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5 must-read tips for building customer loyalty

Find out how to win over your audience and turn them into regular customers!


06/14/2019 | By Hotmart

Having customers who constantly come back to buy your products is what pretty much any brand dreams of. After all,  customers who rely on your business will always place your company as their first option. That is why it’s so important to build customer loyalty.

In addition, a loyal audience is likely to talk about your brand to their friends and family, what is considered a key, organic and spontaneous marketing process.

Among the various actions and paths that can be followed when building customer loyalty, one of the fundamental factors is knowing your customer thoroughly. After all, this is the only way you’ll be able to mold all of your actions to their needs and expectations.

But how do you build customer loyalty? And how do you create a relationship based on trust and success?

Check out 5 essential tips to help you on this mission:

1. Build a good relationship with your customers

Customers are only loyal from the moment they feel they are valued by a business — and this is only achieved when this brand invests in relationship strategies with their audience.

A good relationship between a brand and its customers occurs through a series of elements. The important thing is that these actions need to go beyond a simple commercial contact to offer products. It needs to be personalized as to make the customer feel appreciated.

Do you usually use email marketing? You should know that this powerful tool can be used to increase customer loyalty.

Try sending emails with a congratulatory message and a discount coupon on a customer’s birthday and see how this helps in building good relationships!

Requests for feedback on customer service and the product show that your company isn’t merely interested in selling, but also concerned about its customers’ satisfaction.

2. Win over your audience before they become customers

The process to build customer loyalty starts even before a purchase is made.

In order to attract customers even before they buy your products, you need the right marketing plan, which will accurately identify the desired audience you need to attract.

By understanding how the mind of your target customer works your brand is able to activate certain psychological triggers in them, thus becoming a desirable brand.

An important step here is to provide information and create connections with potential customers. Therefore, offering knowledge through a blog and maintaining a close relationship between your brand and the audience makes the entire customer loyalty process a lot easier.

3. Invest in consumer experience

There was a time when the only thing you needed to attract an audience’s admiration was to have a good quality product.

Well, today that is definitely not enough. You need to go above and beyond. In other words, they want good experience associated with a good product or service.

When people are looking for a certain brand, they aren’t only interested in finding a specific product, but in acquiring value. And this value must be added both in what your business sells, as well as in customer service, sales, and aftersales practices.

By aligning your audience’s values to your own business’ values, you’ll invest in a pleasant experience, through which customers will find exactly what they want.

If you truly wish to win over your audience you should consider adding unexpected elements to customers’ experience, thus making them feel heard and cherished.

One example is upselling, i.e., improve your customer’s initial purchase by offering a better product for an affordable price.

4. Keep an updated database

You have probably already noticed that a good part of audience loyalty means getting to know your customers in depth, right?

This means that you need to have a database with as much information as possible and update the data whenever possible.

By getting to know your customer, you can use this knowledge in a series of positive actions, going beyond the birthday wishes and other special dates.

Carefully analyze your customers’ behavior when in contact with your brand and find out what their needs are, providing tips on products and articles that might interest them.

This way, you will project the image that your brand is concerned with your audience’s satisfaction and solving their problems.

5. Improve your communication

Good communication is the basis for a good relationship between people. And we can say the same for the relationship between a brand and its audience.

Offering accessible means to consumers so that they can communicate with the brand is a fundamental aspect of loyalty building.

Whether in the physical or digital world, communication channels need to be efficient and effective.

Therefore, always keep an eye on social media, the email inbox and of course, the customer service department by phone or email, thus preventing people from taking long to talk to your brand.

Keeping customers engaged

Achieving audience loyalty is a painstaking process, which demands a lot of time and investment from the brand. But you need to understand that, while the customer loyalty process is taking place, the work doesn’t stop there.

In order to make these customers become true promoters of your brand, strengthening word-of-mouth marketing, you need to invest in engagement maintenance.

In this sense, maintaining constant feedback contact, valuing your audience’s opinions and suggestions, is an excellent choice.

In addition, taking into account the idea that we should always cultivate good relationships between our brand and our customers, investing in humanized strategies is one of the main paths to be taken.

This means that, from one point to the other of the contact between the brand and the audience, everything must be done in the most personalized manner possible, thus preventing the contact from becoming automatic.

When we treat our customers as individuals who have wants and needs, we are conveying a message that we care about what they think and how they act. And this can in several manners, such as through emails and replies to comments on social media!

Build Customer Loyalty to generate new customers

A satisfied audience is an audience that will spontaneously promote your brand. Therefore, investing in customer loyalty can mean savings in marketing practices for obtaining new consumers.

After all, loyal customers will promote your brand for free, spreading the news to their friends and family.

The more loyal customers you get, the greater brand’s promotion will be on the marketplace!

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