4 Proven Steps to Increase your Sales with Hotmart

Check out the 4 Hotmart solutions that can help you scale sales.

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If you’ve created a digital product to sell, you’ll soon enter a new phase of your business: increasing sales. 

To help you get through this new challenge headache-free, Hotmart has everything you need to scale sales, evolve your strategies, and create an increasingly profitable online business. 

To give you an idea, over 20 tools are 100% integrated into your account and available for you to start using right now. And, of course, you don’t have to pay anything extra for them.

But, you don’t need to use all of these tools now. That’s why we’ve selected 4 steps to help you increase your sales, without leaving the Hotmart ecosystem or spending extra money. 

In each step, you’ll learn about a new solution that can help you scale your sales. Let’s get started?

Step 1: Turn your sales page into a selling machine

You might be missing the opportunity to advertise your product on search engines, without using paid traffic. 

In order to offer your product to potential buyers, it’s essential to have a checkout page. But you can complement your strategy with a sales page and give your product even more visibility. 

With a sales page, you can: 

  • Include images, videos, and a description of product benefits.
  • Establish the target audience. 
  • Provide content details. 
  • Write your bio and add your photo so people can get to know you better. 
  • Create a Q&A section to answer questions and overcome potential objections from those who are still undecided about buying. 
  • Integrate with YouTube and Vimeo to add videos directly on the page.
  • Integrate with Hotmart Members Area and our satisfaction survey tool.

In addition to presenting your product’s information and benefits, with easy visualization for your future buyers, you count on SEO optimization, which helps your page appear in the top positions in search engines, such as Google and Bing.

And, the more complete your product*, the more chances it has to appear in Hotmart Marketplace, a space containing digital products that connect creators with potential buyers. 

* Includes criteria that increase the chances of a product appearing in the Marketplace. We also observe the interests and goals of those who go to our digital product store. This way, the products are always displayed seeking to ensure the best shopping experience for visitors.

Step 2: Create a checkout page that converts

Now that you have a sales page so that people can learn details about your product and become interested in it, what if a potential customer doesn’t buy your product because they don’t trust the checkout page or because they couldn’t find their preferred payment method? 

There are a lot of reasons why people might give up on a purchase. That’s why our second step is to use Checkout Builder.

With this step, you create a checkout page that doesn’t just accept payments but actually helps you sell more. 

For starters, Checkout Builder lets you create a checkout page for both desktop and mobile users

Additionally, you can add features that can help you convert, such as: 

  • Exit Popup: You know that video, text, or image that appears when you close the checkout page without having bought the product? Well, you can add one to your page! 
  • Countdown timer: Increase the sense of urgency for those who are deciding whether to buy. This feature is great for launches or periods with promotional prices! 
  • Trust seals: You can add privacy, security, and warranty seals to increase your credibility with potential buyers. 
  • Reviews: Include scores and testimonials from those who have bought your product before. People who are still on the fence about their purchase will feel more confident if they see someone else talking about your product. 
  • In addition to the features we’ve talked about, you can also add a video, a list of benefits, among other materials.

Step 3: Increase the value of the sale or leave money on the table

In Step 1, we talked about how to complement your product offer strategy with a sales page. In Step 2, we showed you the relevance of having a checkout page that helps convert. 

Now, in Step 3, we’re going to tell you that you can increase the value of each sale on the checkout page, which you have already created in the previous step.

For starters, let’s imagine the following situation: 

You’re wrapping up your grocery shopping and are in the checkout line. You have no intention of buying anything else. However, the line is getting longer and, on the shelves beside you, there are product options that go perfectly with the other items in your cart. 

So, you toss in a few extra things that weren’t on your list just as you reach the cash register. With this action, the supermarket has encouraged you to increase the value of the purchase (average ticket) without spending anything extra on ads.  

You can use the SAME STRATEGY with your digital product at Hotmart, and increase the value of each sale

You just have to use the Hotmart features available to you. One of them is Checkout Builder, which we’ve already talked about, and the other one is the tool to encourage your customers to toss that extra item in their cart, Order Bump

Still not convinced? Well, you should know that approximately 20% of customers buy more than once from the same producer. Use this information to your advantage and offer an additional product at checkout.

The tip here is that it should be a less-expensive product that complements the main product you’re selling. 

Step 4: Reach new audiences

Right now, other people can sell your product, while you also sell it. The advantage here is that you will sell to your audience and the other professionals will sell to different audiences. In practice, you reach more people without having to create new customer acquisition strategies. 

This is only possible with the Hotmart Affiliate Program. When an Affiliate makes a sale for you, they’ll be paid a commission set by you. 

See how you’re already increasing your sales possibilities? And without headaches, because this entire process is fully automated, which means that you don’t have to worry about whether the Affiliate is receiving the correct commission. Let Hotmart take care of it. 

Explore Hotmart’s other free solutions

If you wish to do more, you can use other resources that the Hotmart ecosystem makes available for you to help you boost your sales even more. Check out a few of them:

  • Create all kinds of pages in a few clicks. 
  • Automatically create and send email marketing. You can also integrate the information gathered on the capture page with the email solution to send communications automatically. 
  • 100% automated sales recovery.
  • An app to create content, reach your entire audience, and track your business’ performance.

To explore these and other Tools, log in to Hotmart and click on Tools in the side menu on the left.


Happy sales! ;) 

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