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Hotmart Black Week: your opportunity for 7 days of big sales

Hotmart’s biggest week for sales is upon us. Are you going to sit this one out? Check out how you can take part in our campaign and make November a historic month for you digital business!

Those who work with digital products already know that Black Friday is one of the best times for selling. Did you know that last year sales increased 242% just for Hotmart Black Friday? 

That’s why this time around, we’re not limiting folks to just a day of offers. No, we’re making a whole week of it so that our Producers and Affiliates can skyrocket past any expectations and sell MUCH, MUCH more! 

But that’s not all. This year, in addition to the special tab on the Affiliation Market to list products that are part of the campaign, we’ve got even bigger news! 

To find out what the surprise is and how it will all play out during this amazing week of awesome sales, just stick with me and I’ll show you the ropes. 

How can I get in on Hotmart Black Week?

If you’re a Producer, the first thing is to register a special campaign coupon. 

Registerning coupons:

  • Log in to the platform;
  • Choose the product you want to register a coupon on the banner;


  • Click Products on the left side menu; 
  • Next, go to I’m a Producer and pick the product you’d like to be part of the campaign;
  • Then, just choose the discount you want to give by dragging the cursor along the intervals of 5% to 50%.

Then just set your strategies and start spreading your coupons to your Affiliates and buyers!


Make sure your checkout is available for coupons!

The coupons will be valid from 12 a.m. on November 25th until 11:59 p.m. on December 1st (BRT), and will be automatically deactivated after the end of Black Week.

Any Producer can create a coupon, but for the product to appear on the Black Week special tab on the Affiliation Market, it’s got to meet some prerequisites:  

  • Have the Affiliate Program enabled 
  • Be posted on the Market
  • Have a Blueprint score greater than or equal to 60%
  • Have Open (1-click) Affiliation. 

Oh! And do you remember what I said about having big news for those who step into the Black Week ring? So, let’s do this!  

Breaking News!

This year, in addition to a sales campaign on the Affiliation Market, we’ve also got a special page just for Black Week on Here, you just might have your product showcased on a landing page all dressed up for the occasion!    

How can my product be showcased on the special page on

For your product to be eligible to appear on the Black Week special page on, you need to have:

  • Created a Black Week coupon. 
  • Set up a Product. 
  • Checked the option “Allow my product to appear on the official Hotmart channels, as long as it meets the quality criteria,” found under the Product Page configurations;
  • Met Hotmart’s product quality requirements. 

Throughout the period of Black Week, the coupons will be automatically applied to the campaign’s participating products on the special page.  

If you’re an Affiliate, starting November 13th, take a look around the Market on Hotmart’s platform. 

  • Here, you’ll find a special banner which will direct you to the Black Week tab with the participating products.  
  • To get in on the fun, just choose which products you’d like to affiliate with. 
  • The products which are listed under the tab will already be with their coupons, ready for you to use during the campaign. 
  • Then, you’ve just got to come up with a top-notch promotional strategy and wait for Black Week to arrive.  

Are you still not sure what it means to become an Affiliate on Hotmart? Find out everything you need to know and start out big by participating in our Black Week! 


Listen up Producers! When the time comes to sell your product during Black Week you can share your coupon so buyers can use it when ordering your product. Or you can choose to set a parameter on the checkout link to promote your sales page with the discount automatically applied;

It may seem tricky at first, but we’ll show you how simple and quick it is:

  1. Find your checkout link, the one with…
  2. If it’s the first parameter, add to the end of the link: ?offDiscount=DISCOUNT
  3. If it’s not the first parameter: &offDiscount=DISCOUNT


Don’t forget to test the link before sharing it ok? :)


Check out the complete terms of the campaign

Get ready to take your sales to the next level with Hotmart Black Week.



Until the next time.

Happy sales! :)