Check out all that happened on the third day of Hotmart MASTERS!

Check out everything that happened on the third day of Hotmart MASTERS

The third day of Hotmart MASTERS was a hit! Check out everything that happened during the talks with leading market experts!

The third day of Hotmart MASTERS, our global, online, and 100% free event, has come to an end. And the audience got to watch incredible talks with some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship, education, and marketing.

If you were unable to participate in Hotmart MASTERS, don’t worry. In this article, you can check out the main tips and stories that our guests have shared.

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The social role of elite athletes in the digital age, Pau Gasol

The first attraction of the day was Paul Gasol, two-time NBA champion and President of the Gasol Foundation, which fights childhood obesity. One of Spain’s greatest athletes, Pau also stands out of the court for his humanitarian commitment. And it was precisely to talk about the social role of athletes in the digital age that he joined Hotmart MASTERS as a speaker.

He talked to the sports journalist and narrator Ramón Fuentes and said that, nowadays, contacting athletes is much easier thanks to social media. This also greatly increases their influence over fans.

Pau Gasol recalls that it’s important that athletes use this influence responsibly, helping to take good ideas further and positively inspire society.

“Athletes and others, we all have our field of influence. And sharing things that we believe are positive, which can educate and inspire others, is something we have at our fingertips.”

— Pau Gasol

The athlete also talked a bit about his work heading the Gasol Foundation and what he does to help fight childhood obesity. Pau mentioned several actions, such as face-to-face and online events, which encourage people to exercise and change their habits.

Digital Trafficker: The opportunities for this new profession, Roberto Gamboa

The current scenario of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced several people to radically change their lives and start working online. And one of the professions that grew the most in this context was the one of digital trafficker.

To talk about what a digital trafficker does and the opportunities this profession offers, Hotmart MASTERS invited Roberto Gamboa, director of the Online Traffic Institute (ITO).

Gamboa explained that a digital trafficker is an expert in buying traffic for others, such as digital producers, local businesses, or large companies. This professional uses online tools to attract, through ads, the right audience for their clients.

This profession had already been gaining prominence recently, but after the pandemic erupted and social isolation measures were implemented, it has attracted even more people. Roberto Gamboa explains that many companies were forced to transition to online and, therefore, they felt the need to find professionals specialized in paid traffic.

“In some way, we fall in love with this digital world we are experiencing, which is expanding and it’s wonderful. I stand by the fact that we are creating this incredible market because it’ll bring many opportunities to change the world for real.”

— Roberto Gamboa

For those who want to get into this market and work as a digital trafficker, Gamboa gave some key tips. The first is to keep up-to-date by following the trends of paid traffic, in addition to studying the advertising tools, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Another fundamental skill to tackle this market is to be able to understand the public and their needs and, that way, tell a story that really grabs people’s attention. To do that, improving your copy is very important.

To make sure all the dedication and effort bring the expected results, Gamboa, said that it’s essential to think about the audience and tell real stories that they can relate to:

“Understand the difficulties people are going through. Register that process and make it real. Because when it’s real, you’ll win over everyone. ”

— Roberto Gamboa

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Innovation and engagement as the formula for success, Vanessa Brandão

Some brands offer incredible experiences and, because of that, they end up creating fans of the brand. One of the brands that have managed to do that is Heineken.

To tell you a little about the company’s trajectory and how engagement and innovation can help in the success of a brand, we invited Vanessa Brandão, Marketing Director for premium brands in the Heineken Brazil group, for a talk with Nathalia Cavalieri, VP of Marketing at Hotmart.

Vanessa told us a little about Heineken’s success history in Brazil, which, in a period of 10 years only, moved from the 14th to the 1st country in the number of consumers.

“You need to be relevant. You need to understand who is on the other side. What does the person you want to sell really values? Where do they live? From this information, you can make your product fit this context in a relevant way.”

— Vanessa Brandão

Vanessa also mentioned some of the actions that Heineken has developed in Brazil, such as the celebration of 25 years of Ayrton Senna’s legacy, a beloved Brazilian racing driver, when the brand took some of the racing cars he drove to the streets of São Paulo.

But why does a beverage brand invest so much in offering experiences to the public? According to Vanessa:

“You’ll only enter the customer’s memory in a relevant way, if you touch their heart. If you really do something they’ll never forget.”

— Vanessa Brandão

And finally, the marketing director of the Heineken Brazil group left a tip for entrepreneurs who want to generate more public engagement in their market niche: analyze the audience data to understand consumer behavior and preferences and, then, you’ll be able to create truly relevant messages.

Lessons from the best teacher in the world, Peter Tabichi

Here at Hotmart, we genuinely believe that education is a driving force of transformation. And Peter Tabichi is living proof of this. A math and physics teacher from Kenya, Peter is also a Franciscan brother. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he’s managed to lead the students in the small village where he teaches, in a remote area of the African country, to win a series of national science competitions. 

His belief in the transforming power of education did not go unnoticed. Peter was chosen as the winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize, which is considered the Nobel Prize for teaching. 

According to Peter, one of the keys to successfully turn a school with scarce resources into a transforming environment was to believe in each and every student’s potential, and work in collaboration with other teachers.

Peter put into practice many different social activities, such as a science club, which encouraged students to make an effort and show what they had best. He also connected with the families of the students to better understand the problems they faced on a daily basis. 

“I really enjoyed doing this. Because when I visited their homes, their parents or caretakers welcomed me with open arms and told me about the obstacles that the children faced. That’s why we were able to better understand their needs.”

— Peter Tabichi

Peter also stresses the importance of technology in the classroom and how crucial it is for the learning process. But he also highlighted that teachers have to know how to use these tools creatively.

The experience as a Franciscan brother has also influenced his role as a teacher. Peter explains that he took principles of simplicity, peace, and sustainability, into the classroom, besides sharing his achievements with the community.

“Everything I achieved is not only mine. I always try to find a way to share it all with others.”

— Peter Tabichi

In the end, Peter summarized his mission as a teacher: to make students believe in their own potential and overcome obstacles. Which goes to show that, with a lot of dedication and the right tools, everyone can achieve what they set out to. 

“I wanted them to understand that, even if they come from a remote area, from a poor family, they can also achieve success.”

— Peter Tabichi

Hotmart Sparkle: how to boost launches, with Ellen Salomão

Then, it was time for Ellen Salomão, CEO at Agência Vê, which specializes in digital launches, to talk to the audience at Hotmart MASTERS.

In her presentation, Ellen shared her experience with Hotmart Sparkle, Hotmart’s community app, to launch products. 

Some of the features you find on Sparkle, she says, are essential for a great launch, such as delivering 100% of the content to the audience and the possibility of accessing the content of the courses in offline mode. 

Ellen also explained how to create the structure of a ‘marathon-like’ launch, with a series of live streams. According to her, it is very important to arrange the content of live streams so that the audience can feel they are on a path, progressing and learning something new, besides using psychological triggers to make the videos more educational.

“When the trigger is used in a positive way, it makes the live streams more interesting and it does the buyer persona (or avatar) a favor, by making the content more complex.”

 — Ellen Salomão

Then, Ellen showed how she used Hotmart Sparkle in her launch, taking the leads who signed up on the landing page to her community on the app, where all the live streams would be available.

Then, whenever she started a live stream, everyone who had downloaded Hotmart Sparkle and joined the community, would get a push notification reminding them of the live stream. This ensured a much greater participation of the audience.

But she says nothing will pan out unless you have relevant content that caters to your buyer persona, to help them get over their pain points.

“You don’t have to be a copywriting master, you don’t need to write an amazing script. What you need is to deliver something that is valuable during your live streams. If you know what the buyer persona’s paint points are, if you create a cool sequence of videos, deliver a lot of content, I’m 100% sure you will get the engagement you want and make your first sales.”

— Ellen Salomão

Taking your business to other countries, with Bruno Capanema

Many entrepreneurs dream of taking their business to other countries, but are unsure of how to start this process. Bruno Capanema, CEO of Grupo Dádiva, has a lot on the subject under his belt, and shared some of his knowledge with the audience at Hotmart MASTERS. 

Bruno explained that, in order to internationalize a company, there are five pillars. The first one is having a solid business model, with a broad vision of the market niche, competition, and consumer profile. 

“The more you understand your business, the easier it will be to sell overseas, because then you understand what really works.”

— Bruno Capanema

Then, it is important to build a team to act in other countries. And if it’s not possible to hire a local team, Bruno explains that the best option is to train current employees to act in these new countries.

Another essential point for the success of internationalization is to go for an omnichannel strategy. Bruno explains that it is important to use a variety of channels to communicate with your audience and better explore the advantages of each vehicle.

“Having an omnichannel strategy ensures that, regardless of the culture of the countries where you’re selling, you can communicate in all of them.”

— Bruno Capanema

Finally, the last step is the internationalization of the business itself. Bruno starts with a warning: internationalization is not the answer to the company’s problems. On the contrary, the business needs to be well-structured so that investing in other countries can achieve success. 

Therefore, knowing the market well is simply paramount. This includes research on competitors, learning about consumer behavior, and having a clear understanding of which products have a greater chance of success in different territories.

How to create your first Sales Funnel, with Carolina Picoli

And the last attraction of the day was Carolina Picoli, Marketing Coordinator at Hotmart, who taught the Hotmart MASTERS audience how to create the first Sales Funnel for their business. Carol started her presentation with an explanation of the concept of a Sales Funnel, which is simply the path taken by potential customers from the first contact with the company until the moment of purchase. 

This strategy is called a funnel because the idea is to attract as many customers that are interested in the product as possible, and advancing only the people who have a greater chance of making a purchase. 

“As the digital product market is trending more and more, the more potential customers you can attract to the top of your funnel, the greater the chances of having customers effectively coming out of the bottom of the funnel.”

— Carolina Picoli

But before creating the first sales funnel for a business, Carolina says it’s essential to know who the buyer persona is for your brand. In other words, the profile of the ideal customer, and the purchase journey she goes through.

Then, Carol explained that the sales funnel is divided into different stages. The first, called attraction, is when the customer finds out about the brand. At this moment, it’s important to choose the best channels to work with (social media, blog, YouTube, and so on) and create appealing content, which will act as a display for the business.

However, the marketing coordinator warns us that you must not try to sell anything right away. Content for the top of the funnel has to talk about problems the buyer persona faces in order to attract as many people as possible.

After that’s done, the time has come to strengthen the relationship with those who visit the brand’s channels, a stage known as the middle of the funnel. Carolina explains that at this time it’s important to present solutions to the users’ problems and create more didactic content, such as ebooks and video lessons, and thus, turn visitors into leads.

Finally, the last step in the sales funnel is conversion. At the bottom of the funnel, as Carolina explains, it is important to offer information that increases the confidence of potential customers in your business, such as success stories, testimonials, payment methods, and the benefits of your product.

Carolina Picoli also gave some sales funnel management tips, highlighting the importance of having a well-defined persona to know precisely how to tackle each stage of the funnel.

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