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How to achieve successful brand positioning

5 tips to make sure your brand will be remembered by customers.

Barbara Santos

12/16/2019 | By Barbara Santos

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Have you ever felt like drinking a soda and end up ordering a Coke even though it wasn’t exactly the one you wanted?

Or you need paper tissue and add Kleenex to your shopping list, but end up not buying this brand?

This is what we call market positioning, which has a lot to do with how an organization is projected into consumers’ minds.

In this post, we’re going to explain this concept better and give you 5 tips so that you can have a good market positioning. Check it out!

Understanding market positioning

Market positioning is literally the position a brand, product or services occupies in the minds of its potential consumers. 

Every time we associate a brand to a specific product, even if we don’t intend to buy that exact brand, we are placing it in a position of prominence.

As we mentioned earlier, there are certain brands that are already present in consumers’ everyday lives, which end up becoming synonymous with certain products. And if you’re a digital entrepreneur, you already know how important this is. After all, who wouldn’t want to be on the minds of potential consumers?

So, having a good brand positioning mainly means occupying a role of reference, prominence and leadership with your product or service.

Paraphrasing Philip Kotler, also known as the father of marketing, market positioning is the action of projecting your product (and your company’s image) with the purpose of standing out for your target audience.  

Okay, now that you understand the theory, you’re probably asking yourself, “Is there any way I can have a good market positioning?

It all depends on the combination of having a quality product, using marketing strategies to promote your business, and of course, time on the market. In other words, occupying a position of prominence in your market doesn’t happen overnight. 

But there are a few tips that you can start putting into practice today, which will help you build authority and become a point of reference for your audience. Check them out:

1. Know your market

Even if you already have a well-built product that is sold to many people, it’s important to know your market well.

Especially those working in the digital market know that it is constantly changing. 

Therefore, in order not to fall behind, always pay attention to innovations and trends that appear daily so you can anticipate them and thus, stand out. After all, the sooner you prepare for a new marketing strategy, for example, the greater the chances of becoming a pioneer in this action and therefore, become prominent in relation to consumers.

2. Study your competitors

This tip is practically an extension of the previous tip. After all, when studying your market, one of the key points is to understand who your competition is, and if you wish to stand out, you really need to know what other people are doing.

Every time we talk about monitoring your competitors, we need to remember that the goal here isn’t to copy what other people are doing.

Actually, what you need is to understand the gaps that still haven’t filled by other brands and from this, think about how you can meet your market’s needs by being different.

3. Understand consumer behavior

Do you remember that earlier we said that market positioning depends on how the audience perceives your business?

Well, this means that you need to understand consumer behavior very well. This way, you can see what your brand, product or service still needs in order to be on people’s minds.

If you are still one of those people who think that consumers only buy a product because it’s very good, you are very wrong.

Nowadays, we know that several factors are crucial for a brand to stand out, such as:

  • Being part of a community
  • Being recommended by those who trust it
  • Buying safely (either online or offline)
  • Ecological awareness and much more.

So, always think about actions that not only talk about your product or service, but that especially talk about what potential buyers are looking for.

4. Show your unique features

Why do you think that companies like Coca-Cola and Apple have a good market positioning?

Because, in addition to having well-structured products, they really know how to reinforce their brands in the minds of consumers.

Consider for example the holiday season

Every year, we wait for the new Coca-Cola advertising campaign that not only sell soda but also the magic of drinking it during our Christmas dinner.

What these companies sell is much more than a product or service. They delivery value and people can see it.

Therefore, you need to have a proposal of value and make it clear for your potential customers. People need to understand the transformation that your product can make in their lives.

Be careful so as not to create a proposal of value merely to create one. You need to deliver something that will truly transform people’s lives. Only by doing so, will they be able to associate your product with the solution they needed.

5. Create branding awareness strategies

Finally, in order to have a good market positioning, you need people to know your brand.

This is why it’s very important to think about marketing strategies focused on brand awareness. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ll explain it to you!

Brand awareness, in other words, is how well people recognize your brand.

When we talk about this, we don’t mean only recognizing your logo, but especially the values, discourse and everything that revolves around the branding efforts made by your business.

You create a form of collective consciousness, to the point that your brand becomes such a strong reference it becomes the very name used for a certain product (as is the case of Kleenex, an example we used earlier in this post).

In other words, branding awareness is the result of a well-executed market positioning. Therefore, think about actions that will make your audience know not only your product, but also your brand’s entire universe.

Of course, there are several possibilities to do this. So, in order to help you, check out our article to understand the importance of building a strong brand.