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Start live streaming for free to find potential buyers and increase your chances of growing your business.

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What I’m about to tell you is aimed at those who want to innovate in their strategies, find potential buyers, and increase the chances of making sales. I’ll take it one step further, showing you the best tool to put these strategies into action.

If you don’t want to scale your business, this is not for you. But if you’re a content creator or an Affiliate and you’re interested, just keep reading. Let’s do this? 

How to find potential buyers without spending money

A webinar – also known as a live stream, live class, or live broadcast – is a way to attract new buyers, connect with your audience and boost your authority in the market.  Your strategy can go even further, so you can keep in touch with the participants and turn them into buyers.

With Hotmart’s Webinar solution, you can livestream, use sales triggers during the live class, and even download the list of subscribers and viewers at the end. With the list at hand, you can contact these people in different ways, following your strategy.

Create triggers during the webinar and increase your chances of making more sales

During the live chat about the product, create sales triggers with links to your product’s checkout page, with an exclusive price for those who are participating in the webinar. The trigger feature is in the chat, and it allows you to add links with eye-catching text to encourage people to click and buy it right then and there!

You can even use the discount to attract participants to your livestream. You could say: “Join the webinar, and you can get my product at a special price!”. 

You can also use a priority access link. In this case, say something like: “Today, there’s priority access exclusively for those who watch my live class!”


Create expectations for your product launch 

Create a sequence of live streams giving a little taste of your new product and a FAQ as a pre-launch strategy. To engage your audience and make sure they’re excited for the next livestreams, insert the link to the next webinar using the trigger feature. 

You can also use the “taste” strategy combined with scarcity tactics. Hotmart’s Webinar tool lets you stream live up to 2 hours of video, with a maximum audience of 200 people. Use this to your advantage when promoting the event. For example, you could say: “Only the first 200 people that go live with me will get a taste of my new course!”. 

Increase sales of a launched product with exclusive content

Go live to strengthen your position as an expert in your product’s niche. In the chat, take the opportunity to talk to participants and ask questions, building a relationship with the audience. 

When you feel the audience is engaged, add a trigger with the link to your course. To further pique people’s curiosity, tell them that whoever buys through this link will have access to a community on the Hotmart Sparkle app with exclusive and additional content. 

Exclusivity is an attractive argument that can be used in many ways. In addition to the last tip, you can also put a direct link to a WhatsApp group and tell your audience that group participants will get a special offer during the live class. 

How to use the subscribers and participants list

When you create your webinar, you’ll get access to a link to promote your event and invite people to register. If the person is interested, they just have to enter their name and email. As more people sign up, you’ll have access to their names and email. 

After the live stream, it’s possible to download the list of subscribers and viewers, increasing your chances of making more sales and building a stronger relationship with your potential customer base. Check out the main strategies you can use:

  • Import the list to your email marketing service and send a message with the best moments of the webinar to everyone that registered. 
  • You can also send additional content and a link to your product page. If you have already launched the product, add testimonials from those who have already bought it to encourage sales. 
  • If you want to know more about who is part of your new potential customer base, send an email with a profile survey. To get more survey responses, tell recipients that whoever participates will have access to an exclusive link with a special offer. 
  • If you’re launching a product, send emails regularly to create more expectations for launch day. 
  • Finally, you can also work with the list of subscribers and viewers on social media with remarketing. This means that you can send targeted posts specifically to the audience you want to reach. 

How did you like the tips we shared here? Adapt these strategies to your business and create your webinar, livestream, live broadcast, or live class right now. 


See you next time!

Paula Zanella Caetano

Paula Zanella Caetano

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