You can count on our Customer Support teams based across multiple continents.
  • Can you tell me about Hotmart’s security features?
    We strive to keep our platform secure so you can focus on growing your business. We’re able to quickly and accurately identify fraud attempts, making your transactions faster and safer with the most widely used payment methods in the world.
  • Will Hotmart own my product?

    Depending on the country, only for a few seconds! Let us explain.

    Hotmart makes selling digital products around the world easy. To do this, we have to comply with lots of regulations in many different locations. For some countries, this involves Hotmart working as a reseller. This means that when a purchase is made, Hotmart buys the product from the Creator and resells it to the buyer seconds later.

    Do we end up owning your product? No! Acting as a reseller is only a question of complying with the law. Do we ever claim creative rights to what you’re selling? Never! Will we control the way you market and price your product like other online platforms? Not a chance!

    Hotmart respects the Creator as the sole owner of their work and business. You have the freedom to control and sell your products as you see fit.