Learn about Hotmart’s Exclusive Payment System

Hotmart’s exclusive tool that has processed millions of purchases in over 188 countries. Find out how it can be a part of your business’s success.

Isabela Portela

12/03/2019 | By Isabela Portela

What will we see in this post

Working with digital products has a multitude of advantages. Among them, we can list the versatility of products, flexibility in how we work, better logistics and of course, greater chances of scalability. Since there are no time and space barriers, you can provide them anywhere in the world. 

But there’s no point in having all of these possibilities if you’re not prepared to sell worldwide, right?

And it was with this in mind that Hotmart created a payment system that has a global reach and is completely geared towards digital businesses. If you aren’t using it yet, you might be missing the chance of making your product global.

The good news is that we’re here today to tell you what you need to know about our payment system, and everything that it can do for your digital business. 

Let’s get started?

Learn about Hotmart’s Exclusive Payment System 

  • It’s fully integrated with the Hotmart platform  
  • Developed to meet the digital market’s specificities 
  • Sales available in over 13 currencies 
  • Exclusive anti-fraud system 
  • Capable of performing thousands of high-performance transactions simultaneously
  • Has made sales in over 188 countries 
  • Various payment methods 
  • Automatic split of commissions for Affiliates
  • Local payment methods available 

Have more independence, security, and speed to sell around the world 

With millions of payments processed in more than 188 countries, our system can help you boost your conversions and your buyers’ experience.

All transactions are made in a very safe manner and you also have the facility of receiving your commissions in local currency

You customers can pay in currencies other than the one you normally use. These payments are easily converted into dollars (USD) and the amount is deposited into the account you have registered with Hotmart, and can be deposited to your local bank account; there’s no mystery to it.

Our platform offers this convenience together with a unique anti-fraud system with three of the world’s largest security systems: CSE Security, PCI-DSS and 3D Secure, which regulate the main companies operating with personal and banking data. 

Offer multiple payment options and maximize your chances of selling:

  • Credit Card 
  • Online Debit  
  • PayPal 
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay 

More possibilities for your digital business

Payment with 2 credit cards 

Your customers won’t always have enough  on just one credit card to purchase your product. When this happens, this causes them to postpone the purchase and maybe end up forgetting about it. No seller wants to see an abandoned cart at checkout! 

This is where payments made with 2 different credit cards can help everyone out.

You, producing or promoting digital products, can significantly increase your conversion rates and your customers get to conveniently split the payment between two credit cards, without leaving behind your product.

Free Trial Period

Offering your buyers a trial period is a great way of conveying credibility, increasing the chances of a purchase and reducing the possibility of requests for refunds.

With Hotmart’s Payment System, you can configure the free trial period, with a maximum period of 30 days for your buyers to try your product out before buying it.

Subscription plans 

Hotmart’s Payment System allows Producers to create using a recurring payment system, such as Subscriptions. Thus, customers pay to have access to the product for a specific period and can renew this access for as long as they want.

For Producers, this is an interesting business model because it allows for recurring income and revenue they can count on.

Currencies available for selling and buying products at Hotmart

US Dollar (USD)

Argentine Peso (ARS)

Brazilian Real (BRL)

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Colombian Peso (COP)

Chilean Peso (CLP)

Euro (EUR)

Japanese Yen (JPY)

Mexican Peso (MXN)

Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Peruvian Sol (PEN)

British Pound (GBP)

Swiss Franc (CHF)

*Information as of December 2019

With Hotmart’s Payment System, your product can go further! 

With this feature, you can price your product and Hotmart automatically converts the amount to the buyer’s local currency.

Local payment methods offered by Hotmart


Multiple checkout options 

Our payment system has various checkout models for you to use according to your business strategy, all optimized for maximum conversion.

You can create customized checkouts according to the product, adapting the moment a product is being purchased to a chance to inform the buyer of a specific campaign. 

Use the best of each or take advantage of our Checkout Customization solution, which you will find under the Checkout Builder on the platform, and give your payment page the same look as your digital product or brand, creating even more sales.

Customizable Checkout 

At Hotmart, you can easily customize payments without the help of programmers or designers. You can customize it with your visual identity, increase your buyers’ confidence and of course, increase your chances of conversion. 

This tool allows you to have more opportunities to break down your customers’ objections, strengthen your brand and help your Affiliates.

Increase your average ticket directly at checkout 

Imagine offering an additional product precisely when your customer is completing the purchase, without having to go through the entire purchasing flow once again.

For example, let’s suppose that you have an online course on decorated homemade cookies. The person buying this product is already interested in baking and might also be interested in similar products. 

So, how about offering, at the end of the purchase, an e-book on different frosting decoration techniques? An offer in which your customer can also purchase a second product.

Your customer acquires more knowledge and you increase your sales. You have to agree that this is a great strategy, right?

Checkout notifications

If there’s one thing that increases urgency and interest in a lead, it’s knowing that other customers are responding positively and quickly to your digital product.

With the checkout notifications, you can speed up your buyers’ decision and boost sales that inform you who is interested or has already purchased a product, for example.


Hotmart’s Payment System allows Producers to create coupons easily and to develop sales strategies based on offers. Plus, it’s also possible to create coupons so that Affiliates can use them in their own promotions.

Sales recovery

Your customers have seen your product page, like what you have to offer and have decided to buy. On your payment page, they have filled out some personal information. But for some reason, they hesitated and didn’t complete the transaction.

With sales recovery, the information provided by the lead is registered by the platform and sent directly to you. This way, you can create a targeted action with the lead generated, replacing your future customer’s questions with the certainty of a purchase.

Smart installment plan

This payment method allows your buyers to divide the amount of your product into monthly installments. 

Would you like an example? Let’s suppose that your online course costs $100 (USD), but some of your buyers can’t afford the full amount and end up not buying it. 

With smart installments, buyers can divide the amount in a few monthly payments on their credit card without the product’s total amount stopping them from buying. Thus, your students can purchase the course in the number of installments they can afford and have a much more enjoyable experience! 

Selling in the Members Area

One-Click Buy

Hotmart is a fully integrated platform. Therefore, we are always concerned about offering the best solutions for our Producers and Affiliates. And one of the strategic integrations is the one-click buy. 

It allows Producers to sell products in Hotmart’s Members Area without requiring buyers to re-enter their credit card information or having to leave the platform.

This integration boosts Producers’ sales because it can offer new products to those who are already buyers.

Start selling today 

Now that you’ve seen everything that Hotmart’s exclusive payment system can offer to your digital business, you’re probably wondering, “Do I have to pay for all of these services that you’re offering?” And the answer is, “No!” 

Hotmart is a free platform, with not membership or monthly fees, and its tools are also free and fully integrated!