See The Highlights From The Second Day of Hotmart MASTERS

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See the highlights from the second day of Hotmart Masters

Hotmart MASTERS had a star-studded line-up and so much valuable content was shared on its first day. And the second day wasn’t any different!

Ferencz Mario Villamonte Rojas

05/26/2021 | By Ferencz Mario Villamonte Rojas

What will we see in this post

The third edition of Hotmart MASTERS had a star-studded line-up, and so much valuable content was shared on the first day. The second day wasn’t any different! And it’s all 100% online and free.

If you couldn’t watch all the amazing talks we had during these 2 days, don’t worry! Here in our blog, you can check out the best moments of this edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

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In his talk, he explained that there’s a step before selling a product and making an offer, which is the step where the company delivers knowledge to its potential customers.

The part of the major investment where you have experience, is precisely the one between the beginning and the delivery of knowledge, i.e. the management of paid traffic by acquiring leads, and to do so, he reveals 3 secrets to achieving it.

1. There’s no paradise without capturing people’s attention 

Everyone who wants to sell you something or interact with you wants your attention.

Without capturing people’s attention, there will be no clicks, no interest, and no conversion. So many people even use unethical methods in order to get attention, but there’s a better way.

Capturing people’s attention should be about their interests, because we can reach out to them in order to attract them and then, with their attention focused on us, we can start a relationship with them so that they get to know us better.

2. May the CPA be with you

Most digital entrepreneurs are always concerned about CPL, because they’re looking for the maximum number of leads at the lowest price.

However, this isn’t the right metric to measure a business’s performance, since leads are business opportunities, but not business in itself.

Therefore, the focus of those starting their business should be on the CPA, i.e. the customers, the important thing is to measure the cost per acquisition.

This metric will tell you how much it costs to acquire a new customer. If this cost is too high, your business may be having very poor results without you realizing it.

In order for your CPA to be cheaper, it’s very important to optimize your ads and pay attention to each one’s details. You should choose a persuasive copy, a good format, a creative way of displaying it, and good audience targeting.

3. Our success is based on mastering traffic

Understanding traffic isn’t enough, you need to master it. This means being an expert at what you do.

There are two keys to being an expert at what you do and mastering traffic. The first one has to do with knowing the fundamentals of traffic in-depth, and day-to-day experimentation.

The second key has to do with “keeping up to date”, i.e. studying, staying up to date, and keep learning, because only by constantly staying up to date can you have an edge in the industry.

While these three secrets of paid traffic can lead you to success and increase your numbers in both sales and the growth of your business, it is important to keep something in mind, not everything is about numbers.

The most important thing is to take care of the customers who trust you, provide them with the best service or product you can, and respect the purpose for which companies are truly created, which is to help and make a positive impact on humanity.

“Global Digital Product – How to expand your business internationally” with Raúl Maraña

In 2014, Hotmart became a global company as it expanded its business outside of its local market in Brazil. In the following year, Raúl Maraña received a life-changing invitation. From that moment on, he would become Hotmart’s Business Development Director in Europe.

The first adventure started at Raúl’s own home, which would be Hotmart’s first office outside of Brazil. Over time, the company expanded to other countries and continents.

When Raúl thinks about globalization, he asks himself a few questions that are vital to understanding if you are fit to start internationalizing your business.

The first of these questions is, “Why? What will be gained from internationalization?

The truth is that it provides many benefits as in the case of Hotmart for example, whose purpose, which is to allow people to make a living from their passions, has been taken to other parts of the world.

There are also other advantages, such as the opportunity to increase your income, since you are targeting a larger market.

It’s also possible to diversify your risks in case one of the countries where you operate faces an economic crisis, your business will keep growing in another country.

Finally, you can always learn new things in each of the markets where you operate, and you also have the opportunity to include them in your business culture, which can be beneficial to everyone.

Another question is “Where?”

By answering this question you’ll be able to define more precisely where you should start. To do so, you need to evaluate the following:

Regarding geographical distance, the closer the new market is the better, unless you operate digitally since the pros and cons are mitigated in this industry.

On the other hand, cultural and administrative distance is a factor. The closer the culture and administrative issues, such as taxes, legislation, and political issues, the easier and faster the internationalization will be.

Finally, the factor related to economic distance, where we look for the most economically attractive market because a higher profit will speed up growth.

When is the best time to internationalize my business?” This is another question you should ask yourself before carrying out any expansion action.

The factors that should influence the decision of when to expand have to do with the stability and security of the business you have at the local level because if you don’t have a certain stability, you might lose focus at your local level.

Finally, the last question to ponder is, “How do I do this?

There are many ways to internationalize a business, however, focusing more on what relates to us, which is the digital industry, we can weigh certain options when deciding to open in another market.

The first option is in-house production, where the same promise is made, and the same communication is used but targeted to a different market.

The second refers to finding a local partner, for example, a launching consultancy, to help you expand into the new market you’re targeting.

The third option concerns the purchase of licenses, certificates, or franchises, where the rights are assigned to another person to run the business in exchange for a percentage of the profits.

The last option is to perform adapted translations with the same communication that is used in your local market but making a few changes to expand in the new market.

After you have asked all of these questions and analyzed each of the alternatives you can choose from, you’ll feel better prepared to kick off your internationalization and expansion into another market.

However, it’s very important that besides following the previous recommendations, you also keep in mind that each business has its own particularities that differentiate it and that each one must be taken into consideration when deciding where, when, and how to go global.

“How to create a community that generates conversions” with Regina Carrot

Content creation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand and no one better than Regina Carrot, an expert on both these subjects, to show us how they should come together to create a community, and ultimately, generate the expected conversions.

Carrot worked as a Marketing professional in different companies and that helped her understand that consumer psychology is one of the most important aspects of marketing because only by applying it, can you create a real bond with people.

Later on, Regina decided to migrate to the online world and work with social media but always using consumer behavior as a driving force for her success.

Today, she told us how she achieved success thanks to consumer behavior.

Through her experience, the first thing you need to do to be successful and generate conversions is to choose the niche in which you’re going to operate, start studying it and evaluate whether you’re really in tune with this niche because it’s essential that what you represent, also represents those who are in this niche.

After you have chosen your niche, it’s essential that you create a brand with a purpose, i.e., the why and a what for, because the community follows a brand for the beliefs it holds, and watches closely what you do, in what you believe, and what you project.

This makes people follow you and connect with you at first, but the idea is to go a step further and focus not only on connecting with the brand and buying once.

But also, making them part of a community and making them identify with the brand, creating a connection with the people who are part of it.

The first step for a person to identify with your brand is to look for a unique feature that these people can recognize and that at the same time, is based on the solution to problems that these people may have.

But from the unique feature to conversion there’s still a gap, and the key to getting from that unique feature to the conversion is for these people to become part of our community. But, how do we make them part of a community?

This is where another obstacle arises, and although it’s hard to achieve, it isn’t impossible. For we can count on the help of psychology, which will be very important because it’s what will generate empathy to create the so-called “Love”.

“Love” is a methodology that many “love brands” follow, where people recognize, differentiate, respect, and admire it. It’s based on generating empathy, active listening to your audience, and a true interest in their needs and deepest pains.

By knowing their deepest needs, you can develop deep, knowledgeable conversations, and through tools, such as email lists and lead magnets, you can gradually push your audience toward the sale.

This is not a short process, but a process of creating a stable and lasting relationship with your customers and even providing a VIP experience for the most loyal ones.

This is how creating a community builds trust to drive conversions and consequently, sales. This process can take a while, but it’s very effective when the goal is to generate conversions.

“The Business of Being You: entrepreneurship from within” with Ismael Cala

Ismael Cala is CEO and founder of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation. This time he will take it upon himself to show us how business can be done from the “inside out”.

You’re probably not familiar with the term “business from within”, but Ismael refers to the fact that entrepreneurship and leadership are born inside you, and after they are born inside you, you will expel that entrepreneurial and leadership energy outwards.

However, to do this, we have to understand the clear concept of leadership, and leading is, at first, the ability to self-manage thoughts and emotions constructed internally, and at the same time, it’s the ability to inspire in order to obtain the best from others to surpass oneself.

To achieve this entrepreneurial leadership, Ismael has created a decalogue of ten elements that will help consolidate different brands, and that will be very useful for the success of new entrepreneurs.

1. Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means “continuous improvement”. For entrepreneurs, this is a philosophy for life, never a finished product, but a constantly evolving process.

2. Assertive communication

Assertive communication is a mix of curiosity, inquiry, agreements and learning through communication, being careful with what you say and how you say it at all times, because communication is the exchange of ideas, even when done internally.

3. Creativity

Creativity is born out of curiosity, and is always about learning new things and new ways of doing things.

4. Business model

The development of the business model shows us several advantages, a few of them are: it facilitates active listening, raises important questions, understands challenges and needs, allows the identification, interaction, and validation of new hypotheses, and adapts them to the strategy.

5. Mentors

The choice of your mentors will be very important in your strategy. At this stage, choosing a patron is better than choosing a teacher, someone who will be your friend, your advisor, and who will teach you the best way to achieve your goals.

6. Community 

One of the most enriching ways of moving forward is to surround yourself with other like-minded entrepreneurs with whom you can share dreams and illusions because by creating a community you gain contacts, support networks, and visibility within your niche.

7. Action plan

Creating an action plan helps us visualize the path to achieving the goal. It generates motivation, links the objectives with performance, and helps us reduce the chances that something will go wrong.

8. Exponentiality 

This part seeks to use technology to increase the impact of each of our actions. All businesses must grow at the pace of technology and make it an ally because its sense of exponentiality has the characteristic of being sustainable over time.

9. Resilience

Being resilient means learning from mistakes and moving forward, overcoming challenges, and being internally flexible to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

10. Awareness

being aware means being present in the here and now in to be able to observe the changes that are taking shape around us

If you apply these tips, make sure that you’ll be closer to achieving success, but don’t forget that what you do on a daily basis will have an effect on tomorrow, because we need to build a pattern of habits that will guide us responsibly in the entrepreneurial adventure.

Remember that no entrepreneur improvises. So it isn’t a matter of good or bad luck, but of making the right decisions.

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