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Incorrigible proofreader, language lover, cat lady, and a dancer in her spare time.

chevron Digital Marketing

Apr 28, 2022

Evergreen launch - photo of a clock in front of a red background with the infinity logo

Evergreen Launches: What They are and How to Use them Effectively!

How can you continuously sell to new customers with a single launch? Learn about evergreen launches and find out how to apply them to your business strategy.

byCarolina Miranda

chevron Digital Marketing

Oct 29, 2021

A sheet of paper with five lines drawn by a pencil - text editor

Text Editor: Choosing the Best Option for You

Learn how to choose the most suitable tool for editing your texts and check out the best text editors on the market.

byCarolina Miranda

chevron Digital Marketing

Aug 25, 2021

Illustration of an open laptop with a web page being displayed on the screen; a magnifying glass scans the content to analyze the text’s scannability

Scannability: why is it so important for your blog? Find out here!

Have you ever noticed how internet texts are different from traditional books? Find out why scannability is a feature you should incorporate into your blog.

byCarolina Miranda

chevron Entrepreneurship

Aug 10, 2021

Image of half of the Hotmart logo on a blue graph paper and a sketch of the other half of the logo in white - brand style guide

Brand style guide: how to create one for your business

Learn why a brand guide is indispensable for your business and be recognized beyond what your product or service offers.

byCarolina Miranda