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How can I use social media to boost sales?

Learn some tips to optimize the use of social media to promote and sell digital products.

how to use social media to boost your sales on the web

In today’s world, where people are always connected by mobile phones, tablets, and computers, social media have taken on a crucial role in personal and working relationships.  

According to data from Facebook, there are over 1.86 billion monthly active users on the social networking site and five new profiles are created every second.

People spend an average of 50 minutes per day on Facebook, it’s almost as much time as they spend eating and drinking (1.07 hours).

Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the potential of social networking sites to promote and sell products.

Learn some tips for you to optimize the use of social networking sites and generate more sales for your business!

Create relevant content

With the amount of information available online you need to set your content apart to get your audience’s attention.

Create a content that is relevant to your consumer at the time he needs it.

If you’re an Affiliate write reviews about the products you promote. If you are a Producer invest in content marketing to highlight what’s different about your material.

The important thing is to offer unique information in a consistent way!

That also goes for the aesthetics of your home: use remarkable, well-produced images that are related to your product.

Posts with pictures and infographics capture more people’s attention, they also make reading easier, which counts points for your SEO work.

You can also read our post on editorial calendars. There you will find tips on the ideal frequency of promotion.

Use groups and communities

Groups and communities in social networking sites bring together people with common interests. Therefore, these channels are excellent media to promote your digital products to a segmented audience.

Look for groups related to the product you sell. Take part in forums and try to answer as many questions as possible about your offer.

Avoid posting the sales link repeatedly in posts that are not related to your product or without the proper context.

This type of practice draws negative attention and may cause you to be banned from the group.  

The ideal thing is to establish a dialogue with your lead, assess what the problems and pains she faces are, for only then to present the solution, in this case your offer.   

Use social media management tools

For a successful promotion strategy, it is imperative that you have a profile on the main social networks to share the sales link of the digital product you promote.

As a Producer having a fan page is fundamental. If you are just starting out, we suggest you choose the more traditional ones like YouTube and Facebook.

In the case of YouTube, you can do record short tutorials, urging your Audience to purchase your product, and thus have access to exclusive benefits.

You will also need to invest in a social media management tool to monitor all channels where you are present and keep in touch with your audience. Hootsuite, Scup, and SocialOomph, can all be used to accomplish it.

These tools will help you monitor the references made to your brand, answer users questions, and even schedule your posts.

When you automate this process it saves you time and prevents that, when you are on the run, you forget to update any of your pages.

Incorporate social commerce

Social commerce is a concept that arose when social networking sites began to be used for the electronic commerce of goods and services.

Basically, it is the integration of e-commerce to social media, like a store within Facebook (f-commerce) or Twitter (t-commerce), for example.  

This association allows you to sell directly to the consumer without intermediaries.

To make the most out of this model, you can incorporate the social commerce on your sales page, adding some plugins to your site such as Like and share buttons, and evaluations.

So, are you ready? Following these tips, you will certainly boost your sales using social media. Start now and increase your business’ conversions!

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* This text was originally posted in January 2014 and brought up to date to offer more precise and complete information.