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After all, what is Hotmart's product Blueprint?

Would you like to find out what the Blueprint is and how to get a high score? Learn about the evaluation system in our post!

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Hello, Hotmarter, how are you? You have probably noticed there is a blue tab (between “Temperature” and “Satisfaction”) when you click on one of your products in our Platform, right? This is our Blueprintour product evaluation system!

With the objective of ensuring that only the best products are registered on the Hotmart platform, our team responsible for the review of the products rates the products with percentage points.

Hotmart Blueprints is a rating system that evaluates the products at Hotmart according to the information provided by the product’s creator. The more relevant and thorough the information on the product is, the best rating it gets.

In other words, the higher the score, the better the evaluation of a product!

How do Blueprints affect your product?

For starters, it’s important you know that a product review takes place in up to 72 business hours. And most of the time, it doesn’t take that long!

The Blueprint level affects your product mainly:

  • In “Most Recent”, for products that have been reviewed recently;
  • In “Hottest”, for products with a higher number of sales and low chargeback rates (or refund requests);
  • And in “Most Loved”, for those that got better ratings from buyers.

Just like the Temperature, the Blueprint will be taken into consideration when ordering the most relevant products. Which means that the higher the Blueprint of your product, the better ranked on search results it will be.

Of course this leads to a greated visibility to the products with better scores, and in turn, attracts more Affiliates. Besides, having a product with a high Blueprint means that it is very complete when it comes to information for the Affiliate, and also that it is adequate visually, which is also important to your Affiliates.

How to get a high Blueprint

Blueprint level of a certain product

The level of Blueprint is calculated for every product through a score that takes a series of points into account, from the name registered to the quality of the sales page created by the Producer. There are some main aspects that are considered by our team that can boost your Blueprint. So, it’s essential you incorporate them into your product.

They are:

  • Quality of the product to be sold. It needs to be as professional as possible since the users’ experience with your product always comes first, don’t you agree?
  • Price vs. Value. The price being paid for the product must be compatible with the content being made available. In other words, there must be a reason why the buyers will spend this amount of money in exchange for a significant experience.
  • Quality of the Sales Pages. They must contain all information about your product, and, if there are external pages, your product may get an even higher Blueprint score. Remember that external pages usually convert more than internal ones.
  • Commissions and information for Affiliates. Yes, they also influence the score, and the more appealing, the better your score. Data, images, banners, and all the support with information will help you get a high score!

And speaking of Affiliates, it is necessary that, for the evaluation to take place, the Producer sets up the Affiliation Program.

Just to give you an example, by reviewing the name of a product, Hotmart will verify if the name is in accordance with what is being sold, if there are spelling or grammar errors, if the name is, in fact, a Call to Action or an ad instead of the real name of the product, among other factors.

A second example, now in relation to Sales Pages, would be if the text is well formatted and well written, if the page is visually attractive to the buyer, if the layout is not distorted, if there are no links to other payment services, among others.

And the last example would be concerned with the characteristics of the products. Informing characteristics such as the number of pages (for digital books), length (audio and video), and file formats, also count points.

After saving these settings, it will be submitted to the analysis of the review team. If it is approved, the Producer will get a confirmation message; if it is rejected, it needs to be adjusted and sent back to review.

It’s important to remember that the Blueprint level of a product may be recalculated periodically.

Why is the Hotmart Blueprint so important to the Hotmart community?

Blueprints encourage the publication of high-quality products, with appropriate information, and that will truly provide to the Affiliates everything they need to promote the product successfully.

The Producers are now, in a way, rewarded for making the lives of Affiliates a little bit easier, providing more complete information about their products. More high-quality information on products really leads to more sales, to Producers and Affiliates!

See how the Hotmart Blueprint is a safe evaluation system for your digital products?

If you have any questios, check out our FAQ, or contact our Support.

See you in the next one!