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Hotmart: Everything your business needs with only a few clicks

Did you know that you can eliminate the stress of setting up different platforms and wasting hours of your day on help centers and tutorials? Yes, the Hotmart platform provides that relief. If you have a digital business or are thinking of starting one, you know that turning your ideas into a truly profitable product […]

Josuama Mendes Costa

03/16/2023 | By Josuama Mendes Costa

What will we see in this post

Did you know that you can eliminate the stress of setting up different platforms and wasting hours of your day on help centers and tutorials? Yes, the Hotmart platform provides that relief.

If you have a digital business or are thinking of starting one, you know that turning your ideas into a truly profitable product involves many nuances beyond simply creating your content.

The Hotmart platform has everything you need to get your digital business off the ground: a space to host and offer your products, a secure payment method, reports to help you create your strategies, and the perfect tools for your business.

But, what is the Hotmart platform anyway?

The Hotmart platform is the ecosystem of tools provided by Hotmart. From a responsive and intuitive place to host your digital products, tools to help you grow your business, reports, and its own payment system, the Hotmart platform has it all! You don’t need any other tools to get your digital business up and running.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether your customers can see your products or if your sales are being processed. And if you don’t know how to code, that’s okay too. With the Hotmart platform, you’re free to focus on your content and scaling your business. We take care of the complicated part ;)

A platform that understands your business

The Hotmart platform is designed and built to adapt to the needs of each of our customers. This means that according to your profile and the maturity of your business, the platform will give you priority access to everything you need to scale your sales and streamline your daily life. 

On the homepage, the dashboard shows you how your business is doing. It shows you the status of your products, their performance, and your sales history. So you know what to focus on right from the start!

Everything you need in just a few clicks

Let’s face it, spending hours trying to find the tool you need is a waste of time and worse, money.

By using the Hotmart platform, you’ll gain a lot of agility. You can access any service or tool you need with just a few clicks. Don’t believe me? Want to check your balance? It’s just one click away. What about your products and tools? They’re only two clicks away! That’s faster than a Formula 1 pit stop!

The Hotmart platform gives you access to the most important tools and services in different ways. Either through the intuitive side menu, or through the magnifying glass on the left, or through our powerful dots menu, which shows you everything from what you frequently use to the tools that could be interesting for the evolution of your digital business.

Let’s talk more about the dots menu…

Remember I mentioned that the Hotmart platform is intuitive? Well, in the dots menu, you’ll have access to services and tools based on what you need most. 

We also want you to go beyond the basics and have the best version of your business. That’s why the dots menu also includes a section called “Discover,” where the platform provides tools that can be important to the growth of your business. Be sure to check it out!

A complete toolkit

The Hotmart platform has everything you need to build, monetize, manage, sell, grow, and recover lost sales all in one place. That’s why Hotmart has a complete set of tools to provide solutions for your business, no matter which way you want to go.

You can explore and try all the tools by going to the dots menu and clicking on “Tools”. 

Within the Tools page, solutions are organized into sets that are color-coded. This makes it easier to identify the purpose of each item. In addition, each solution includes a full description of its purpose. You can apply the entire set of solutions or just one of them. Do it your way!

Learn more about our tools:

  • Global and Secure Payment System

Offer payment options that will leave your customers feeling comfortable. Credit and debit, PayPal, payment with 2 cards, Google Pay, and many more. Decrease abandoned carts with automatic currency conversion, downsells, and local payment options depending on your buyer’s location.

  • Affiliate Program

Reach a wider audience with the Hotmart Affiliate Program. Have a team of professionals promoting your product to new audiences without giving up control over how your product is marketed.

  • Reports

Having reliable and up-to-date reports at your fingertips is essential to ensure your business is on the right track. With Hotmart, you have access to reports on sales, campaign performance, sales recovery, and more. And you can even set up these documents to be sent directly to your email.

  • Sales Recovery Tools

Not everyone who comes to your checkout page for the first time will make a purchase. Reaching out to these customers with new offers can make a huge difference in your end-of-month sales. Hotmart offers several ways to convert these “almost” customers into buyers. Choose the ones that work best for your strategy. 

And if you want to find a specific tool, you can do so easily. Just click on the magnifying glass at the top of the home page and search for the name of the solution. Easy right?

Manage Customers and Collaborators with one click

The homepage isn’t just about menus and product and revenue management. In the top right corner, you have one-click access to your messages and notifications. This allows you to communicate with your customers and affiliates in a personalized way, sending private messages or messages to a specific group. It’s also a quick and easy way to see what is happening on the platform.

In the upper-right corner, you also have access to the Collaborators Center. This is the ideal place to manage access and permissions for your company.

Get market insights from those who know best

Do you feel like your business could be making more money, or do you want to get started on the right foot in the digital market? Stop working without a guide. On the Hotmart platform, you have an exclusive area with recommended strategies. It’s powered by Artificial Intelligence, which helps thousands of creators every day, and suggests tools tailored to your business.

This is your chance to get market insights from those who know best, without paying a penny more.

Sign up for the Hotmart platform now and see your business thrive in our ecosystem.