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From TV to Digital: What has changed for content creators?

When the world became digital, it brought people closer together, breaking those barriers of time and space and opening up new possibilities.


05/21/2021 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Everyone has experienced the sensation of doing things that they don’t like at all at some point in their career, including us content creators.

There are times when there are things that you must comply with, even if you do not agree, since contracts and penalties are involved. In turn, this means you lose the freedom to do what you actually want to do.

However, there are always other paths that you can explore, such as being an entrepreneur, where you seek to achieve your own goals, working for yourself while doing what you like.

If you are a content creator, you have to know that the organic content that you create is very valuable. It transmits knowledge and also has a chain effect that drives many other content creators to create what they are really passionate about.

In this post, we’ll explain how many content creators have gained more flexibility in their lives by creating a digital product at Hotmart.

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What were courses like before the digital world?

When you are looking to share information and communicate your knowledge, at present, various digital formats such as online courses, e-books, or webinars come to mind. However it wasn’t that simple before digital technologies.

If you were an authority on a subject and wanted to share that knowledge with others, there were a lot of logistics involved in organizing an event, such as a workshop, a conference, or a lecture. 

However, more time was spent promoting the event than the event itself, as you could be promoting the event or workshop for days for the actual content to last only two or three hours.

This meant that the content you could share was limited in terms of time and space since to provide the same content to different audiences, you had to move from city to city or even between countries or continents.

At this time, many lecturers or experts in different topics saw limitations in the ways of passing on their knowledge, and this is where digital technology comes into play.

Migrating to the digital market

When the world became digital, it brought people closer together, breaking those barriers of time and space that until that moment, had been firmly rooted in the exchange of information.

Social networks began to appear, and with the power of new mediums such as podcasts, people began to consume content at any time and in different countries around the world.

This way of sharing information quickly became popular. It became a new way of teaching new things to interested people anywhere in the world, as well as being a business opportunity.

Logically, if the content you create is valuable, it is worth giving it the value it deserves and monetizing it.

Hotmart is precisely the ally you need to monetize the valuable content you want to share with others and help you pursue your goals while generating extra income.

The importance of thinking about what you want to do

Many people think first about the “how to do” something, rather than what they really want to do or “what to do”; this is usually the first mistake they make, as they think first of the external factor and not the internal.

To start creating truly exciting content, it’s important to decide what to create; each of us has different experiences, interests, and behaviors.

There are things that we are passionate about; things that we talk about with authority. The reason for wanting to create content should be all about sharing your knowledge.

In addition to focusing on the things that you are passionate about, it is also important to have experience on the subject, since you can only share knowledge about what you really know.

Hotmart and launches 

When it comes to helping your online product take off, Hotmart has the right tools for the job.

This is our secret: we know that everyone is an expert in something and our mission is to transform that knowledge into a business and learning opportunities for others.

Hotmart is the place to be for those looking to make their dreams come true and teach millions of people in different parts of the world.

The platform gives you an opportunity to share the best content and knowledge, breaking the barriers of time and space. Now, anyone who has something to teach can create a complete course, with many modules and personalized class activities with our complete solutions.

f you want to know more about the production of online courses and monetizing your knowledge, check out the tips we share on Instagram and the videos on our YouTube channel, too!