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Scale your business with live sales

Imagen de un dibujo de como se efectuan las ventas en vivo con webinars.

If a person shows interest in buying a digital product, it’s likely they’ll participate in a livestream on the topic. And during the livestream, being able to listen to the benefits of the product, ask questions, and having easy access to the product link, can make it even more likely that they’ll buy the product. 

This is just one example to show you a person’s journey who starts as a potential buyer, but becomes a customer due to a live sales strategy. 

But I don’t want to merely show you this journey, because you need to know that it’s possible to use this strategy without spending extra money

Increase your chances of selling live with livestreams

Without using too much of your time or spending any money, at Hotmart you can create a livestream for free and invite your audience. And this experience will be even more complete when I tell you about the details. 

During the live stream, you and your audience will have access to a real-time chat. Those who create the live chat can, in addition to the chats, moderate comments and activate a button with the text and link you want. For example, this could be the link to the product you, as an Affiliate, are selling. 

That’s it! This is your opportunity to sell live and earn the commission. It’ll be even better if you time your sales pitch with the moment when the product’s link is displayed on the chat screen to those who are interested

If you prefer, you can also use an invitation link to a WhatsApp group where you will provide further details about the product in addition to exclusive content. In fact, this strategy is your chance to become even closer to your audience. 

And, after the livestream is over, participants receive an automatic evaluation survey. And the responses are available only to the person who created the livestream and can be very useful to help your next live stream be even better! 

In order to make the process even more interesting for the scaling of your sales, you can download the names and emails of those who registered and participated. This list is essential for your strategy of attracting potential customers. 

If for some reason, the person doesn’t make the purchase live, one way to try to convince them is to send an email a few days later. You can also use this list in remarketing paid-traffic campaigns. 

You have access to all of these benefits for free, and without the need to have a product registered on Hotmart!

If you want to delve deeper into the subject, I have selected a few strategies you can add to your webinar

How to create content for the livestream

Creating streaming content isn’t rocket science. The first step is to thoroughly understand the product you are selling

Explore the sales page and the support material provided by the Producer. These are key points that will increase your chances of selling the product with the best arguments. 

Think about content that will appeal to the kind of audience that would buy this product. For example, if you’re selling a course to learn how to play the guitar, it might be interesting to create a livestream where you tell interesting stories about great guitar players. 

You don’t necessarily have to create material to be presented on the spot. If you prefer, create a script with the most important topics so you don’t forget them during the live stream. 

Trust your knowledge and your ability to sell digital products

Remember that the person participating in your webinar is already interested in what you have to say. 

While we’re on the subject of participants, let’s talk about the invitation. As soon as you create the livestream on Hotmart, a link to promote it is displayed. This is your audience’s access to your live stream. Those who receive it must fill in their name and email to sign up. 

You can promote the link on social media, email, Hotmart’s Sparkle community, WhatsApp or Telegram groups, and wherever else you want. 

The creation of a livestream at Hotmart is fast, free, and can also help you make live sales. Give it a try!


Good streaming and I’ll see you next time!