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After All, Does Organizing Your Instagram Feed Help Boost Your Business?

Learn how to turn your feed into an online showcase for your business.


10/18/2022 | By Hotmart

Social media has become a showcase that enables customers to get to know products and certain particularities of companies. One example of this is that 42% of people have made at least one purchase through these channels.

However, only having an account isn’t enough to get the attention of consumers. In order to boost business, you also need to rely on strategies to organize your Instagram feed.

We are aware of the importance of having Instagram followers —  in fact, we talked about this in another post in our blog.

As the number of users increases on the platform, standing out among the other images on the feed has become a requirement that involves having an Instagram feed planner and laying out the best strategy for your brand.

In this post, we’ll talk about how important it is to organize your Instagram feed and how it can actually boost your sales. Stay tuned and learn more about this subject!

Instagram feed planner: How can it benefit your business?

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words “. Well, presenting products by means of videos and photos on Instagram is a way to demonstrate the brand’s culture to potential customers.

Harmonizing the posts on the feed is a strategy to make it visually more appealing.

The intention is to make people spend more time on your profile, interacting with the publications and being captivated by the quality of the images.

Having a successful Instagram profile involves much more than posting. It is necessary to link the information that will be offered to the needs and expectations of the audience the business intends to reach.

When you perform this targeting while keeping your feed organized and consistent, the likelihood of potential business deals being made is far greater.

Understanding with whom the brand it talking is essential to establish the style of the posts.

In order to find the pattern of the image layout, you should find answers for the following questions, always considering the persona:

  • Will there be posts showing people interacting with the products?
  • Will the price be shown?
  • Will there be catchphrases?
  • Will the images be rectangular or square?

Organizing your Instagram feed establishes an aesthetic for your profile, which is great for its visual identity and to establish its digital branding.

The cohesiveness of the images can help in attracting people and other companies searching for partnerships.

Online showcase: How your photos help you increase sales

As we’ve seen here, an organized feed can convey the brand’s aesthetics and virtual identity. This way, Instagram assumes the role of an online showcase.

You can build a portfolio presenting products and solutions in a creative and visually appealing manner. The intention is to impact each post’s engagement in a positive manner.

On Instagram, there are certain good practices to increase the engagement of followers, such as the following:

  • Using hashtags;
  • Creating Stories;
  • Ensuring the good quality of the posts;
  • Posting at specific times;
  • Interacting with people;
  • Frequently posting.

Having engaged followers helps your conversion rates and establishes a more solid relationship between your company and your audience.

In addition to boosting sales, this interaction creates positive impacts on customer loyalty and retention, which are essential indicators for the growth of any business. That’s how important having an instagram feed planner is.

Changes to Instagram’s algorithm also favor this interaction.

Posts no longer appear in chronological order on users’ feeds. In order for the posts to appear, circumstances such as relationship, preferences and if the user frequently interacts with a certain profile are analyzed.

Instagram feed planner: Where do I start?

Since we talked about how an organized profile can impact engagement, it’s time to list a few tips for those who wish to start harmonizing their profile.

Planning, structuring, and making an effort will be required.

1. Define your aesthetics

The first step in organizing your Instagram feed is to establish the aesthetics. Remember that it needs to reflect the business’ visual language. The images must be linked to the values in which the organization believes.

Defining the aesthetics helps you maintain a cohesive profile, i.e., all photos and videos will be within the same standard of quality and language. Thus, it’s possible to strengthen communication and interaction with your audience.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the images

Images with poor quality might not adequately attract people’s attention and create negative impacts to the business’ reputation.

Maintaining high-quality photos and videos is one way of conveying to your audience that you set the bar high.

In order to help you, there are different free apps for editing of images, in addition to Instagram’s own filters, which are sure to help you when it comes to increasing quality.

3. Plan

With the aesthetics and quality of the images in mind, it’s time to establish a plan for your posts, which need to convey the company’s ideals, with defined times and frequency.

In addition, avoid using only sales images. Combining them with photos aimed at encouraging interaction with your audience is one way of strengthening communication and building engagement.

4. Consider the rule of 3s

In order to facilitate the organization of the Instagram feed, you can divide it into blocks. In the profile, each line can hold 3 images; therefore, you can harmonize them with each other.

By thinking in blocks, you can vary styles, dividing the posts into 3, 6, 9 or 12.

Organized Feed: Which apps can help you?

We know that organizing your Instagram feed might take a lot much time. So, we’ve set aside 2 apps that can make this task easier and more dynamic.


VSCO lets you choose presets for images and videos, in addition to offering editing tools to make your job easier. You can create photos and videos with better visual quality on your cellphone.

2. Gallery Organizer

Gallery Organizer is ideal for those who work with more than one Instagram profile. It’s available for Android and allows you to simulate posts to see how the entire grid will look like.

Having an Instagram feed planner is more than a strategy to make your profile look good and harmonized.

It can positively impact user interaction, increasing the chances of posts appearing more frequently on people’s feed.

As a consequence, sales may increase.

Now that you’ve learned a little more about the importance of organizing your feed. How about sharing this article with your friends on social media?