Find out how to start working with Hotmart now

How to start working with Hotmart! If you already work or intend to work in the digital market, you’ve come to the right place.

You pick up your phone and as usual, your family and friends are asking for your help on a particular subject. This might also be happening on your email or social media. 

In the middle of all this, have you ever felt that people might see you as an expert on a given subject? Whether it’s tips on languages, cooking, how to dress for a special occasion, how to use Photoshop, fix a computer, use Excel, and many other subjects. 

Anyway, whatever your knowledge is, the truth is that helping people is good, but turning what you know into a business can be even better. And Hotmart provides you with the possibility to make that happen. Now is the time to join millions of people who turn their knowledge into a source of income!

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Your talent can become a digital business

Turn your knowledge, skill, or talent into a digital business by using the Hotmart platform’s resources. You can create courses, livestreams, consultancies, and more. You can also define the format according to your strategy.

If you choose livestreaming, for example, you can hold a webinar or livestream to talk to your audience in a chat and find potential customers, or a conference with several lectures in order to start a relationship with your audience and emphasize your knowledge for the market. 

When creating a course, for example, you can use a learning environment called the Hotmart Members’ Area, where you can insert your course material in various formats, such as previously recorded lessons, PDFs, audios, and more. You can also chat with students via manageable comments, carry out surveys and tests, and track the participants’ development and engagement. 

At Hotmart, those who create content are called Producers. So, when you host your content in Hotmart and put it up for sale, it becomes your digital product. 

For example, if you’re a math teacher and would like to record videos to explain a few topics on the subject, you can host your video lessons on Hotmart. Then, in addition to being an educator, you’d become a Digital Producer who can earn extra income by promoting your product. 

The most amazing thing of all is that you don’t necessarily have to teach everything you learned in your academic life. If the same math teacher can play the piano and would like to record video lessons teaching others to do the same, that’s their chance.

A Producer’s daily work schedules and locations that are more flexible, versatility to be daring with the content, and more chances to generate sales scalability.

Promote products in exchange for commissions

If you don’t want to share your skill or talent yet, but want to start placing it in the digital world, you can start as an Affiliate. 

At Hotmart, anyone who helps promote other people’s product is called an Affiliate. 

An Affiliate’s goal is to sell other people’s products, earning a commission for each sale. The amount of the commission is defined by the Producer. 

For example, a music teacher on YouTube, who has an established fan base, can advertise a course on vocal lesson if they believe it’s relevant to their audience. People who like the channel and want to learn how to sing will trust the course even more. 

And you don’t necessarily need to be an authority on the subject to start working as an Affiliate. If you aren’t, but you’re a good salesperson, you can promote a digital product.

Learn by means of digital products

Nowadays, you can learn in or out of the classroom. At Hotmart, you can learn in order to start a new career, make some extra money, or even for fun or as a hobby. So, you buy the courses that interest you, and you can also take advantage of the Hotmart Sparkle app to consume the content whenever and wherever you want. 

On a daily basis, those who want to learn something have more options of times and places where they want to get knowledge. What’s more, they can organize their studies in a way that is easiest to fit into their daily life.

Can I have more than one profile on the platform? Of course! If your desire is to teach, promote other people’s products and buy courses, go ahead! 

What is the starting point as a Producer?

The first step is to create your product. To understand what it takes, ask yourself a few questions:

What is the idea that I want to promote? This is especially true for those who want to be Producers, but don’t know what to create yet. 

Where are the market opportunities? This is the time to conduct surveys to understand the needs of the market that you could fill with your knowledge. It’s worth researching niches (areas), the type of audience you want to reach, products that already exist, and people who are a reference on the subject. 

How do I see all that I’ve learned? Even if your idea isn’t formed yet, write down the relevant points of what you have researched. Also, take the opportunity to write down ideas and possibilities of what you could develop. Don’t hold back! This is the time to brainstorm and let your creativity run wild. 

How do I put my ideas into practice? After creating this checklist, it’s time to put everything into a plan and get started. It’s very important that this phase be done carefully, since it’s the time to decide on:

  • What the product is, what niche it belongs to, and what audience you want to reach
  • The name of the product
  • The format of the product
  • The content you need to develop and the effort it’ll take to get it ready.

How to create your first product on the Hotmart platform

Once your content is developed, you need a platform to host, organize and distribute your content. You can count on Hotmart for all stages of your digital business. 

Check out how to register your product in these step-by-step instructions:

Once your product is on the platform, you can further optimize your business with the various solutions that help to further develop and evolve your content and marketing and sales strategies. 

And what about selling?

You don’t have to worry because Hotmart takes care of the entire sales process automatically with a proprietary Payment System created for the digital product market, which is fully integrated with the platform and with an anti-fraud system. This solution has already processed payments in 188 countries!

Besides the convenience, you can offer several payment methods to your buyers, such as credit card, discount coupons, bank payment slip, and PIX (instant bank transfer system). 

And if you wish to sell internationally, you can sell in more than 12 currencies, and use local payment methods. 

How much do I have to pay to use all of this? Nothing! You pay only when you make sales!

By the way, have you made a sale? Great! Then check out this video on how to register your bank account and withdraw your money. 

Don’t forget: an important point is to track the results of your sales and your actions. That’s why Hotmart provides business reports and analytic tools. This way, you constantly optimize your content. 

And there’s more!

As a Producer, you also have the possibility to scale your sales with Affiliates. Strategic to your business, the Hotmart Affiliate Program has:

  • Automated affiliation, commissioning, and management processes
  • Resources that strengthen the work between Producers and Affiliates
  • Data and information to track and analyze sales.

This is a practical way of letting other people promote your product, increasing your chances of selling more without having to worry about managing commission payments. Hotmart does that for you!

What’s the starting point as an Affiliate?

Search for the Product on Hotmart platform’s Marketplace. Click on the product and study it well to understand how you can contribute to sales. Check out important information, such as media resources, sales manuals, and other documents that can help you understand the product better and achieve successful sales.

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to become an Affiliate:

How much do I have to pay to become an Affiliate? Nothing! You automatically receive the sales commission established by the Producer. 

Now that you know a lot more about Hotmart, go to the Hotmart platform to understand what your profile is and start working wherever and however you want.


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