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Sep 27, 2017

Club Sales - Image that represents the Club Sales page

Club Sales: new offers on your members areas, more sales!

Create new offers and ads on Hotmart Club and sell within your Members Area. Learn more about Club Sales now!


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Aug 30, 2017

In the image, Checkout Builder interface

Checkout Builder – Much more than a customizable checkout!

Hotmart has just launched a powerful tool to customize your checkouts - and one that goes beyond a customizable checkout. Learn all the advantages of the Checkout Builder!


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Jul 11, 2017

New features of Hotmart Club

Hotmart Club: discover 11 amazing new features on your exclusive members area!

Optimized video streaming with more security for Producers and Affiliates, Notifications, Personal notes on Player… These are just some of the news that have just got to Hotmart Club! Learn about these new features now!


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Jun 21, 2017

Hotpay - Thank you pages mobile

Learn about the new features on the Mobile “Thank You Pages”!*

Your conversions of Bank Slips paid via mobile are about to increase after we break this news we’ve prepared for Producers and Affiliates! Learn more below!


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Jun 20, 2017


Find out 7 definitive reasons why you should use Automatic Lead Management (ListBoss) and boost your conversions!

Did you know you can sell up to 8x more by using ListBoss? Check out now Hotmart’s study that shows all the potential of this feature to optimize your results!


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Jun 16, 2017

On the image, Hotmart Pocket’s screen is shown…

Hotmart Pocket: it is now easier to manage your digital business!

You now have a new, faster way of managing your business, with a lot more comfort. Learn more about Hotmart’s new app, Hotmart Pocket!


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Feb 1, 2017

Tracking Pixel

Learn about the new Tracking Pixel from Google Analytics on the Hotmart Platform!

Find out about the behaviors and actions taken by your customers on Hotmart with the new tracking pixel from Analytics! Learn how to use this incredible new feature!


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Nov 1, 2016

HotPay: Payment with 2 credit cards!

Learn about an exclusive feature at HotPay: Payment with 2 credit cards!

Find out how payment with 2 credit cards can boost your conversions! Read the article now and learn more!


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Sep 12, 2016

With Hotmart's Automatic Bonus Delivery, it is possible to offer files or websites with the product being promoted

Increase your sales with the Automatic Bonus Delivery

What is Hotmart's automatic bonus delivery? How can I increase my sales with it? Read on and find out!