O que é podcast corporativo e principais vantagens!

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Find out why your business needs a corporate podcast

The benefits of corporate podcasts and how to start one.


08/10/2020 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

I dare you to name another type of media that has grown as fast as Podcasts have.

And no wonder. Audio streaming has become a global internet addiction and it’s becoming increasingly more common, regardless if they are amateur or professional podcasts, posted on YouTube channels, Facebook or Instagram pages.

Companies have also turned their attention to this type of media, creating what we call corporate podcasts. 

These podcasts are created by companies and businesses to communicate with both their internal audience and end consumers.

And in this post, you’ll learn everything about corporate podcasts and understand how it can help your business to win over your audience and strengthen partnerships.

What is a corporate podcast? 

The content of the podcast, in this case, is part of a business’ strategy and marketing, whether it’s your own production or sponsored.

Like any podcast, a subject is discussed in a program, with guests or an expert talking about the topic, which must be related to the business. This allows the brand to become a standard, in addition of course, of becoming closer to its target audience.

A conventional podcast doesn’t necessarily have this ambition. Although those who regularly produce this type of content become a spokesperson or standard in a niche market, they usually don’t aim to attract customers, unlike corporate podcasts.

Why does your business need a corporate podcast?

There are plenty of reasons for your business to start your own podcast right now.

It’s cheap, easy to do, and better yet, easy to consume. But that’s not all.

Check out some of the reasons why your brand needs to produce a corporate podcast:


As you just read, corporate podcasts are cheap to produce.

Of course, in order to have good audio, you need quality equipment. Even so, production costs are infinitely lower if compared to producing a video, for example.

Advertising isn’t very expensive either, and with a clearly defined digital marketing strategy, you can easily reach listeners, be it through the podcast aggregators or specialized websites.

Flexible content

When do you watch videos? Where? How – online or offline?

Podcasts are a flexible medium regarding all of these issues. Listeners can listen to them whenever they want, without having to stop what they’re doing in order to consume the content. 

You can listen to them while you work, drive, on the bus or at home after work. And downloading the files is easy, since they are relatively small.

Therefore, the number of people listening to podcasts has increased a lot, precisely because they are easy to consume.

More engaged listeners

When you listen to a podcast, you fall in love with podcasts.

This fact shows that the audience is more qualified and engaged than with other types of content.

Statistics also show that 80% of this audience enjoys listening to podcasts longer than usual.

Therefore, a corporate podcast is a good tool to promote your brand to a specific niche and also establish a closer relationship with them.

More online presence for your business

The internet is full of opportunities so your brand can boost its reach. And corporate podcasts are one of the means to do it.

With the power of public support, organizations find a plethora of good opportunities in audio streaming.

It’s always good to remember that the audience is very diverse, which consumes a wide range of formats. Therefore, the more your company diversifies, the greater the chances of reaching other audiences.

Corporate podcast formats

Understanding this media format, and why your company should use it, is critical. But what possibilities does it offer?

Besides being one option among many others, corporate podcasts are quite versatile and have several formats. 

Some of them might be better suited for your business profile and your goal. Check them out:

1. Interview 

This traditional journalistic format is used when there’s a host and an expert talking about a particular topic.

There’s no mystery here. The host asks a series of questions, encouraging the interviewee to talk about the program’s topic.

Take advantage of this podcast format to invite the most important reference points and experts in the market. This will show your audience that you’re in tune with the trends.

2. Panel 

This format, on the other hand, is one of the most traditional formats in the podosphere. 

It consists of a chat between a host and guests, like a roundtable discussion.

What’s interesting here is that, by assuming this characteristic, the corporate podcast presents several different points of view, which create a debate e consequently, audience engagement, which is motivated thanks to the exchange of ideas. 

3. Informative 

This model is what comes closer to talk radio shows, which inevitably causes comparisons with its “big brother”. 

As the name says, it’s a type of news program, in which facts relative to the brand’s universe are expounded.

The challenge here is keeping the content relevant for as long as possible, since news can become outdated very quickly.

At the same time, this is an opportunity to exploit subjects related to your business and test different approaches.

4. Individual 

Individual podcasts are widely used by entrepreneurs who promote their own brand. In this case, they exploit a subject from their own point of view.

For larger businesses, this corporate podcast model is the opportunity to showcase the variety of experts that are part of the brand’s team, further increasing the audience’s interest.

This model is also the easiest to produce, since you only need one person, which makes editing easier.

How to create a podcast of your business

Even with all the ease and simplicity, the production of content for a corporate podcast requires a few precautions in order to maintain quality.

And the first major challenge lies in the choice of guests and the host, the frequency and of course, the aggregators where the podcast will be promoted. 

Below, you can check the steps of what is needed to create a podcast for your business:


In this respect, you stipulate goals: number of hits, number of downloads, increase in the number of followers, etc.

Determine these KPIs in a very objective manner, always keeping your digital marketing strategy in mind.

Have a persona 

Personas are key to any communication strategy and it is not any different when you produce a corporate podcast.

It is based on its characteristics that you’ll be able to think more carefully about your program’s script and the conversational voice you will use.

This persona might even be different from your business persona, but don’t drift too far away from it!

Create a visual identity

Of course, you can use your brand’s visual identity, but the idea here is that the podcast has its own identity so that listeners can identify the product right off the bat, as if it were its “packaging”. 

This aspect also involves the development of a creative name. 

Have an agenda

Your program’s agenda needs to be related to the company’s universe and the interests of the audience you wish to reach. 

Select topics, research about them and draft an attractive text that is in accordance with your goals. If you have guests, send them the topic beforehand, so they can organize themselves in advance. 

Don’t forget about the script

It doesn’t matter if your program will have only one person or more. The script will help you organize your ideas better, will facilitate editing and control the program’s duration.

In fact, its duration must be considered carefully and must be according to the audience you wish to reach. Some people like longer programs, others don’t.

Keep this in mind when planning your podcast.

Make awesome edits

Before you edit your podcast, it’s important to record it using quality equipment, such as condenser microphones, in quiet soundproofed places.

This way, your “cast’” will only be edited to correct recording mistakes and make the show more attractive and dynamic.

Certain audio editing software helps control voice levels, reduce noise and cut parts that are uninteresting or that slow down the podcast’s rhythm. 

Oh! And don’t forget to add soundtracks, sound effects and intros. They help make the content more pleasant and even more identifiable. 

Make your corporate podcast appear on Google!

Corporate podcasts allow you to promote your brand, reach new audiences and add value to your products and services. 

This type of content can be a great tool for your business, as long as it’s well planned and done with care.

But there’s no point in creating an amazing podcast and no one being able to find it, right?

Therefore, make sure you check out how to optimize your corporate podcast for search engines and make it appear in the tops positions on Google!