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YouTube Super Chat: Learn how to profit from live streams!

Super Chat is a tool that allows you to turn your audience’s engagement into more revenue for your channel. Find out how it works and how to enable it.


01/28/2022 | By Hotmart

YouTube's Super Chat is a feature that enables fans and content creators to engage with each other during live streams. It allows viewers to purchase Super Chats, which are highlighted messages that stand out in the live chat. The goal is to provide a way for fans to support their favorite creators and have their messages prominently displayed during the livestream.

Due to the popularity of livestreams, YouTube has created Super Chat, a tool that allows viewers to make cash donations to YouTubers during live streams.

In a survey conducted by Livestream, 81% of those surveyed confirmed that they watched more videos in 2016 than in 2015. The same survey found that more than 80% of those surveyed prefer live videos to written content.

During Super Chat’s initial phase, only 20 channels were allowed to try the feature. But the idea worked so well that now, all channels on the platform that follow YouTube’s policy and privacy rules are allowed to have their live streams sponsored by fans.

In this article, you will learn how to use it.

Let’s get started?

What are the advantages of live streaming on YouTube?

Even with so many platforms available on the market, YouTube stands out. After all, it’s the second largest search engine on the internet, only behind Google.

And why has YouTube become so popular around the world? According to a survey conducted by Video Viewers 2017, users like the platform due to the freedom of expression, diversity and authenticity of the content published.

Still not convinced whether you should use YouTube for your live streams? Well then, find out the 6 reasons why you should live stream on this platform.          

  • Your live stream videos are added automatically to your channel
  • Your live stream might end up on the platform’s “trending tab”
  • There is no post production
  • After it ends, your livestream can be monetized through Google Ads;
  • You can livestream from your cell phone
  • Your viewers can participate in your livestream by commenting.        

See how this is a win-win for you? Would you like to know more about Super Chat and how to implement it to your live streams? Well, let’s get started!

What is Super Chat?

Super Chat is YouTube’s new update, which allows fans and content creators to interact during live streams. The goal is to make people purchase Super Chats in order to highlight messages during the livestream.

Donations vary between USD 1 and USD 500. The higher the amount, the longer the fan’s comment will be displayed. Another aspect that varies according to the amount donated is the number of characters allowed for the comment. The limit varies between 0 and 350 characters.

The amount donated by your fan will be displayed along with the comment. In addition, the viewer can add a comment with attractive colors to draw the YouTuber’s attention during the livestreams. 

It’s worth mentioning that 70% of the amount donated during the livestream goes to the YouTuber; the rest goes to YouTube.

Why use Super Chat? 

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Since it has only been released recently, many people are still unfamiliar with the platform’s new feature. When using the tool, you shouldn’t concern yourself only with the money donated by your fans, because Super Chat goes way beyond that.

Do you want to know why you should use it? Keep reading. Below we have listed 5 reasons why you should adopt Super Chat in your livestreams. Check them out:

  • You get to know your audience better and the content that interests them the most
  • You can get a brand to sponsor your livestream
  • You can be sponsored by fans so that you can produce more content
  • You can increase your income through the platform
  • You won’t depend only on revenue from Google Ads.

How to find out if your channel is eligible to use Super Chat

Did you like YouTube’s new feature and want to add it to your channel? Check out the tips below to find out if it’s eligible to use Super Chat.

  • Your channel must be enabled for livestreams
  • You need to reside in countries where the new feature is accepted
  • You must be over 18 old or have a YouTube account linked to someone who is over 18
  • In order to enable Super Chat, your channel must generate revenue
  • You must have more than 1,000 subscribers on your channel
  • Your channel cannot produce content for people over the age of 18.

How to enable Super Chat

Now that you know if your channel is eligible, it’s time to enable the feature. Do you wish to make money with your livestream? Well then, follow the steps below to enable Super Chat on your channel.

  1. Log in to YouTube;
  2. Go to the Creation Studio
  3. Live stream
  4. Events
  5. Select your live stream
  6. Click on live control room
  7. Click on Open Super Chat in a new window to see your Super Chat module.

How can your fans pay for Super Chats?

Paying for Super Chat is very simple; your fans need to go to your live stream and follow the steps below:

Desktop computer

  1. In order to pay for a Super Chat through a live stream on your desktop, your fans need to go to the chat located on the right side of the screen. Then, click on the dollar sign ($)
  2. Once they have found the dollar sign ($), they click on “Send a Super Chat” and write their comment
  3. Then, they scroll down to select an amount and the duration that their comment will be highlighted on the livestream. Then, they click on “Buy and send”
  4. Finally, register the credit card they want to use to make the payment. After the credit card is registered, they click on “Buy” to make their Super Chat purchase.


  1. In the livestream on their cellphones, your fans will have to tap on “Live chat”;
  2. Then, they’ll have to click on the $ icon on the right side of the screen. Once this is done, they just have to enter a comment
  3. After following the instructions above, viewers must click on “Send a Super Chat”
  4. Once the action has been performed, they need to scroll down to select an amount and the duration that their comment will be highlighted
  5. Then, they only need to click on “Buy and send”
  6. And last but not least, they must select their credit card and tap on “Buy” to confirm.

How to make money with Super Chat

After the platform’s upgrade, several YouTubers started asking their subscribers to make a donation for the channel to keep live streams. Super Chat has worked so well that some content producers started making a lot of money with livestreams.

One case worth highlighting is of YouTuber Andre Rebelo, of the Typical Gamer channel, and who, during his Grand Theft Auto V livestream, asked his fans to pay for their comments.

His fans obliged and during his livestream, he received 250 comments via Super Chat. He made approximately US$ 4,000.

Did you like the new feature? Well then, enable Super Chat on your YouTube channel right now. This way, in addition to making extra money, you’ll get to know your followers better.  

Have you learned how to use Super Chat? See how simple it is to implement it on your YouTube channel? Now, check out the  tips on how to improve your YouTube channel’s performance.!