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Hotmart acquires KlickPages to expand its product portfolio

The Hotmart platform will bring further possibilities for those who work in the digital product market.

With the goal of offering increasingly comprehensive solutions to optimize sales strategies in the digital products market, Hotmart has acquired KlickPages, a company specialized in creating landing pages.

The announcement was made during a LIVE broadcast with João Pedro Resende (JP), CEO and co-founder of Hotmart, and Erico Rocha, co-founder of KlickPages. Keep reading to learn more about this piece of news.

All in one place 

What is an all-in-one digital platform in your opinion? Here at Hotmart, this concept entails developing the solutions to further improve the strategy of those who sell digital products, all in the same place. It is no wonder that, with more than 150 thousand digital products, Hotmart is the largest distance education platform in Latin America.

By exploring the Hotmart universe, you can see how to transform your knowledge into a digital product or find out how to promote the content of others and earn commissions from the sales. You can also take a course without even having to leave the platform.

In an easy manner, with no need to hire anyone, you will find space to host, advertise and sell your digital product in one place. More than that, you can develop your sales and marketing strategies using the solutions the company offers.

One of the strategic points of promoting a digital product is the sales page. That’s where Producers use important content that helps to convert users.

Many of our Producers understand the significance of this stage and already make  impeccable sales pages. Many creators use KlickPages for this exact purpose and they have already proven how effective this service is. Hotmart’s piece of news comes from understanding the importance of this stage and what KlickPages has to offer.

Learn more about KlickPages

KlickPages is a company founded by entrepreneurs Priscila Pimenta, Hugo Rocha, and Erico Rocha in 2012. It offers solutions for the creation of landing pages, which are pages that direct the customer to take certain actions. This is an essential step to evolve the sales strategy of your content.

If you stay tuned to Hotmart and the digital products market, odds are you’ve heard of Erico Rocha. The entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist has been a speaker at FIRE Festival no less than four times. FIRE festival is Hotmart’s annual event that brings together today’s top professionals, great references in their markets and those who have transformed their areas of expertise.

What is Hotmart and KlickPages’ history?

The two companies have been working together for four years, offering efficient solutions for creating landing pages. KlickPages has been available since 2016 on Hotmart’s platform as one of the options for editing a sales page.

With the acquisition, there is an array of possibilities with the aim to help more and more users to evolve creators’ products. In addition, Hotmart reaffirms its commitment to providing an all-in-one platform for everyone who wants to work in the online environment.

“The acquisition is part of the plan to grow and strengthen our products. In addition, of course, to reinforcing our commitment to provide the most comprehensive and efficient technology for the sale of digital products ”, as described by JP himself.

Each company will continue to work with their own teams, goals, and customers. Even KlickPages customers will keep on using their service as usual. For now, the most noticeable change is that the two platforms will be even more integrated in the near future. Imagine what else we can look forward to!

We’ll share other details of how everything is going to work in practice over time. Follow our blog to stay on top of the news!

All the best!