Personality test: 3 people with different personalities. A smiling woman in the middle; to her left, a man looking sad or tired; to her right, a man looking angry or nervous.


Find out who you really are by taking a personality test

Understand the concept of a personality test and check out 7 examples of tests you can take today!

Barbara Santos

09/06/2019 | By Barbara Santos

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If you have ever participated in a company’s selection process, you probably had to take a personality test. A personality test is a very useful assessment tool, which can boost your self- knowledge. 

This is a very common step for companies screening job applicants, as it makes it possible to identify some of the candidate’s characteristics. 

Although each individual is different, personality tests could show certain behavioral patterns, which is crucial to understanding whether the individual evaluated will be able to fit well into the organizational culture.

But don’t think that these tests are only applied in job interviews.

If you wish to better understand your behavior, you can take a personality test at home to contemplate your personality traits.

Did that spark your interest and you wish to learn more about it? This post will help you understand everything about personality tests.

What is the difference between a personality test and a psychological test?

Quite a few people confuse personality tests with psychological tests. To put an end to this muddle, we offer a brief explanation of the difference between the two tests.

In accordance with US law, 10 CFR § 712.3, a psychological test is a scientifically validated instrument designed to detect psychiatric, personality, and behavioral tendencies.

This type of test, which should be applied only by a qualified professional, evaluates samples of behaviors and people’s responses based on certain tasks or problems that need to be answered.

The technical term for this type of test is psychometrics, and it is applied to discover even a pathological condition, such as stress or anxiety.

On the other hand, a personality test, although it can also be applied by a psychologist and used to assess behavioral patterns, is more informal and you can take it by yourself.

It can be applied with the purpose of helping us assess our traits and diminish possible conflicts, since these tests enable self-discovery.     

Like the psychological test, the personality test is composed of a series of questions that help identify the individual’s most striking characteristics.

7 personality tests to find out who you are!

If you Google the keyword personality test, you will find several examples of online tests you can take.

We will not make a list of the best websites or blogs you can visit to take this kind of self-assessment, but we will explain what each test analyzes. 

This way, you should be able to choose the test that is most suitable for your goal.

1. Enneagram of personality

This test  helps you understand your personality and how you interact with other people.

Using a graph, the enneagram assesses 9 personalities that are interconnected. They are:

  1. Perfectionist;
  2. Helper;
  3. Achiever;
  4. Individualist/romantic;
  5. Observer;
  6. Loyalist;
  7. Enthusiast;
  8. Challenger;
  9. Peacemaker.

2. DISC assessment

If you want to know what type of professional you are, DISC is a great example of a personality test.

Have you heard about William Moulton Marston? 

Even if you don’t know who we’re talking about, I’m sure you have heard of the character he created.

William Marston created Wonder Woman, and he is also the psychologist responsible for DISC.

This test consists of assessing 4 behavior traits:

  1. Dominance: to learn how you deal with problems and challenges;
  2. Influence: how do you deal with influences and people;
  3. Steadiness: it has to do with your reactions to changes;
  4. Conscientiousness: your response to the rules established by other people.

3. Temperament test

There is a theory that says that there are basically 4 types of humor and each one of them prevails in individuals according to their bodily fluids.

They are:

  1. Sanguine: related to blood, hot and wet;
  2. Phlegmatic: related to phlegm, cold and wet;
  3. Choleric: related to yellow bile, hot and dry;
  4. Melancholic: related to black bile, cold and dry.

This personality test helps to identify the dominant temperament in each individual, thus enabling them to search for activities that will help balance these moods.

4. Typological Assessment Questionnaire (QUATI)

QUATI is widely used for leadership positions.

Based on 16 psychological types, this test uses situational choices to identify the individual’s capacity to adapt.

Some of the aspects assessed are:

  • Suitability;
  • Affinity;
  • Interest.

It is a great test to understand if you are able to work in a team. However, as it is more complex, it is recommended to have an assessment done by a psychologist who can help you better understand your results.

5. Leadership test

Like QUATI, the leadership test helps to identify the type of leader you are.

Usually, on online tests, the result compares you to a well-known individual, such as Barack Obama, for example.

The 6 types of leaders identified in this personality test are:

  1. Liberal;
  2. Authoritarian;
  3. Democratic;
  4. Charismatic;
  5. Specialist;
  6. Motivator.

6. Productivity test

This test can be assessed individually or in a team.

The questions are intended to assess the results that you or your team deliver, and thus understand if you are producing adequately or if you need to produce more.

This is a great way to understand where you are and where you want to go, especially when it comes to established goals. 

7. Logical reasoning test

As clearly indicated in the name, this test is used to measure your ability to reason in a logical way.

It is a very common personality test in which you need to define whether the statements made in the test are true or false, always based on the context presented beforehand.

This personality test is widely used to understand if a job applicant is able to analyze problems and suggest effective solutions.

Who are you, really?

As you’ve seen, there are several personality tests you can take to identify your characteristics and help you understand who you really are.

There are many online tests you can take and, based on the results, analyze which behavioral patterns you exhibit and what skills you could develop to become a better a person, both in your professional and your personal life.

We hope these tests will help you further explore your potential!

Besides these, is there any other personality test you have taken and liked the results? If so, share it with us here in the comment section!