Digital transformation: from offline to online


Digital transformation: take your business from offline to online

Learn more about all the benefits digital transformation offers, and take your business from offline to online right now.

Ferencz Mario Villamonte Rojas

04/13/2021 | By Ferencz Mario Villamonte Rojas

What will we see in this post

Digital transformation is a hot topic nowadays, and it’s important to know why we should transform our businesses. But in order to understand it better, it’s important to look back.

Transactions are as old as humankind itself. Many years ago, people traded in commercial markets, and these transactions took place in a simpler manner.

However, over time, trade and the economy evolved. With the arrival of the industrial revolution where companies, banks, and the entire economic apparatus that we know today emerged.

One of the most important elements of this major revolution was, without a doubt, television. Companies saw an opportunity to communicate with their potential consumers on a large scale.

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After taking advantage of the opportunity that television provided, they increased their capital in just a few years. This marked the beginning of the power that communication could have to drive the business world forward.

In the 1990s, communication was boosted by the development of the Internet, which had been created a few years earlier and began to show signs that it would cause another major transformation.

This transformation reached its peak in the 2000s, when Internet connectivity was improved with the emergence of social media and was able to connect many people.

From then on, people’s lives changed as they discovered a new way to interact, relate, and operate marketing with anyone in the world.

As you might expect, if commerce had changed, sales would definitely have to change as well. And thus, new ways of selling on the Internet were created, giving rise to e-commerce, where anyone can offer their products to the whole world.

What factors make the world buy what you offer on the Internet?

Consumers, consciously or unconsciously, evaluate a few crucial factors before buying any product or service. Here, we’re going to discuss three of the most important ones.


Authority is a determining factor when offering one of your products or services. This principle is based on the fact that people turn to experts in a particular subject to help them solve their problems.


Trust is another determining factor, because, through trust, people expect others to act appropriately in a given situation. In other words, consumers who trust a product, brand, or service assume that they won’t be disappointed.


Likeability, on the other hand, is related to what a person or brand is like or acts, which makes them pleasant in the eyes of the public. 

These people or brands usually create positive feelings in those who interact with them during their first interaction, which makes their presence pleasant.

How do I take my company from Offline to Online?

You may wonder why we talked about such personal characteristics in the item above, if what we want is for you to take your digital business from offline to online. And the answer is, because digital transformation starts within the personal sphere.

Brands that bring together all of the characteristics above are the most successful in the digital environment, because they prioritize personalization in their relationships. Major brands have sought to have “someone” represent them.

Logically, these real or created people have to gather all of the brand’s values and virtues in order to be successful in the digital environment, in addition, they must convey what the brand wishes to communicate.

It’s important to highlight that not only have these companies experienced increased growth in the digital environment, but companies that are more impersonal have also achieved excellent results. However, investments in time and money in order to offer an attractive value proposition were greater.

Create a personal brand

Since it’s so important to create a personal brand that meets the characteristics we have talked about, and represents your business’ values and what you offer, it’s important to know how to build it.

In order to create a personal brand, two strategies are generally used: content and advertising. These two strategies have the goal of reaching the right audience and encouraging them to trust our products or services.

With the content strategy, we seek to reach the right audience, also called community, where we nurture them with valuable content that brings them closer to us.

With ads, we segment them into different buyer personas or avatar profiles. That’s why we can impact them in a more assertive manner through the ads.

What content should I address in my strategy?

The most important thing in a content strategy is to solve the problem of those who come to you, and for them to perceive it that way. To do so, you can create different types of content

Content that solves unlimited problems

Common problems your community, as a whole, shares.

Content that solves current problems

Current news or new trends that might be of general interest to your community.

Curiosity, educational and entertainment content

Content that piques the general public’s curiosity, in order to entertain and educate them in the process, so that they can become part of our community.

How do I create my content strategy?

According to Euge Oller, one of the strategies that worked best for him was to search for content on YouTube using algorithms and keywords that were important to his strategy.

YouTube will display the best results for that keyword. If you wish to be ranked for that keyword, you need to create a video with relevant content that outperforms those displayed in the top positions.

As to the format, it’s essential that your video is in square format because by doing so, you can also export and replicate the content on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s important that this content be subtitled and have a CTA at the top to encourage viewers to connect the audio.

When you have a larger number of followers interested in what you offer, it’ll be time to start creating original content for each social network.

Tips for creating ads

Part of the methodology that our guest Euge Oller uses to promote his business through video creation is called AIPSCTA. This is a combination of keywords that summarize some of the recommendations for creating ads effectively.

He has tried them himself, and we’ll explain them to you in the list below. 

  • A: Effectively draws attention to your avatar.
  • I: Identify your avatar.
  • P: Explains the problem in question.
  • S: Shows a solution.
  • CTA: Adds a call to action.

In addition to putting these tips into practice, a good trick is to change the location where you record your videos. People get tired of seeing the same ad several times, so it’s advisable to change the environment since this will generate greater trust in the people impacted by your advertising. And don’t worry about the message, because even if they are similar, your results should improve.

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