Check out what happened during the fifth and final day of Hotmart MASTERS!

You weren’t able to watch the last day of Hotmart MASTERS? Then, check out what the speakers shared with the audience.

And Hotmart MASTERS has reached its fifth and final day! Check out a little of what the speakers shared with the audience.

The Hotmart MASTERS event has come to an end after five days, 39 guests from around the world shared tips and lessons on education, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

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And if you were unable to participate in Hotmart MASTERS, don’t worry; we’ve prepared a summary of the day’s talks for you. Just keep reading this post. If you prefer, you can watch a few excerpts of the talks in the video below.

The new future: reinventing to transform

The fifth day of Hotmart MASTERS got kicked off in a very special way. We invited three renowned experts to discuss the challenges of the post-pandemic world in the New Future Panel: journalist and author, Leila Ferreira; catholic priest, author, and teacher, Padre Fábio de Melo; and philosopher and author, Luiz Felipe Pondé.

In the opinion of philosopher Luiz Felipe Pondé, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit serious, are not new in terms of human history. He remains optimistic and affirms that, “The world has never been so technologically prepared, even here (in Brazil), with everything we’re doing in medical and scientific terms.”

Nevertheless, Pondé agrees that the pandemic has raised the discussion about the need to embrace new technologies faster, such as the integration of services with the internet and digital marketing.

Padre Fábio de Melo shared the philosopher’s point of view and added that, although the current crisis isn’t something new, “It is unique because we’ve never been deprived of going out, seeing other people in-person, deciding to travel, or leave the country.”

All of this has brought to light the many challenges that humanity has been forced to face, “How do we reconnect with people, return to our economic activities and a certain “normalcy” within this new context?”

In this sense, many people and entrepreneurs have found an alternative in online tools to foster personal relationships – such as the use of social media and video chat services – and find new sources of income.

Because of this, we’ve seen a growth of digital businesses, such as online stores, and an interest in digital marketing strategies.

“Those who manage to produce and deliver value nowadays, are those capable of using technology and social media,” explained Pondé.

With this, the race for an ideal of success based on likes, comments, and followers, has also increased. And although the online environment has many advantages, journalist Leila Ferreira gave a warning, especially for younger people.

According to her, it’s necessary to be more conscious in the use of online tools and focus more on quality. “Thousands of young people pursue success and achievements on Instagram, but what we really need is meaning,” said Leila.

Therefore, the way out, according to the guests, is to change our relationship with online tools, trying to have a healthier and more honest relationship with the internet and the new technologies.

5 lessons I learned while making millions, with Erico Rocha

Our next expert to talk to the Hotmart MASTERS audience was Erico Rocha, a digital marketing expert and co-founder of Ignição Digital. With years of experience in the online market, he is known for his Launch Formula and creator of one of the largest entrepreneurship channels on YouTube.

During the event, Erico shared a few lessons he learned with million-dollar launches made by the students of his mentorship program, where he helped people to boost the results of their digital businesses.

The first lesson he learned with the successful launches made during the program was to elect a person to act as a “navigator”, closely following each entrepreneur’s development and creating a history containing the difficulties faced in managing the business and the goals achieved.

And in order to improve these results even further, Erico explained that it’s important to perform a Launch Analysis, i.e., identify the strategy’s blind spots and the details that can be improved.

Erico also told us that, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of his students stopped their launches, fearing a lower response from their audience. To change this situation, the digital marketing expert used a few mental triggers and threw down a challenge to his mentees – he would organize events where everyone would launch their products.

This challenge was responsible for making his students hustle to get results, since they had very clear goals, such as the production of a certain amount of content, or a deadline for the organization of the launch events.

“And the most important thing about this is the challenge, because challenges increase the number of actions, it provides the reason for the action. We say that challenges are the motivation. No. Challenges are a reason for action.”

— Erico Rocha

Everything you need to know to increase your audience on Pinterest, with Felipe Godoy

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks on the internet, which has ended up attracting the attention of many brands. But how do you increase your audience on this platform and turn it into a source of business?

To answer this question, Hotmart MASTERS invited the Pinterest growth marketing manager, Felipe Godoy, to share valuable insights with the audience.

Felipe started his talk by explaining the main Pinterest tools and features, in addition to the advantages that the platform offers to entrepreneurs and businesses. One of them is the possibility of sharing inspiring content that lasts longer compared to other social media.

“Content on Pinterest has a much longer duration; it’s for more evergreen content. It doesn’t merely last a few hours or days; it will always be shown at the right time for the right user.”

— Felipe Godoy

In this sense, one of the ways of increasing your audience on the platform is to create compelling and relevant content, such as images and videos, which help and inspire the target audience.

Felipe also talked about the importance of correctly describing the brand’s content. This serves to provide additional information to users, and also allows the platform itself to improve the contents’ classification into categories.

Seasonal content, such as those covering important dates or holidays, is great for increasing the brand’s reach. According to Felipe, these types of pins generate up to 10 times more awareness.

 But all investments made in the production of content wouldn’t be worthwhile without a way of evaluating the strategy’s results. To close his talk, Felipe listed some of the metrics that you can follow, such as impressions, clicks, number of pins per image, views, average retention, and total view time in the case of videos. 

The voice and the rise of podcasts: connecting with your community and new opportunities, with Se Regalan Dudas

What is the secret of the number one podcast in Latin America? How do you win over and engage an increasingly demanding audience?

Friends Lety Sahagún and Ashley Frangie had known each other for a long time before they decided to create a podcast together. This was when they came up with “Se Regalan Dudas,” which in a short time became the most successful podcast in Latin America, winning several awards.

Although they didn’t invest in ads to promote the show, the friends we able to win over a very loyal and numerous audience. And their main secret, according to Lety Sahágún, was listening to the community.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what project, profession, or idea you have in mind. I think that the most important thing is to always pay attention to your listeners, consumers, and community.”

— Lety Sahágún

And it is precisely this concern with the community feedback that has helped “Se Regalan Dudas” achieve all of these results. Ashley Frangie explained that, from the beginning of the project, the two friends were concerned about following the audience’s reaction closely, and they also ask for topic suggestions for new episodes.

And the dynamic world of social media allowed this closer relationship with their listeners. In addition to the podcast episodes, the duo also created and posted on other social media, such as Instagram. This way, they were able to bring their brand to an audience that might also be interested in what they have to say, but don’t like – or can’t listen to – podcasts.

“We tried to break down our content so that it can be used on other platforms, but also with different people. After all, certain people won’t listen to 40 minutes of content, but will read and share a post.”

— Ashley Frangie

The growing success of “Se Regalan Dudas” attracted the attention of several brands, who started to propose partnerships in the creation of content. Instead of simply accepting these offers without any criterion, the two friends evaluated if the proposals made sense with the topics they addressed on the podcast and with their listeners’ profile.

This was key to attracting good partnership opportunities without the content losing its personality.

“Both of us feel that working with brands that truly add to our credibility has been key. It hasn’t always been the best decision economically, but these are decisions we have made in order to continue being ‘Se Regalan Dudas’, a reliable source of information.”

— Ashley Frangie

And finally, another tip that the friends shared with the audience is not being afraid to experiment and make mistakes. Lety told us that they are always testing new social media, tools and strategies. Some of them don’t achieve the expected results, but they learn from their mistakes and keep producing.

“Some things don’t work, but we try not to get discouraged. We learn the lesson and move on. We try to look at all of these lessons as a learning curve, and not be afraid of trying something new.”

— Lety Sahágún

Live 5.0 – Strategies to make your livestreams go through the roof, with José Vinagre

One of the most successful content formats on the internet nowadays is livestreaming. And with the coronavirus pandemic, lives have exploded on virtually every social network.

It’s not just digital artists and influencers who can take advantage of livestreaming. Lives are great for boosting business online. And the next Hotmart MASTERS guest explained to the audience how to make them amazing.

José Vinagre is a growth hacker and one of his specialties is coming up with strategies for lives to boost online businesses and launch digital products.

One of José Vinagre’s first tips for making successful lives is to use the scheduling feature on Facebook and YouTube. He explains that this allows the public to receive a reminder by email or mobile notification when the live starts, increasing the audience.

Another strategy that helps boost engagement with a livestream is what Vinagre calls a “shared command.” It consists of giving the steps to share the live and thanking the users who do so.

During the live, Vinagre states that a great strategy is to call a customer who has just purchased your product or service. In addition, according to Vinagre, setting goals for the number of spectators of the live and raffling gifts when they are hit is a great way to further stimulate audience sharing and interaction.

To attract more views, Vinagre has a very simple tip: record shots of ‘behind the scenes’ of the live, showing the preparation of everything. This increases public interest and, consequently, generates more subscriptions.

Sales Page: 6 questions you need to answer to sell more, with Pedro Ascar

The next attraction for Hotmart MASTERS was Latin America marketing analyst at Hotmart, Pedro Ascar. He presented to the audience the questions that every sales page needs to answer in order to sell.

The first question that a sales page needs to answer, according to Pedro is, “what’s the product and what does it offer?” His tip is to focus on the problems that the product can solve, instead of focusing on describing the characteristics of the product or service.

Pedro gave a super tip to describe products the right way: get straight to the point, with clear copy and a well-defined promise. And, if possible, use a sales video to supplement the information.

Another very common question is whether visitors on your sales page can trust your product. To answer this question, Pedro suggests including social evidence, such as testimonials from those who are already customers, and making it quite clear how their refund policy works.

It is also normal for people to ask themselves if they really need the product you are offering. This type of objection is easily broken with a brief description of the product and the methodology it employs. According to Pedro, informing the results that customers will have is fundamental to answer this type of question.

Pedro also stresses that it’s important to highlight on the sales page who the product is not for, if it is necessary to have some prior knowledge or skill etc. This, according to the marketing analyst, helps to filter the profile of your buyers.

Finally, Pedro highlighted the importance of using the space on the sales page to answer other objections that the lead may have, and that would prevent them from buying your product. Among the most common questions are subscription, installment, guarantee, and after-sales plans.

“And that is precisely why we must respond or give the opportunity so that your lead can answer these questions and not leave your page. Because if they leave your page, that lead starts to cool down and that’s not what we want. ”

– Pedro Ascar

Digital is now: why you can’t be left out, with Lina Volpini

The last day of Hotmart MASTERS also featured a lecture by Lina Volpini, manager of Innovation and Competitiveness at Sebrae Minas. With years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses to innovate via technology, she’s well aware of the advantages that the transition to digital offers.

Lina began by citing some of the transformations that the COVID-19 pandemic has required of companies, such as the adoption of home office, and the forced digitization of businesses that were previously only brick-and-mortar.

“Suddenly, everyone had to go online. Digitization has become a priority in business strategy, a positioning strategy, given this new customer that has emerged. ”

– Lina Volpini

This chaotic and challenging scenario has brought a sense of insecurity to many entrepreneurs, who had to adapt quickly. Lina explains that, despite the difficulties that have arisen, this forced digitization represents a great business opportunity.

But, to take advantage of all of them, you need to reinvent yourself. And according to her, it’s not enough to create profiles on social media or a website. It’s necessary to rethink every dimension of the business.

The first step is to rethink the purpose of the business, that is, the impact that the company wants to cause in the lives of customers and society. Lina recalls that the most successful brands are always concerned with offering customers the best possible experience and that this should be the goal of every business.

Lina also commented that a common vision of several entrepreneurs is to see problems as obstacles. The ideal, according to her, is to change this vision and face difficulties as opportunities for change and growth.

“When we transform a problem into an opportunity, it generates revenue, and not a loss.”

– Lina Volpini

This change in attitude towards obstacles helps with innovation, a term surrounded by myths, according to Lina. The expert explains that innovating is nothing more than doing something different, that is, finding new ways to solve problems and thinking outside the box, delivering better and better solutions.

“Listen to your customer, see what they want, listen more, and watch your competition and what they are doing. It doesn’t have to be anything creative, to the point of being the first in the market to do it, that’s not it. ”

– Lina Volpini

Your experience with Hotmart does not end here

And just like that, the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS has come to an end. There were five days of talks with very special guests, sharing knowledge and valuable tips with the public.

Did you enjoy the event and learn something new? Let us know in the comments at the end of this post.

But don’t think that your experience with Hotmart ends here. If you want to continue learning about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and education, we’ve got a special invitation for you.

On August 26th, 27th, and 28th of 2021, at Expominas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the sixth edition of FIRE FESTIVAL takes place! This in-person event brings together entrepreneurs, creators, thinkers, scholars, and artists who are changing the world!

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