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How can video content make your course stand out

Video content could be the best strategy for your course. Learn more about it!

Paula Zanella Caetano

08/06/2020 | By

What will we see in this post

Understand how hosting your video-classes on Hotmart’s proprietary streaming service is strategic to your business. 

Video content is a way of bringing even more relevance to your students. With videos, you can use audiovisual resources that provide even more value to your class. 

Let’s suppose that you have an ebook on how to install wallpaper. This material contains explanations on the most suitable type of wallpaper for each room, and of course, the steps teaching how to install it.

By turning this material into video lessons, you show the different types of wallpaper, and how to install them. Your students will see how the process works in practice. Besides making the lesson more didactic, your students will identify you, which can further increase their confidence in your classes. 

And there’s more!

A Hotmart study shows that video courses tend to have sales 5x greater than those that sell ebooks.

Time to get started! Write down the main tips on how to start creating your videos:

  • Create scripts or guides with the content 
  • Practice your on-camera performance
  • Check image and audio quality. Remember that you don’t need expensive equipment for this. :)

Hotmart’s Video Player: Proprietary streaming service

Hotmart has its own streaming service in which you can host your video classes. Learn about the benefits of this solution for content creators and students. 

Why it’s strategic for content creators

In addition to developing relevant content, those who create online courses must pay attention to how this material will reach students.

Will students be able to watch the lessons anywhere? Is it possible to notify students so that no one misses any lessons?

Hotmart’s Video Player answers these and other questions. I’ll tell you more about it below:

  • Offer your students the possibility of watching the lessons offline through the Hotmart Sparkle app. The fact that your students can check out the content in the palm of their hand at any time and place can be used as your sales pitch. 
  • Push notifications to all of your students informing them about new features. There’s no excuse for not letting everyone know about new lessons! 
  • Automatic translation and subtitles in several languages. Your course can conquer the world with this feature! Furthermore, you make it possible for students to attend classes in places where audio needs to be muted, for example. 
  • Video performance metrics by means of retention and total and average viewing time. More than creating the material, you need to monitor student engagement. 
  • A system with personal notes directly on the videos. Indicate strategic points in the content so students can pay closer attention! 
  • Customizable templates. They allow you to configure the study area according to your strategies and improve student experience. 

Why it’s good for students

Hotmart’s Video Player is also a great solution for your students. They can take advantage of the benefits of various devices, including offline. Check out the details:

  • Offline mobile access made easy by Hotmart Sparkle. Your content is available for students to watch anywhere and at any time. 
  • Mirroring of the content on compatible Smart TVs. According to  Zenith’s 2018 Online Video Forecasts survey, by 2020 the global average of time spent watching videos online on large screens can reach 84 minutes. 
  • Optimized resolution for connection speed. No one has to give up access to knowledge because of poor connection, right?
  • Notes directly on the videos. Students can bookmark the parts they consider most important, or wish to study further later. 

In order to use Hotmart’s Video Player, your course needs to be hosted in the Hotmart Members Area. Learn more about these solutions, and how to configure them, with a free course consisting of short and objective videos:


Are you ready to start using video content? See you later! ;)