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Learn how to remarket on Facebook more efficiently

Learn more about this technique’s best practices!

How to remarket on Facebook: a target in the center of the image representing retargeting. To the right, a Facebook symbol, the platform on which the remarketing will be done. To the left, a shopping cart and a computer representing the online sale.

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a website, search the prices of a certain product and then, an ad from that same product shows up on your social media feed? Well, this is a strategy of a remarketing campaign.

This targeted form of online advertising is done through Facebook Ads. However, it is necessary to understand it in depth so that it is well done. After all, you don’t want to make your consumers feel like you are “stalking” them with your ads, do you?

So, a few good practices need to be considered in order to make sure that your lead is ready for a new contact with your brand via Facebook.

Would you like to learn more about remarketing on Facebook? Well, stick with us and keep reading to the end!

What is remarketing, anyway?

Remarketing is a communication technique that, unlike what many people believe, was not created for digital media. Although it is widely used on social media and via email, it can also be employed in different traditional advertising, such as billboards, magazines and by phone.

Also known as retargeting, this strategy seeks to convey a new message to someone who has already been impacted by your brand at some point.

It’s a form of reinforcing what you wish to convey and keeping your business on the mind of potential consumers for a longer time.

What are the advantages of investing in remarketing campaigns?

Remarketing is an advantageous strategy regardless of the chosen medium.

How many marketing actions do you encounter over the course of one day? How many brands do you consider consuming? And how many do you actually consume? It’s practically impossible to calculate, right?

Our increasingly hectic routine requires a greater effort from brands to attract our attention. This is usually impossible to achieve at once, with a single ad.

Because of this, retargeting provides several benefits to a strategy. Among them are:

  • It contributes to the increase of conversion rates: it is common for people to include items in their online shopping carts and give up on their purchase. Remarketing increases the chances of the deal being closed;
  • It increases brand exposure: whenever it is applied together with other tactics and done on different media, retargeting helps reinforce your message with your consumers;
  • It improves the ROI: higher conversion rates make the return on investment happen more quickly.

Why is are the pros of remarketing on Facebook?

Those who offer a product or service on digital media have probably noticed that competition has become fiercer and consumers are more discerning. Thus, it is necessary to invest in different techniques that help hold your customer’s attention for as long as possible.

Unlike shopping at a sales outlet, online sales usually entail more research is involved, with a lower frequency of impulse shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to make potential customers remember your brand before closing a deal.

In addition, attention span on social media is more volatile. You don’t compete with only your competitors, but also with posts from friends and family.

However, people always come back to Facebook, usually several times a day, which increases the chances for a successful remarketing campaign, especially if it’s well done.

What are the best remarketing practices on Facebook?

One of the main challenges of remarketing is to make your communication not feel like spam. To do so, you need to reinforce your message in an intelligent manner.

The Facebook Business platform itself provides tools that can facilitate this work. Below you will get to know a few of them.

Analyze visitor behavior

For a successful remarketing campaign, monitoring your website’s key metrics is essential.

Which pages are accessed the most? What is your consumer’s purchase journey like?

Online purchases aren’t usually made during the first visit. Therefore, you need to monitor customers by means of the funnel and identify the best moment to target them via Facebook Ads.

You need to understand that this ad is the “final push” that is missing to close the deal.

Create personalized campaigns

If you’ve been working with advertising for a while, you already know about the importance of promoting the sensation of immediacy and scarcity with your ads, right?

This is an extreme which is used a lot in online communication and it gives value to message personalization.

The more your consumers feel that you are in fact speaking to them individually, the better. This strategy also usually works quite well with emails, precisely due to the level of personalization achieved.

Work with the Lookalike tool

The Lookalike tool is provided by Facebook Ads itself. It works with the creation of profiles similar to those of your website visitors, who will be impacted by a specific ad on social media.

This can be a good alternative for those who aren’t sure about their persona, or that wish to test a broader audience.

Use the Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is a traceable code that can be installed on your website. It monitors visits on different pages and allows the creation of a remarketing list on social media. This makes it easier to impact the same audience again, and with an in-depth level of specification.


How to sell more in less time?

Remarketing on Facebook and on other social media, such as Instagram, is an excellent way of nurturing your leads and guiding them along the sales funnel.

In order to be successful in this endeavor, in addition to following the tips we’ve presented in this post, it’s important to constantly monitor consumer behavior on your website. Also, follow up on the main results, so that your actions can be increasingly optimized.

Now that you know how to remarket on Facebook, take a moment and check out our guide to digital marketing and increment your business’ earnings — you’ll be amazed by the results!