Let’s look back at 2019 and remember everything that happened during the year! [Retrospective]

So many great things have happened this year here at Hotmart that we just had to share it with you.

Isabela Portela

12/26/2019 | By Isabela Portela

What will we see in this post

The year is coming to a close and you probably already have several plans to boost your digital business in the new year, right? Well then, let’s check the main solutions launched in 2019 and start the new year’s sales with a bang! 

Club Caption 

In order to make your students’ experience even better, Hotmart created Club Caption, a solution to generate subtitles automatically and also translate them from the original language into several languages.

Advantages for those using Club Caption:

In addition to generating more retention and engagement for students, it gives them more freedom, allowing them to view the classes without enabling the audio. In addition, you can sell to the four corners of the world without having to spend anything on translations.

And there’s more!

We also released the Video Retention Report, ideal for Producers to measure their results, showing how students are behaving in relation to the content. This makes it easier to evaluate what’s working with your material and what needs to be improved, and constantly make your digital business evolve. 

New local payment methods available 

2019 was kicked off with incredible solutions for our Producers and Affiliates who sell to buyers living in Europe. 

Available for over 30 countries, Hotmart’s checkout now offers SEPA, a bank transfer feature that is widely used by European Union countries. And also Multibanco, a payment method widely used in Portugal. 

In addition, we included the PagoEfectivo, the most used method for those living in Peru, the Sencillito, for Chilean buyers, the Cupón de Pago for those selling in Argentina and much more! 

In order to have access to these features, Producers just need to activate the “bank debit” and “payment voucher” (cash payment) options in the checkout settings and the new local payment methods will be automatically activated for buyers in the aforementioned countries. 

Hotmart’s Payment System currently provides the following local payments:

Baloto, PSE – Colombia

OXXO – Mexico

SEPA – European Union 

Bacs – United Kingdom 

Multibanco – Portugal 

Pago Efectivo – Peru 

Sencillito – Chile 

Cupón de Pago – Argentina 

Advantages of providing local payment methods:

Your international buyers will also find it more convenient and will feel safer when making payments. Therefore, they’ll be able to purchase your product more easily.

This is an opportunity to offer more agility to your customers and boost your conversions in these countries. 

The new Hotmart Chat 

This year, one of our solutions launched at the Fire Festival was the Hotmart Chat, which is a space for Producers to talk with Affiliates, and ideal for answering questions and giving several tips about the Affiliate Program. 

You can send individual instant messages or content, such as texts, images and hyperlinks in bulk, via broadcast. Not to mention apply filters and segment your messages according to the Affiliate’s profile. You can also filter by product, legal nature, number of sales, clicks, leads, achievements and affiliation code.

Advantages of using the Hotmart Chat:

Besides being another channel for the contact between Producers and Affiliates, you can have a more analytical view of the Affiliates’ performance, create histories of the main events via chat and measure results. 

New Users Section in the Hotmart Members Area:

Would you like to know which students have completed your content?

Which ones engage the most in your class?

On which pages have they found more difficulty?

Now, the Hotmart Members Area allows you, in a simple and fast manner, to consult several information about your students that will help you in the creation of your next content. A great way to make your course’s experience even more complete and of course, boost your sales. 

In the Users Section, you can rely on reports that inform what you need to know in order to understand who your audience is.

Find out is your students are engaged with your content, understand the performance of each student or class. Also, create segmentations with the most relevant indicators for your business and create bulk actions with your segmentations.

Advantages of the Users Section:

With the Users’ Section information, it is easier to understand who your students are in order to create increasingly better content and sell more. 

Comment management in the Hotmart Members Area 

Paying attention to your students’ comments is a great way of interacting and understanding how your content is being absorbed. Thus, based on the comments, you can think about strategies to make your course even more attractive for your audience.

With the comment management feature, released this year, you can easily manage all comments made by your students and select specific actions for each one. 

You can:

  • Filter by Name, email, context 
  • View the context 
  • Manage the status
  • Access the comment history 

Advantages of managing comments:

This is a great solution to bring your students closer and understand how their development is progressing in each module of your course. Interacting with your students’ comments can help you improve your course’ engagement indicators. 

Our Hotmart Sparkle app is even better! 

This year, our Hotmart Sparkle app provided several super strategic innovations to help you increase your students’ engagement even further.

It was our official Fire Festival app, with exclusive content, the release of new features, cashback and much more! 

With Hotmart Sparkle, you can create free or paid communities to provide exclusive and segmented content. You can also use this space to promote your products and make sure that everyone registered in the community will receive your message, since the Hotmart Sparkle feed doesn’t have an algorithm and delivers 100% of the content to your followers.

Your courses will go where your students are. With Hotmart Sparkle, you can allow your students to watch your video classes even without an internet connection.

For Producers who use Hotmart’s Video Player, the content is available within Hotmart Sparkle and can be accessed at any time and place, including offline.

More advantages for those using Hotmart Sparkle:

Hotmart Sparkle is the ideal app to interact with your students, make sales and boost your digital business. It’s the ideal space to increase contact with your students and allow them to have access to content that is in sync with what they wish to learn.

Hotmart’s New Product Page 

Creating a good product presentation, with its benefits and features are relevant elements that make all the difference when it comes to selling more. 

And with this in mind, Hotmart experts created a new page for Producers to display their products and make the buying experience even better.

With the new Product Page, Producers can display detailed information, such as their name, photo, bio, in addition to social media and official contact channels. They can add a link to a video presenting the product and host it on YouTube or Vimeo.

The checkout is fully integrated to the page to improve the users’ experience during the purchase journey. And there’s more! If you use Hotmart Ask, our free opinion survey tool, you can enable evaluations from students directly on your product page with a simple click.  

Our Product Page is optimized to be more relevant among the major search engines, which makes it easier for your product to be found by potential buyers. Besides having a Q&A section to answer any questions from visitors who intend to buy your products.

Advantages of using the Hotmart Product Page: 

When you have a well-built product page, the chances of converting visitors into buyers are much greater. And with the Hotmart Product Page, this task becomes much easier, since with few clicks, you can build it and add elements that are super strategic for your digital business.

And if you are wondering, “But I already have an external page; can I still use Hotmart’s page?” 

Yes you can! You can choose to use either Hotmart’s or your external page. Or if you want to, you can use both at the same time and create different strategies for each one! 

Hotmart’s Black Week Campaign 

In 2019, we prepared not only a Friday dedicated to offers, but an entire week so that our Producers and Affiliates could exceed all expectations and sell much more!  

Producers were able to create Black Week specials to advertise to their Affiliates and buyers during the period of the campaign. And I don’t have to tell you that the campaign was a complete success, do I? In total, 7,629 coupons were created and our Producers and Affiliates increased their sales by 56% in comparison to the 7 weeks prior to the campaign.

And there was more, much more!

Producers who registered their Product Pages on Hotmart had the opportunity of appearing on the special page of Hotmart’s official website. In other words, they had an extra chance of having their products found and bought. 

Advantages of Hotmart’s Black Week:

Producers and Affiliates were able to take advantage of a time when there’s a boom in the market to increase their sales volume and earn more in one week. In addition, we provided special checkout templates for participating Producers and a special tab in the Marketplace so Affiliates could choose products to promote during the Black Week period. 

Bonus: This is our brand new release!

Do you remember the First Sales tab we mentioned in this post and that I told you was full of products selected by our experts?

This used to be a seasonal tab. It was! After becoming such a hit with our Affiliates, from now on, First Sales will be a fixed tab and is next to the “hottest”, “most loved” and “latest” tabs, ready to be used so our Affiliates can start making their first sales here at Hotmart, on the right foot! 

So, did you enjoy the 2019 new features? We hope so. :)

Take advantage of all the new solutions we’ve provided so you can boost your business and start 2020 with a bang. We’ll see you soon and wish you great sales!

Would you like to learn more about all the solutions available on the Hotmart platform? Visit our tools’ page!