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Experts tips: 5 tools to automate your marketing strategies and boost your results

Our experts have picked 5 tools that will enable you to automate (and uncomplicate) your relationship with your customers!


06/11/2019 | By Hotmart

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Do you know how to use marketing automation tools for your business?

Automation is an important ally to optimize actions and boost your sales opportunities.

The more marketing evolves, the greater the opportunities to acquire traffic and generate leads on social media and websites.

But, in addition to attracting a new audience, it is necessary to create strategies that retain these contacts and facilitate the organization of the marketing and sales departments.

For this reason, automation platforms are options to improve the relationship between brands and customers.

If you wish to learn more about automation and which tools are recommended, keep reading this article.

Marketing automation: understand its importance

Marketing automation is a trend in large companies and marketing agencies. Its use has increased because it allows you to achieve better results without affecting team productivity.

If before it was necessary for those responsible to contact potential customers several times to make a sale; nowadays, this can be done in a coordinated manner, at the right time and automatically.

Through intelligent algorithms, quality content and automation flows, it is possible to create effective contact routines that result in conversions.

In addition, automation can be used to extract more opportunities, closing the marketing cycle and delivering “hot leads” to the sales team.

For example, automation allows the creation of priority flows, list segmentation and the creation of new groups from clicks.

Automation tools and software help in the creation of specific campaigns that will remain indefinitely for as long as you wish.

This way, professionals in the area can carry out other tasks while automation nurtures the leads.

Throughout the process, it will be up to analysts to observe the results and performance of the automation, seeking to add human and technological knowledge to create balance, making the execution less robotic.

5 marketing automation tools that you need to know

If you’re interested in the subject and wish to start putting this strategy into practice, check out a list of automation tools by our experts!

1. RD Station

RD Station is one of the main marketing automation tools in the market.

The platform offers several tools and features that capture and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel, facilitating the integration of the marketing and sales teams.

The tool’s structure is very well developed and makes it easier for users to identify, in few steps, what the actions are for each goal.

Thus, it’s possible to create automation for the purchase journey and organize the leads by score.

RD Station is a paid tool and there are plans for all types of businesses. Prices range between 139 USD and 269 USD per month.

marketing automation tools - RD Station website

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is the market’s largest company in this segment.

Its features and experience are the most robust, making it possible to create lead nurturing strategies, chatbots, email marketing management, content, social media, and many other options.

The tool also allows integration with the CRM system, but doesn’t require programming knowledge in order to perform the operations.

Because it’s a complete platform, it allows integration between content marketing strategies and inbound marketing, but all of these features have a substantial price tag.

Some features can be accessed for free, but the enterprise package can cost up to 3,200 USD a month, depending on the brand’s number of contacts.

marketing automation tools - HubSpot website

3. Pardot

Pardot is an automation platform by Salesforce, aimed at B2B businesses.

Salesforce offers complete services for the creation and management of websites, based on the Fourth Revolution. By making these innovations simpler and more accessible, the company creates more democratic tools.

Like HubSpot and RD Station, this tool offers system and feature integration options that optimize and automate complex operations.

Prices range from $ 1,250 to $ 4,000 a month, depending on your needs on the platform.

 Pardot website

4. Mailchimp

The MailChimp platform can be considered a favorite among marketing analysts. In addition to being a light, simple and self-explanatory interface, it offers a free option for brands with up to 2,000 contacts in their databases and it sends up to 12 thousand emails a month.

Thus, for small and medium managers, this tool is the most cost-effective choice.

Another advantage is that it makes it possible to create campaigns from templates. They can be edited with personalized texts and images or even creating your own code for the template. As the other platforms we listed, MailChimp also offers a good database for analysis and metrics.

automation tools - Mailchimp website

5. Mautic

Mautic is a marketing automation platform that has the main features usually available in tools of this type. By connecting a brand’s communication channels, the platform assists in monitoring website visits and from this, help in the creation of strategies for sending and building automation flows.

It allows, for example, the feature of including tracking scripts on the website. That way you’ll be able to monitor all of your contacts’ activities, seeing which pages the user has visited and the source of traffic. In addition, it also allows the audience and time scheduling of emails and A/B tests.

This tool is a free and open source tool. Therefore, if you have good programming skills, it’s a good opportunity to create something more personalized and aligned with your needs.

 Mautic website

Now you can decide!

You’ve learned that marketing automation tools are important to create more complex flows and optimize actions that allow large-scale personalization, right?

In addition, they offer technical support and in certain cases, training and consulting that help you obtain good results. But first, you need to align strategies and goals in order to create more effective campaigns.

So, did you like our tips? If so, leave us a comment below!