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What Is a YouTube Multi-Channel Network (Mcn)? Understand the Concept and if It’s Worth Joining One

Being part of a YouTube MCN can help you when it comes to producing your content and giving you access to a number of benefits!


07/01/2022 | By Hotmart

Gaining prominence on YouTube isn’t easy. In the end, thousands of videos are posted daily on the platform and it’s a struggle to get views. However, there’s a way to make this process easier, which is by joining a YouTube MCN.

Through it, YouTubers can focus only on cranking out the content on their channel.

Meanwhile, the MCN handles all the bureaucratic and boring parts of the job. It’s a partnership that has the potential to benefit both parties.

To help you understand a little more about these MCNs, and whether it’s worth joining one, keep reading. You’ll find out what YouTube MCNs offer and how they work, in addition to seeing a few examples.


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What are YouTube MCNs and what do they offer?

YouTube multi-channel MCNs (MCNs) are companies that operate without any link to YouTube. By joining one, YouTubers enjoy several benefits, in addition to having the MCN as their intermediary on the platform.

Each MCN offers a set of distinct advantages. Overall, content creators can count on support and consulting, managing their channel, and dealing with copyrights on YouTube, among other benefits.

And since YouTube itself isn’t capable of actively supporting all channels, these MCNs also act as a direct relationship channel with YouTubers, tremendously facilitating work on the platform and coordinating possible collabs between one creator and another.

But of course, these advantages aren’t free. In order for YouTubers to take advantage of this entire structure, these MCNs charge a percentage of all gains obtained from AdSense of each monetized video.

Is joining a YouTube MCN worth it?

Despite the many advantages provided by the MCNs, there are also disadvantages.

First of all, because these MCNs are independent from YouTube, the platform is not responsible for any losses YouTubers may suffer.

In other words, in the event of a disagreement between the content creator and the MCN, the contracting party will have to deal with the situation directly and solely with the MCN. And depending on the outcome, the YouTuber will need the assistance of lawyers.

Besides, joining an MCN doesn’t guarantee that your channel’s revenues will increase. This is because the work done by an MCN generates much more impact on YouTube’s visibility and search rankings.

YouTubers’ earnings depend on the videos being monetized — through AdSense or advertising. And since the MCN charges a percentage of the profits, creators might end up spending more on maintaining their services than they actually earn.

For these reasons, each YouTuber should carefully analyze the pros and cons of this partnership before deciding to join.

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YouTube MCN Examples

Due to YouTube compliance rules, it’s hard to know which MCNs that use the platform are the most successful. Additionally, YouTube has made it easier for creators to navigate some of the messy details of monetizing their videos in recent years. 

This has led some of the MCNs of the past to shut down, leaving room for smaller MCNs who are able to give more attention to their team of YouTubers or forcing larger networks to find other ways for their creators to monetize their content.      

Disney Digital Network (formerly Maker Studios)

Maker Studios was a YouTube MCN with a few sub-MCNs. Acquired by Disney, the company had been known for offering excellent support to its partners, but after extreme growth, many creators voiced their unhappiness with their contracts.

Under Disney, the network has shifted its focus to Twitch and the gaming and food industry. 


BBTV is a media-tech company that has a wide variety of creators under its wing. Like many MCNs, it has branched out beyond YouTube in the ways it helps its clients monetize their content.

Today, it helps with app creation, merch, mobile gaming apps, and other revenue streams.

Creative Nation

Creative Nation is a new MCN that has been doing an excellent job. It manages YouTube channels of all sizes.

Despite not having a large number of partners, the MCN is able to offer quality services with high revenue.

They also don’t limit themselves to providing support to creators in a specific niche; there are company members in the most varied content genres, although gamers are the majority.

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Conclusion about YouTube MCN

Joining a YouTube MCN represents a drastic change. But depending on your situation, it could be a change for the better.

On one hand, for YouTubers just starting out, having an experienced MCN helping out with ads, growing an audience, and establishing a niche can help a lot. On the other hand, they will have control over the content and take a percentage of earnings.  

Before you decide to join one, carefully analyze the pros and cons of being part of an MCN. Especially if you have a small channel, since the percentage paid to MCNs may drain a limited budget.

If you’re able to fully manage your channel on your own, you’ll be doing all the work of an MCN while receiving 100% of your income. In this situation, joining an MCN will generate more expenses than profits.

Well, now that you understand what YouTube MCNs are, and how they work, how about finding out how much a YouTuber earns and what it takes to become one?