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How to create a free logo for your business

Are you about to start a business? Check out our tips and learn how to create a professional logo with the best tools and techniques!

Ana Codeglia

11/06/2020 | By Ana Codeglia

What will we see in this post

Have you already created your logo?

If you’re about to open your own physical or digital business, or if you already own one, you probably know how important it is to have a quality logo, since it will allow your company to be recognized by customers.

Have you ever recognized a brand just by looking at its logo?

McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and Nike are a few of the major corporations that, among other strategies, have become famous because of their logos.

This is one of the greatest benefits of having an attractive and unique logo. It allows people to remember you, makes a good impression and also, allows you to increase your brand’s recognition through a unique image.

In short, logos play a very important role in getting your customers to identify and connect with your brand.

The best part is that you don’t have to hire the services of a professional designer to have an attractive logo. You can use online tools, which are completely free, and easy to use.

In this post, we’re going to teach you how to create a logo, show you a few techniques and tips that will certainly be very useful, and you’ll be able to learn about a few tools that can be found online so you can create your own logo.

The importance of having a great logo

Logos are one of the most important resources for any brand or business, especially for companies that don’t have a privileged position in the market yet. This because a logo helps in the company’s recognition, strengthens digital marketing strategies and inspires confidence.

There are many advantages in having a good logo. Below, we have a few:

  • Represent a business, since we can say that the logo is the “face” of your business. When you create a visually attractive and original logo, you can represent your brand perfectly without having to include additional texts or images.
  • Allow you to create an attractive visual identity for your business, which will help you stand out from the competition.
  • Make people remember you and know your brand and identity.
  • Inspire confidence and build customer loyalty.

Free logo creation tools

When it comes to creating a logo for a new business, people often hire a designer to create something personalized and original.

However, many entrepreneurs don’t have enough money or time to hire a professional to design their logo.

In light of this, the internet has once again surprised us and made many platforms available with which entrepreneurs can create logos by using basic features, such as drag, drop, customize colors and add text, for example.

This makes it possible for you to have, in a few minutes, a visually attractive logo, ready to be used in official documents, marketing material, social media, websites, and much more.

It doesn’t matter if you have no idea how to create a logo for your company. With these online and free tools, you can do it on your own.

Now, check out a few free logo creators available online:


Canva is one of the most complete and intuitive online design applications we can find on the internet.

Its different features allow anyone to create their own brand image, regardless of their graphic design experience.

To create your logo with Canva, you need to follow these five steps:

1. Create a Canva account to design your own logo.

2. Select an option in the library. Canva offers several free templates you can use in your original version or you can customize it (change colors, fonts, etc.).

free logo - canva3. Upload your own images or pick any of the free Canva elements.

4. Edit your text and improve your logo with any of the filters available in the application.

free logo - text

5. Save and share it.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another platform you can use to create logos easily and for free.

Below are the steps to create your logo with this tool:

1. Go to the Free Logo Design website and select the logo category that is most associated with your business model.

 Free Logo Design

For example, let’s suppose that you’re going to offer online classes on beauty and makeup tips. So you select the Fashion & Beauty option.

como criar um logotipo - imagem do editor do Free Logo Design

2. Select the logo of your choice and start editing the text, add elements, change the colors, etc.

como criar um logotipo - imagem do editor do Free Logo Design

3. You can change font styles, the location of the elements, colors, add icons, and change anything you want.

4. Save your logo and download it!

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is free software and is part of the Adobe tools suite.

It’s quite intuitive and allows you to create webpages, social media images, and even short videos.

And, as you can imagine, it can also be used to create your business’ logo, YouTube channel, website or blog.

To create a logo using Adobe Spark, follow the steps below:

1. Select the logo’s size. Ideally, you should start with standard proportions, such as square (1:1). Next, test it until you find the ideal size for your brand.

adobe spark

2. After you decide on a size, select a template among the many available in Adobe Spark.

3. The next step is to customize the design to make the logo your own. You can change several design elements, such as backgrounds, images, alignment, layout, colors and typography.

free logo color

4. When you’re happy with your logo, save the image in PNG or JPEG format and use in on your brand’s channels.

Tips and techniques for creating your logo

We can’t end here without first giving you a few tips and techniques to help you create a visually attractive and professional logo.

Take note of these recommendations:

1. Keep it simple

The idea is that your logo be a graphic representation of your company. Therefore, we recommend that you keep it simple so that you can be easily identified by your customers and the audience in general.

Avoid creating elaborate logos, containing too many elements or different types of fonts, because this creates a sense of disorganization.

2. Look for inspiration

Having good references is key in order to create attractive logos.

As our second recommendation, we invite you to search and find inspiration everywhere before you sit in front of your computer to create your logo.

Check out those logos of brand that are market leaders. Search for your competitors’ logos and the types of elements that used the most.

In short, find inspiration, analyze the elements used, the colors, combinations, and try to create a unique logo that attracts your audience’s attention and, above all, make it memorable.

3. Pay attention to your fonts

There are many types of fonts you can use when creating your logo, but we have a few basic tips to help you select a font that suits you:

  • Never use: Comic Sans, ZapFino, Papyrus, Chiller or Monotype Corsiva. These fonts jumble the text and make it confusing.
  • Not recommended: Arial, CopperPlate, Myriad, Impact.

Some fonts that work quite well with logos are: Helvetica, Bebas, Grotesk Gotham, Museo, Raleway, Soho, Roboto, Geomanist, Din, Dobodi, ChunkFive, Cocogoose, Futura, Lato. These types of fonts are clear and the written message will never raise doubts.

4. Match colors properly

Many entrepreneurs, and even graphic designers, are uncertain about which colors to select for a logo. We know that with such a wide range available on your computer that it’s natural to like all of them.

Therefore, it’s important that you first create a monochromatic version of your logo, i.e., black and white.

If your logo is okay and works in black and white, this means that it can be applied to any existing media and color.

Now it’s time to apply colors. This can be a personal matter and varies according to the type of company, market or product you intend to sell, but one way of helping you decide is by using the Color Theory.

When selecting your logo’s color or colors, remember to write down each color’s code so that it’ll always be the same.

5. Be careful with dimensions

It’s important to always maintain the same logo proportions and size, so you don’t confuse your audience with different logos.

6. Your logo must reflect your business and have meaning

As we mentioned earlier, your logo is the graphical representation of your business. Therefore, it’s important that you choose colors, elements and fonts that are identified with your business and have some meaning for your audience.

7. Create a logo that transcends the paper it’s on

If you’re about to start a digital business, it’s important that you create a logo capable of standing out on various devices and on social media.

Try to make your logo work well on different platforms, be flexible and don’t run the risk of becoming obsolete.

8. Ask for help whenever you need it

Creating a logo for a new project is an important moment for any entrepreneur, since it will be the face of the business. Therefore, feeling a little insecure is normal when picking colors, elements or fonts to be added.

So, don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you create your logo.

A good idea is to create several logo models and ask people’s opinion and discard certain options (or even make small changes).

Now that you know how to create a logo, start customizing your business! Remember that this is one of the most important aspects of building a brand and approaching the market.

So, make good use of your time, search for inspiration, and use the tools we showed you here to help you create an unforgettable logo.

If you need more tips and inspiration to become a true entrepreneur, check out our post containing several tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.