Discover the best of the first day of Hotmart MASTERS

The third edition of Hotmart MASTERS has begun, and you can't miss out on all the amazing content.

Discover the best of Hotmart MASTERS Day 1

The third edition of Hotmart MASTERS has begun! MASTERS is one of the most relevant international events in the digital universe, and it’s 100% online and free. We had some amazing talks lined up for you on the first day of the event.

And if you missed any talks and want to catch up on all the content we had today, don’t worry! We made a video with the best moments of the day.

You can also learn everything about today’s talks in this article. Keep reading!

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“Passion changes everything” with João Pedro Resende

Our first speaker was João Pedro Resende, CEO and cofounder of Hotmart, the company that organized Hotmart MASTERS, an event that brings you the best content to take your business to the next level. 

João Pedro Resende discussed how “Passion Changes Everything”. Passion is at Hotmart’s core because, 10 years ago, JP and Mateus Bicalho created the company to help people live their passions.

Hotmart’s team believes that passion is the fuel that drives you to achieve your goals and it also helps you keep on track while you pursue them.

The first challenge the company faced was a contest called “Your idea is worth 1 million”. If they hadn’t participated in this challenge, Hotmart’s dream might not have come true, as the award helped get the company off the ground.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the term “Passion Economy”. Before it existed, Hotmart’s philosophy already had passion as a driving force for growth. It’s the company’s mission to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

To get to where we are now, there was a lot of hard work involved. The digital era has brought on many opportunities and also many challenges. We’re living through transformations every day.

It used to be hard to create your own company or business. Bureaucracy was definitely an issue. The digital age has streamlined communication and entrepreneurship is now decentralized. Everyone is free to build their own destiny with the help of tools available in the digital environment.

More and more people are producing content, consuming information online, improving how things are done. We’ve begun to accept digital as part of our everyday life.

People are changing their consumer behavior and have started buying physical and digital products online, including educational products, products that can teach new skills and abilities.

This new form of education has many benefits for everyone. Online learning means that information is much easier to access. In other words, people can change careers more easily and even start new businesses. This is where Hotmart comes into play because the company is a direct link between entrepreneurship and education.

Hotmart’s job is to provide the tools and support for everyone who wants to start a business, learn and teach online. After ten years of growth and hard work, we’re still thinking big, evolving, and helping more people live their passions.  

“Listen to your audience to build meaningful businesses” with GaryVee

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the leading global minds on what’s next in culture, relevance, and the internet. 

Better known as “GaryVee,” he’s one of the most forward thinkers in business today. He is at the forefront of digital entrepreneurship and was one of the first to discover the power of the internet in the business world.

At Hotmart MASTERS, GaryVee talked about the main focus of digital entrepreneurs who want their business to grow: self-knowledge.

He believes that one of the leading causes of anxiety in new entrepreneurs is precisely not knowing what they’re good at. Self-knowledge allows you to understand when to hire someone to take on a task you’re not great at in your own business.

He also talked about uncertainty. He’s a guru when it comes to entrepreneurship and is used to the “chaos” of having to deal with many responsibilities simultaneously.

However, not all people are comfortable with these challenges. GaryVee thinks that if you can’t handle many problems coming up at the same time, you shouldn’t do it. It’s okay to take one step at a time.

Start slow, with just one business, and gradually take on greater responsibilities. You don’t need to have multiple businesses to be successful.

Talking about content, which is the heart of the business, GaryVee says that for content creators, now more than ever, it’s crucial to become relevant in the market and keep that momentum going.

But achieving this will be a great challenge as new platforms continue to emerge. To be competitive, you need to stay focused, show your truth, talk about what you know to the audience that listens to you.

And, to GaryVee, the challenges don’t end there. Entrepreneurs also face many issues when taking their businesses global and choosing the right people to work with.

Your success depends on your team, so he advises entrepreneurs to surround themselves with people trained to solve the problems that may come up along the way.

One great piece of advice GaryVee shared with the audience is about empathy. That’s the key to overcoming challenges.

It’s an essential skill to develop because leadership requires that you have no fear, and empathy can help you.

Empathy helps you understand what others care about, what they fear, what their abilities are. For any entrepreneur looking for success, it’s a must-have skill.

GaryVee added that it’s essential to have a clear understanding of who you are and not put so much weight into other people’s opinions to build a meaningful business.

This will help you build a strong company culture and reach beyond.

He also warned us that some people put money before company culture, keeping employees who go against their culture only because they’re good at what they do. That is a big mistake, as corporate culture has to come first.

Finally, we’d like to share some great advice from GaryVee for those who are creating digital content:

  1. Create content in all formats: audio, video, and text;
  2. Saying “no” is always bad, so try everything you can before deciding not to hop onboard a new type of content or platform;
  3. Try new content formats;
  4. Be active on social media because that’s where you can position yourself as a brand;
  5. Build communities;
  6. Create valuable content for people, focusing on what they need and not what you’ll get in return; 
  7. Read the comments to find out what your audience wants;
  8. Create educational or entertaining content;
  9. Always listen to your audience!

“Entrepreneurship: focus leads to growth” with Sergio Fernández

Sergio Fernandez started his talk with a question: “Why can certain people do what they want to and others can’t?”

And, while there are many answers to this question, he had some valuable insights. 

The first has to do with the following phrase, “There’s no professional development without personal development”, while the second has to do with success and the law of abundance.

Let’s talk about the law of abundance. This is the so-called law of creation, which dictates that everything we know has been created twice, since first, immateriality is born in thought and is then transformed into materiality.

In other words, everything material is inspired by the immaterial. Therefore, we can say that immaterial thoughts will be fundamental in achieving success.

Being aware of what we think frees us from certain mental barriers because we think reality directly affects thought, when in fact, the starting point is always on our minds.

So it’s important to be aware of the thoughts we have and the ones we encourage because only by thinking good thoughts, will we achieve good results and the goals we set for ourselves.

“Energy, spirituality, and abundance: how to incorporate them into your business” with María José Flaqué

The CEO and founder of “Mujer Holística”, the largest platform in Spanish about spirituality, meditation and abundance, taught us some very interesting lessons on how to incorporate these essential elements into business success.

María José comments that meditation, i.e. the act of connecting with yourself, with your being, with spirituality, and with all positive energies, is the key to organic growth, which is in line with each person who practices it, thus having repercussions in everything you do, including business.

If you have a business and wish to achieve the goals you pursue, you must start with an internal equilibrium, which will be reflected in the external environment, showing the world your mission, and sharing everything you can do for it.

Everything around us is energy. So, based on this, we understand that our business is also energy, and everything we do in and through it means different energies.

Every activity you do for your enterprise is a decision you make by choosing what energy to work with, so it is critical that we educate ourselves to manage that energy.

We create the reality of our business from energy, and then we turn it into stories that support that reality, whether they are achievements or our own problems, we create them ourselves, in our mind.

As entrepreneurs, we have to carefully observe when we are creating reality from what we say or think because this can either limit us or provide more good results for the business.

For the management of this energy to be beneficial to your business, you must be aware of how you talk to yourself about your reality and what belief system is supported about reality itself.

When we reach this state of consciousness and work on getting to know ourselves better, on the inner and outer equilibrium, and the equilibrium of our personal life. We’ll discover that everything in this world is part of the spiritual plane, and everything is designed to take you to another level.

“Promise less and deliver more: The best way to run your business” with Alec Henry

Alec Henry brought on a lot of innovation to his talk. His idea is a methodology that allows you to be efficient at work without it affecting your personal life. With this methodology, it’s possible to manage many companies at the same time and create a simple and functional service ecosystem.

When you create a company, you are its main asset. Your business is your creation, and it will require time, money, and effort. So, the more your business grows, the more demands you will have, and, as a consequence, you’ll have to devote more time and effort to it.

When this happens, the business becomes the entrepreneur’s purpose in life and not a means to making a good living.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice your life to have a successful business, but you do need to understand a few things that will make you change how you work.

One of them is understanding that working time is not equal to efficiency. People often work hard but don’t work on inflection tasks, which means they create a mirage of productivity, but they’re actually unproductive.

To be more effective by working less, it’s important to prioritize the business’ activities. Most of your revenue is generated from a small number of tasks that you perform; these are the tasks on which you should focus.

Focusing on the right and most important activities for your business will redirect your efforts, and you’ll get better results. In short, the cost-benefit relationship of your operation will be positive not only to your life but also to your business.

“How to create a strong personal brand and become a reference in the market” with Ricardo Teixeira.

Ricardo Teixeira is very well known in the digital world. He’s a market expert and Founder of the KIAI Programs for Entrepreneurs.

However, he didn’t become an authority and expert overnight. In fact, he went through many experiences, and one of them had to do with persuading and convincing people.

Persuading people is about understanding what you sell and making people believe in what you sell, and this is achieved through three types of sales:

  1. Selling ourselves
  2. Selling to the team
  3. Selling to the customer

If you manage to make these three sales, you will gain reputation and recognition, and consequently, grow and climb up the referral pyramid, which is the pyramid that everyone who wants to build their personal brand must climb, and whose highest point is the goal of becoming an authority and celebrity at the same time.

When you achieve this, people want to work with you since your authority provides you with support, and in order to build this recognition and authority, Ricardo has provided us with 10 important steps that must be followed in order to get to the top of the pyramid.

Before we get to the first step, it’s important to mention step 0, which is the decision-making step. In this step, the mind and heart must be in sync and believe in what they wish to achieve. Only after completing this step will you be able to follow the next ones:

  1. The things everyone says or the information that’s available;
  2. Be an Uchidashi, or a disciple, studying and getting back to your origins;
  3. Have shared values that everyone understands;
  4. Create an umbrella brand with a personality that makes you unique;
  5. Create your cult tribe so people can see themselves in your business;
  6. Dead-end effect, in other words, forget plan B;
  7. Don’t sell products, sell results;
  8. Sell stories that people want to experience;
  9. Be more like Michael Phelps: a disciplined and persistent high-performance athlete;
  10. Have Momentum and don’t rest on your laurels; keep learning.

Besides these steps, it’s important to have fun in the process. This is one of the key points because only by enjoying the process will you be able to take it on in such a way that doesn’t mean responsibility, but something that you’ll simply enjoy.

“Strategies to build a successful business” with Tatiana Arias

One of the things that Tatiana Arias, entrepreneur, best-selling author, mentor, and creator of the Felicidad Financiera system, is passionate about is creating businesses. She has created several businesses ever since she was a child.

Many of them were a total success, and others became important lessons that allowed her to achieve success. In this talk, Tatiana shares five business strategies that have allowed her to achieve everything she has achieved.

We aren’t merely referring to technical skills in sales or marketing to improve your performance; in fact, these skills are very important.

However, this time we’ll be dealing with state of mind and habits, which are often underestimated, but are certainly vital in achieving the proposed goals.

The most important of the five strategies is, “Ask yourself the right questions every day”, which should become a daily habit, and that you should ask yourself, “What am I saying?”, “What’s on the mind of my ideal customer?”, “How can I serve today?”, “What am I thinking?”

The second strategy calls you to “Turn whatever is boring into your skill”. That means to be aware of the goals you want to achieve and, based on them, perform an activity as many times as necessary until you become an expert at it, despite how bored you might feel.

The third strategy is related to “having mentors”. In every business you start, you should invest in a mentor, i.e. seek the person who has already achieved what you are pursuing, becoming a guide, a partner, and share the same values as you.

Tatiana also talks about “self-love”. Basically, it boils down to believing in yourself, trusting yourself, and that you’ll be able to overcome all hurdles you face, some will be more difficult than others, but you’ll be able to overcome each and every one of them.

The last of the strategies is, “start by standing in line, and end the line”, which means being patient, being persistent and staying until you have achieved success. If you are managing the previous four strategies correctly, it’s only a matter of time before you achieve what you set out to do.

“How Mindvalley capitalized organic traffic internationally” with Sebastian Beja

Sebastian is the head of growth platforms and YouTube strategist at Mindvalley, the world’s leading personal growth company.

From a very young age, Sebastian had a passion for entrepreneurship, he opened his first candy store, and although everything he had planned was ready, he was unable to sell anything because there was no traffic on the street in front of his house where he set up his business.

This is where we realize that traffic is very important for a business because through it you can achieve good results even without having to pay for it.

Of course, what defines this traffic is the content, and in turn, this content is defined by patterns that we have to discover gradually, and through different activities, tests, consultancies, experiments in different markets and languages, we can reach a few conclusions.

These conclusions will become a methodology, the ROCC methodology, which consists of 4 steps that focus on what doesn’t change because through these principles, you’ll obtain the desired traffic that will make your business grow.

The first letter of the acronym refers to the word Tracking (In Spanish, Rastreo). which can also be interpreted as search or research, at this stage the most important thing is to understand how you want to be found.

People search for different terms on the Internet, and to know what your niche market is searching for, you must first get to know these people by finding out what terms and keywords they search.

The letter “O” in this methodology refers to “Optimization,” which means optimizing the keywords and search terms you have found in order to optimize the entire content, whether it refers to titles, descriptions, text, or hashtags.

Generally, this works for all social media and even YouTube. Optimizing also refers to reviewing what your competition is doing, in order to address details in your strategy that seek to outperform these actions.

The third step, represented by the first “C” refers to “Content”, but it refers to optimized content, because content itself will not make your results the best, but optimized content will allow you to move up in ranking both in Google and on the different digital platforms.

Optimized content for search engines is worth more than non-optimized content. Creating optimized content will help you achieve your goal in less time, with fewer resources, and in a more orderly and strategic manner.

The fourth stage is related to “Conversion”, where you need to send your audience to a certain location, and when we say send to a certain location, we mean one location only.

The place where you should send them must ensure customers that the contact will be as fast and direct as possible. Contact speed, at this stage, is key.

By carefully performing each action in each of the steps and following a chronological order, you will certainly be able to increase traffic to convert more in the different channels in which you implement this methodology.

“Your attitude towards change” with Dr. César Lozano

Changes occur in different aspects of our lives and usually when we least expect them. Dr. César asked himself why there are people who can adapt faster.

The answer to this question has to do with some of the stages of change, because people who react better to these stages, and assimilate them faster, have a certain advantage in adapting better. The 5 stages are:

  • Denial: in this stage, change is not initially accepted because the reasons are not understood or due to the idea that things will no longer be the same as before but will always have to give way to the next stage
  • Anger: In this stage, people usually feel anger and resentment for what they have lost due to the changes that have occurred. They possibly look for things to blame in order to subdue the anger produced by the frustration that there’s no solution to the change, because it is imminent
  • Bargaining: in this stage, people seek to change the facts, start strategizing by negotiating what can be done, and leaving aside what can no longer be remedied.
  • Depression: In this phase, you feel pain, which is a very understandable reaction, because we get used to stability, and leaving our comfort zone becomes difficult, making people long for that lost stability.
  • Acceptance: In this last stage, what cannot be changed is accepted, and each person seeks for their best version. At this stage, we can say that the change has finally been accepted.

Taking these stages into consideration, the experience in each one of them can be accelerated or decelerated, depending on the person’s attitude towards each one, because experiencing each of these stages can take more or less time, depending on the person, some might even not go through all stages.

But, what will certainly speed up the process of adaptation to change will be one’s attitude towards change, and each one may decide to make different decisions every time they face changes. People can be behave in different ways in the face of change: 

  1. Resist change and try to endure its effects;
  2. Accept it on the surface, but actually resist it as much as possible;
  3. Accept it as a victim, suffering because of the change and feeling sorry for themselves;
  4. Accept it with a positive outlook, understanding that everything that happens for a reason;
  5. Seek advice from other people; and we must be especially careful with this decision because many people aren’t the best advisors.

Among all of these alternatives, we can say that the best one is accepting change with a positive outlook because there’s no resistance. In short, a person who decides to follow this alternative and has a positive attitude can take advantage of the opportunities that change offers.

You can still join in! There’s much more content lined up for you in the third edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

That was just the first day of Hotmart MASTERS! There’s much more to come!

Tomorrow, May 25, we’ll have more talks, more content, and more techniques from experts of the digital market. Join in to learn from their experience and take your business and career to the next level.

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