Evergreen Launches: What They are and How to Use them Effectively!

How can you continuously sell to new customers with a single launch? Learn about evergreen launches and find out how to apply them to your business strategy.

Evergreen launch

Learn how evergreen launches can be the best strategy to attract new leads with a single launch!

When you start working with online products or services, you learn pretty quickly that how you launch new features and products is vital. Launching is a go-to strategy because it gets potential buyers excited about your products and can help you sell more.

But you might not know the advantages of a specific type of launch that can guarantee better results over the long term when used properly. A launch you can use to save time and money. 

We’re talking about evergreen launches and how you can use them more effectively in your business strategy. 

What is an evergreen launch? Why use an evergreen launch? What are the benefits of this strategy? What are the points to consider? What are the points to consider?
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What is an evergreen launch?

To explain this type of launch, here’s an example. Let’s suppose you’re launching a new product and have worked hard on several strategies to promote it and capture leads. The launch is done, sales are made, success! 

After a while, you want to relaunch the same product, but to a lead base you didn’t have during your first launch. A lot of folks think they’d have to do the entire pre-launch strategy again from scratch to achieve the same success as the first time.

This is where evergreen launches come in. It’s a strategy where you can reuse all the hard work you’ve already put in to sell to new leads. Pretty sweet, right? The same launch material and strategy, but used with a new audience. 

Evergreen is a digital marketing term used with products that are always available for purchase and provide timeless content. As a launch strategy, evergreen launches don’t concentrate on just a few days or weeks like most launches do. The content creator spends the entire year capturing new customers and, consequently, making new sales.

Why use an evergreen launch?

First of all, note that this strategy combines the profitability of different launch formulas with evergreen products.

In this type of launch, the shopping cart is always open and customers can purchase at any time. With the evergreen model, you’ll initially launch your online product or service and then periodically relaunch it for new leads, which helps keep the offer relevant.

What are the benefits of this strategy?

Every launch provides numerous benefits for capturing new customers and prospecting more sales. Check out, some of the advantages of an evergreen launch for your business:

1. Time saving

Since the idea is to repeat the same launch in this model, you can save a lot of time. You only need to do all your planning and launch content creation once and then reuse the entire strategy when you have a new group of leads.

2. Increased sales

This launch model allows you to automate the process involved for new people joining your list. For example, every two months, all your new leads from that period will be exposed to your offer for the first time.

3. Product scalability

This advantage is related to the increase in sales, i.e. the more you sell recurrently, the greater the scalability of your product or service on the market. Over time, your sales numbers tend to increase and expand your revenue.

What are the points to consider?

Unfortunately, a strategy isn’t about advantages alone. Pay attention to a few points to make an efficient evergreen launch. You’ll need to:

  • Analyze your sales results frequently.
  • Observe your leads’ consumption behavior.
  • Have year-round customer service in place.
  • Use mental triggers that relate well to this strategy.
  • Develop rich, evergreen materials.
  • Regularly invest in traffic to warm up your audience.

How to launch using this strategy

If you have come this far, it’s because you want to launch using this strategy, right? Well, to have a successful evergreen launch, you need to follow a few key steps. Check out the instructions we’ve put together for you!

1. Plan the launch as a whole

The first step in preparing for any launch is planning. It’s necessary to define the persona you want to reach, produce the content, and determine the recurring offer. Also, set up your calendar to regularly analyze how things are going and make sure you gather customer feedback from those who have already bought from you.

2. Create an attractive landing page

Create your offer’s landing page, i.e., your sales page. Besides being attractive, it needs to present all the relevant information about your product – overview, benefits, what transformation your product promises, guarantee, additional information, etc. And don’t forget to use this space to include elements of persuasion.

3. Prepare the pre-launch content

In advance, prepare all of the emails you want to send to the leads in your sales funnel. This sequence of emails needs to follow a logical, conversion-focused order. This pre-launch content is what will guide potential customers through your evergreen launch’s funnel, in other words, these emails are indispensable. 

Would you like to see a basic outline of what must be included? Let’s suppose you were to create a sequence of three emails. Here’s how you could set things up:

Email #1

  • Offer free content in your first email.
  • With this free content, show your authority regarding the niche in which you operate.
  • Stress the opportunity and respond to possible objections.
  • Add an attractive CTA (call to action).

Email #2

  • With your second email, thank them for their attention to the previous email.
  • Reinforce the opportunity you’re presenting them.
  • Include social proof, with real testimonials from people who have already bought from you.
  • Break down other possible objections.
  • Add a new CTA.

Email #3

  • Thank them for the attention they have given so far.
  • Present your paid offer.
  • Highlight the transformation you want to provide with the product or service in the buyer’s life.
  • Use a good mental trigger, such as scarcity.
  • Add a very attractive CTA to close your offer

4. Open the shopping cart

After creating your emails that will nurture and warm up your lead base, it’s time to open your shopping cart. To do so, configure the platform on which you host your product so that people can buy.

Now, send a new email to your potential customers informing them that the shopping cart is already open and directing them to your sales page.

Ideally, this entire process should be automated so that you can quickly and automatically reproduce it every time a new lead joins your contact list.

Having help with this entire process is key. Use a platform that automates the entire process for you – from the shopping cart, to the sales page, the release of content, payment system, member’s area. Remember: Hotmart provides all of these solutions and many more tools for you to boost your sales!

Is everything ready for your next evergreen launch?

Now that you know everything about evergreen launches, it’s time to analyze how to apply this strategy to your business and boost your sales even more.

In this post, you’ve learned about evergreen launches, their benefits, why you should use them, and how to put them into practice.

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