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Digital traffic: A new professional opportunity in marketing

Digital traffic is an opportunity for those who want to grow a business and boost results using data.

Learn about digital traffic and the professionals responsible for feeding data to your business to boost your results.

Over the past few weeks, we have started publishing a new series on our YouTube channel called Hotmart MASTERS Newscast. In these videos, we share tips from some of the leading experts in the digital market that participated in the last edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

A new edition of MASTERS is coming up on May 24 & 25, and if you’re still not familiar with the event, we invite you to check out its official page. Hotmart MASTERS is an online event hosted by Hotmart that brings together the top experts in the digital universe and brings you up to date on the most important lessons and strategies in the market. 

This event is 100% online, and free and users from all around the globe can enjoy the lectures and interviews in real-time.

And to add to the Hotmart MASTERS series, we‘ll do a recap of Roberto Gamboa’s lecture. Gamboa is a director of the Digital Traffic Institute (Instituto de Tráfego Online – ITO), and he brought some interesting insights about digital traffic and the career opportunities it can offer you. 

You can check out the best moments in the video below and keep reading to learn more about how the digital marketing and paid traffic industry is evolving and solve any questions you might have on Digital Traffic.


What is Digital Traffic?

Digital traffic is the main pillar of digital visibility and is related to a website’s SEM strategies, which means Search Engine Marketing. We’re talking about your reach, visits, views, engagement, and conversions. Digital traffic lists these variables for the business to have relevant metrics.

The person responsible for managing the traffic of a company’s website is called a Digital Traffic Manager.  This includes all companies, whether local or global, focused on digital products or other types of services.

Digital Traffic Managers are modern professionals responsible for boosting these businesses through the effective purchase of traffic, presenting accurate results to those who hire them, as well as the impact of their work on other marketing and sales initiatives.

Solving problems and seizing opportunities

The world is full of opportunities, and some of the best ones, without a doubt, are on the Internet since it gives us the tools we need to meet the demands of the market. After all, it’s about solving problems.

Problem-solving must have certain specific characteristics. As Roberto Gamboa said in the last edition of MASTERS, the solution to a problem must be “fast, in-depth and real” because, with these three characteristics, you ensure that the problem has not only been solved but has been solved efficiently.

This efficiency in the execution of your work will undoubtedly bring you huge short and medium-term benefits. You’ll find more customers, your name will be recognized and linked to quality, and consequently, you’ll have more free time to create a strong brand that will be synonymous with assurance.

Main mistakes of digital entrepreneurs 

According to Roberto Gamboa, there are two fundamental reasons why people fail when trying to start an online business.

The first has to do with trying to do too much with few resources, i.e., doing too many things, selling to too many customers, or having too many products. Because people can usually see business opportunities, but only those who focus on the best opportunity will be successful.

The other aspect is linked to the previous one because if you focus on a business opportunity, it will lead you to a target audience, and this is the audience you need to focus on. Generally, many professionals make the mistake of not doing this or doing it in the wrong way.

Working with digital products also has its challenges

Like the two mistakes made by those trying to start a business on the Internet, mistakes are also made by those who seek to sell digital products.

The most common challenges are related to impatience: entrepreneurs want to start generating a profit as soon as possible, without realizing that the time they save by speeding up their actions, in the end, might cost them a lot more.

Here are some common mistakes:

Not mastering a great skill

There are different skills that you need to develop to start making an income on the Internet. It’s essential that you start by studying digital marketing before implementing any actions. This way, you’ll have more security and effectiveness in whatever you do, and you’ll save time by reducing the risk of making mistakes.

There are many skills you can develop in digital marketing, such as SEO, copywriting, social media communication, and others.

However, one, in particular, will help you develop faster because it also uses the others to a greater or lesser extent to exist: Digital traffic.

Through Digital traffic, you’ll have a broader scope of learning. For example, to create an ad, you’ll have to think about creating your buyer persona or avatar. Then, you’ll have to think about how that ad will impact and attract that persona, and this will require that you develop creative design skills while considering the colors and images you’ll be using to attract the attention of that potential customer.

Next, you’ll need to perform copywriting-related actions to captivate those potential customers – whose attention you have already captured – to tell them a story to convince them to perform an action.

And, at the end of the journey, our true intention is to sell. And to sell, you need to generate trust. The art of doing all of this in a few steps, or within a few minutes, and with total confidence, involves a lot of learning and training in the various areas of digital marketing.

But as you can see, working with Digital traffic provides you with a broad view of the other areas in which you could work on later, should you decide to do so.

Pretending to be someone you’re not

Many people try to sell with figures, calling the attention of their users by promising results that are often unattainable. Of course, big numbers always attract attention, but the problem here is that these numbers, in many cases, aren’t real.

Most of the time, the evidence that certain advertisers show us isn’t what it should be in reality.

Many of them don’t have the necessary experience to teach others how to manage a company’s Digital traffic because they haven’t solved problems. However, they present themselves as experts and pretend to be someone they aren’t.

To sell something, you have to be yourself, and yes, having solved several problems for other companies is a requirement so that you can genuinely introduce yourself as a Digital traffic expert.

There’s no use in trying to sound like an expert without being one because, in the medium term, this can create huge problems and, even worse, you’ll have betrayed the trust of the customers who believed in you.

The digital environment just keeps growing. It is, without doubt, one of the fastest-growing segments today and opens up many possibilities for new businesses and ventures. However, not only businesses and enterprises are growing thanks to the Internet.

A vast number of possibilities have opened up for new professions that need people who are passionate about what they do and can transform their lives.

This was just a little taste of the great talk given by Roberto Gamboa at Hotmart MASTERS.

And don’t worry if you couldn’t attend last time, because on May 24 & 25, 2021 we will have the third edition of Hotmart MASTERS, a completely free online event.

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