Simple tips to increase your online sales

Boosting your digital business may be easier than you think!

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E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate! According to Statistica, the total sales revenue of the e-commerce market was 2.84 trillion USD in 2018. Also, it’s projected to rise to 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021. Moreover, e-commerce share of total worldwide retail sales is expected to go from 11.9% in 2018 to 17.5% in 2021. How impressive is that?

And it’s not surprising at all that online sales have expanded so much, since they generate numerous advantages both for customers as well as for sellers, such as: convenience, cost reduction, being able to reach several people, etc.

And what about you? Would you also like to be a part of this growing trend, learning to increase your online sales even more?  Check out 5 amazing tips we’ve set aside for you.

How to sell online

Perhaps you’ve already made your first online sale. But, let’s be honest, selling a single product is easier than maintaining a regular sales rate every month of the year, right?

So, with this in mind, we’ve listed 3 indispensable points so your online business can become more lucrative.

Have a functional website

Do you really believe that users will stay on your website if it’s slow, confusing or cluttered with ads obstructing your field of vision? Of course not!

It only takes one click to leave the page and buy from your competitor. Therefore, in order to boost your online sales, you need to invest in your web site’s functionality and facilitate your customers’ purchase journey.

Work with multi-channels

Do you wish to promote easier access to your products? Then you need to be present on several social media channels.

You can even concentrate your efforts on the platforms where your audience is. In fact, this is recommended.

However, as far as possible, create accounts in the most popular communication channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. This will boost your product promotion, generating more sales.

Strengthen your logistics

Creating expectations when buying online is normal. Since there’s no physical contact with the vendor, and even less with the product, customers usually become anxious to know details of the delivery of the product (especially if it’s delivered digitally), the date it’ll arrive, the tracking number, among other questions.

In order to calm them down, investing in good logistics for your business is essential.

Logistics is much more than worrying about the shipping of goods. It has to do with the entire flow management of your products. Therefore, even if your business is completely online, it’s important to worry about logistics.

One tip is to make all information about the delivery and format of the products your users are buying very clear on your sales page. This way you avoid certain questions that might cause objections to your product.

5 steps to increase your online sales

As we’ve seen, there are certain indispensable issues to be reviewed before you sell online. But we still have a few tips to increase your online sales. Let’s check them out, shall we?

1. Point out the most popular plan

Have you ever wondered why the “most popular plan” is the most popular?

The question might sound redundant, but the cheapest service isn’t always the one that’s picked the most, for example. Consumers usually choose it simply because other consumers have chosen it.

It’s the “herd mentality”, in which several people react in the same manner, one after the other. This occurs because deep down, we like to have a sense of similarity. When we make a purchase, we feel we aren’t picking something bad if others have made the same decision before us.

Therefore, a good tip is to highlight the most popular plan among your other prices. This will only make more customers click on the option.

In addition to the herd mentality, there are other psychological triggers you can use to pique the people’s interest to buy.

2. Include your contact information

This tip might seem kind of obvious, but one of the best ways of increasing your online sales is placing all of your contact information on your website or online store.

According to the 2015 B2B Web Usability report, 64% of users say that the lack of information is one of the biggest mistakes that websites make.

Therefore, in order not to lose any sales due to carelessness, make sure you check that your contact information – such as social media, email address, and buyer support -, are informed clearly on your sales page, okay?

3. Have a landing page that corresponds to your ad

The use of landing pages in paid ads is a powerful strategy. They work as the customers’ access to the next step of the sales funnel, placing them closer to the final goal of any business that wishes to increase its sales: conversion.

However, it’s important to be careful not to use your landing pages incorrectly.

A confusing design, with excessive elements, for example, might backfire on your sales strategy and drive consumers away. And we don’t want this, do we? Do something simple that corresponds to each type of ad.

4. Review your target audience

The big question is, “Do you really know your persona? Do you know its routine habits, greatest pains, and needs?” If your answer is yes, we suggest that you take the time to review it.

It is common to find entrepreneurs who have never had an open conversation with their ideal consumers, swearing that they know what they need. But don’t fool yourself!

It isn’t always possible to outline the entire profile of your ideal consumer by only performing basic research. So, don’t forget to talk to your customers in order to get to know them better.

5. Provide your customer with a good experience

As we mentioned above, customer loyalty is the final goal of any business and it must be faced as an indispensable aftersales investment. After all, they will guarantee your regular sales, won’t they?

You’re probably wondering, “But what should I do to increase my loyalty rate?” It’s easy!

Just offer the best purchasing experience possible. If customers receive friendly and enthusiastic service, the chances that they’ll come back and buy again in your business are much greater.

Plan and boost your online sales

Like any physical business, just displaying your products and expecting significant sales isn’t enough. You need planning and strategies to sell online and to obtain all the advantages digital businesses offer. Therefore, make sure you apply our tips to your business in order to increase your online sales!

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