Hotmart MASTERS 2nd edition has started! Check out how the first day went

Hotmart MASTERS has started full blast! Check out a summary of the first day’s attractions.

Hotmart MASTERS has started full blast! Check out a summary of the first day’s attractions.

The second edition of Hotmart MASTERS, our global, online and 100% free event, has started and the first talks and classes were a hit.

If you were unable to follow today’s program, but want to know what happened, don’t worry.

You’ll be able to follow, right here on the blog, a summary of everything that the speakers shared with our audience.

If you were unable to follow the first day of the event, you can access the recap of the best moments that we’ve posted on the blog:

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And if you prefer, you can watch a recap of the first day’s best moments on the video we posted on our YouTube channel:

The future of online education, with João Pedro Resende

The event’s first attraction was João Pedro Resende, Hotmart’s CEO, who talked about the future of education and the transformations teaching has undergone over the last few years.

João Pedro recalled the recent boom in online courses, which are allowing people from anywhere in the world to learn a new skill or profession without leaving home.

The Hotmart CEO then explained that distance education (DE) can overcome many of the traditional model’s limitations, such as its high cost, long training time, and the standardization of teaching.

Online teaching emerges as a tool for social transformation, helping in personal growth and in professional placement.

“The current educational model is not capable of educating people in the speed and form they require to make the knowledge gap existing in the market disappear.”

— João Pedro Resende

Next, João Pedro showed how the context of the COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for online education and broke down the objections many people had with this educational model.

“People have become more familiarized with this type of technology. This means that this is a good time to make more people use this technology, so they can learn a new profession or a new skill.”

— João Pedro Resende

But this opportunity for growth in education doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning the traditional model. Hotmart’s CEO explains that it’s necessary to offer learning alternatives to people who don’t have the limitations of in-person teaching.

And in order to build the education of the future, according to João Pedro, it’s essential that it be decentralized, based on community, and built horizontally. 

The Infinite Game, with Simon Sinek

Next, it was Simon Sinek’s turn to speak. He is an author, speaker and consultant who writes about leadership and management. He is known for popularizing concepts, such as the “golden circle” and the “5 whys” widely adopted by professionals around the world.

In a chat with João Pedro Resende, Hotmart’s CEO, Simon explained that during periods of crisis, such as we’re currently experiencing, entrepreneurs and businesses who have discovered their “why”, the value of their company in people’s lives, stand out and are able to survive in adverse scenarios.

And for entrepreneurs who haven’t found their business’ “why” yet, Simon teaches the path to finding it. He suggests asking several people why they are friends. And the answers will serve as a guide to finding the “why”.

“If you do this with several friends, you’ll get similar answers, because the value you have in the lives of those who love you, is the same. And this is the value of your company.”

— Simon Sinek

In this sense, the author argues that it’s important that entrepreneurs create confidence in their businesses, in their audience, and in their employees. And the key to this is to see all of them as human beings and be willing to help them when necessary.

“Leadership is responsible for uplifting those around you.“

— Simon Sinek

True engaging stories, with Juliana Algañaraz

The next Hotmart MASTERS attraction was someone who knows well the importance of telling true stories in order to build engagement. Juliana Algañaraz is CEO of Endemol Shine Brazil, one of the largest independent content producers in the world, with several reality shows and series under its belt, such as Big Brother, MasterChef and Peaky Blinders.

The topic of Juliana’s lecture was the importance of telling true stories in order to engage the audience.

She recalled successful box office movies and TV shows based on real events, explaining that people look for true stories to satisfy their curiosity and connect with the characters.

This need to connect with the stories we watch, according to the Endemol CEO, also makes the audience want to feel portrayed in the content, including advertising.

“People are increasingly seeking to be represented because they want to feel part of a tribe.”

— Juliana Algañaraz

Therefore, Juliana’s tip for engaging the audience with content, is to really get to know the people who are going to watch it. And from then on, tell stories that are in sync with their experiences, interests and desires.

But not only video content should tell true stories. Juliana explains that this strategy can be used in other channels, such as a Facebook or Instagram post. The idea is to standardize your brand’s messages on all platforms, as if a real person were behind them.

“This doesn’t mean that because you have a brand, or a message to convey, you need to be on a single platform with a single discourse. You have an identity. MasterChef has an identity, and we treat it as if it were a person, who posts a photo on Instagram.”

— Juliana Algañaraz

How to transform habits, with Sergio Peinado

Sergio Peinado, who is a personal trainer, CEO and founder of Fuertafit, brought practical tips, to the Hotmart MASTERS audience, on how to build healthier habits, which are essential for a full and happy life.

Sergio started his talk by explaining why a sedentary lifestyle is such a huge problem nowadays. According to him, our modern lifestyle has reduced our need to move around to satisfy our basic needs, such as eating.

The personal trainer also recalled that our ancestors had to travel great distances, run and use physical strength to hunt animals in order to eat. Nowadays, on the other hand, you merely have to use a food delivery app.

And although such changes in our lifestyle have advantages, according to the specialist, they end up having a negative impact on our health and increasing the risk of diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

“Our ancestors’ lifestyle, although they didn’t want to move around, were forced to in order to survive, and this kept them physically fit. Nowadays, the lives we lead don’t force us to move.”

— Sergio Peinado

But how do we overcome this barrier and adopt healthier habits, although our modern lifestyle forces us to be sedentary?

Sergio Peinado explains that there are two ways. The first is to make physical activities fun. According to him, “having fun doesn’t make you think about physical exercise and you can still benefit from it”.

The second way is by transforming our habits within our daily routine and the possibilities that each one allows. If you work hard and don’t have time to go to the gym every day, Peinado explains that this isn’t a reason to feel bad.

“You don’t have to go to the gym and work out for two hours, or work out every day. Physical studies show that with shorter sessions, we obtain health benefits.”

— Sergio Peinado

The personal trainer also provides a few easy examples we can apply to our everyday life, such as walking for 5 or 10 minutes to work, instead of driving or taking public transportation.

Lessons from those who sell writing, with Carlúcio Vieira

Then, it was the turn of Carlúcio Vieira, a Hotmart copywriter & Community analyst, to share with the audience, the main pillars of a good sales text.

And, right off the bat, Carlúcio made it clear that, in order to write good copy, it is essential to always practice.

“You’ll only write killer copy, copy that truly sells, that converts, and that touch a person’s pain point, when you start practicing, i.e., when you start writing.”

— Carlúcio Vieira

Carlúcio also explained that it’s important to exploit feelings, such as the fear of loss when creating offers, making it clear to consumers that they will lose benefits if they don’t buy your product. And, when describing these benefits, the secret is to exploit emotional gains that buyers have, such as more freedom, tranquility or time with their family, for example.

And the copy won’t be complete without the famous mental triggers, which according to Carlúcio, stimulate the decision-making process of those who are reading or watching the content.

The idea is to exploit emotional aspects when writing copy, such as urgency, scarcity and authority, to show the audience that they must buy the product or service you’re offering.

Carlúcio also explained that it’s important to have a list with the audience’s objections, i.e., with the possible reasons for not buying your product. By knowing the audience’s objections, you’re able to argue in favor of your business and scale your sales.

And in conclusion, the Hotmart copywriter provided the audience with a golden tip – focus on the transformations that your product offers to people.

“If you provide people with value, if you deliver transformation to them, you tend to sell more.”

— Carlúcio Vieira

How to build communities, engagement and fans, with Jovem Nerd (Jovem Nerd)

And continuing with the program of the first day of Hotmart MASTERS, the audience was able to follow the presentation by Alexandre Ottoni (Jovem Nerd) and Deive Pazos (Azaghal), creators of Nerdcast, the largest podcast in Brazil and third in the world to reach 1 billion downloads.

With such impressive numbers, no one better than the two friends to tell us the secret for building communities and engaging fans. And immediately being open to feedback from the audience was one of the things that helped Nerdcast trend with the audience.

Alexandre Ottoni explained that, from the beginning of Nerdcast, audience comments and opinions were very important. At the beginning of each podcast episode, they read listeners’ feedback about the previous show.

“Before discussing the topic (of the week), we read the previous show’s feedback, and this is where we discover the power of engagement that the community has.”

— Alexandre Ottoni

The audience’s feedback served as a thermometer to gauge the success of the content they produced. But listening to the community, also helps the two friends to expand their business and create an online store, Nerdstore.

“Nerdstore was also a movement created through interaction with the community, who wanted to buy T-shirts with the website’s symbol, the website’s mascot.”

— Deive Pazos

Finally, Alexandre and Deive stressed that content producers need to be always open to the community’s contribution and participation and use this to further engage fans. And they mentioned, as an example, the art that listeners receive everyday by email and on social media.

“It’s very important that we know how to feed the community with what it brings to you. So you can communicate with them, truly engage; you must keep this communications channel always open.”

— Alexandre Ottoni

How to stay motivated when facing obstacles, with Laís Souza

And finishing the first day of Hotmart MASTERS, it was Laís Souza’s, former Olympic gymnastics and aerial skiing athlete, turn to share with the audience her story of overcoming obstacles and resilience.

Laís started her gymnastics career at a very young age when she asked her family to try out and start training. After passing her try out, her passion for the sport grew.

“I ended up trying out, passed, and fell in love with gymnastics. All the girls wearing leotards and their hair tied in a bun. And the main thing was their freedom, doing summersaults, performing their choreography.”

— Laís Souza

But in order to pursue a career in sports, she had to give up on a few dreams, such as pursuing her education. But, Laís feels that sports helped her build her character and personality.

And all of her dedication to the sport was rewarded. At the age of 12, Laís was selected to be part of the Brazilian Gymnastic Team and participated in the Olympic Games in Athens, Beijing and London.

But her journey also met obstacles, such as the many injuries she suffered. However, she feels that these experiences helped her overcome adversity.

“But I feel that all of this served as a learning process. Today, I know that my resilience never fails. I’m always ready for what may come.”

— Laís Souza

In 2014, the former athlete was injured in an accident that would change her life forever. While training for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, her spinal cord was injured and she was quadriplegic.

Since then, Laís has had to adapt to a new reality. But the tribulations she faced did not prevent her from dreaming and living. Nowadays, she studies History and dreams of having a family.

Laís said that all the difficulties she faced – and still faces – because of her accident, help her be a better person, more motivated and ready for life’s challenges.

“I believe that, in the future, I’ll become a better woman, you know? A woman who is more prepared for living her life.”

— Laís Souza

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