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Manage Your Business in the Palm of Your Hand: Your Sales Results are now on Hotmart Sparkle

Learn how to track your results and enjoy all the benefits of the app.

Imagem de um celular com os gráficos de vendas dentro do Hotmart Sparkle

If you used to carry just your wallet in your pocket, now you can carry your entire business! Hotmart Sparkle has added another amazing feature that will help you closely monitor your up-to-date sales results.

Want to know how this feature works and how it will make Hotmart Sparkle your favorite app? Then let’s go!

Your entire business in the palm of your hand

Hotmart Sparkle grows bigger and better every day. The app with genuine communities is the ideal environment for those who want to create and monetize their content in a practical and fast way.

Within the app, you can follow communities on all kinds of topics and, also, pay to receive exclusive content from those who produce there. 

If you have a digital product, Hotmart Sparkle is an excellent strategy to enhance your users’ experience. If you want to learn more about how to monetize your content with Sparkle, here’s a post with fantastic tips.

But the big news I want to tell you is this: you can now follow the results of your business inside the app and be notified of each sale you make. Cool, huh?

And to show you how it all works, just take a look at this video:

See how easy it is?

Now, in addition to managing your business, creating communities, and offering your course within the app, you can follow the results of your sales in the palm of your hand!

The perfect companion for your results 

With Hotmart Sparkle, you can be notified of every sale. Plus, you can easily track the results you need to create new strategies for your business. Things like:

  • Number of product sales
  • Performance results and graphs
  • Purchase reports broken down by time of day
  • Sales information segmented according to the chosen filters

AND to access all of this, it’s easy: just download the app for free on Google Play or the AppStore and login with the same email and password you already use to access the Hotmart platform. Simple, fast, and without having to create a new account.

Once you got the app downloaded, just tap the results icon that is on the home screen and see all your business results.

If you already have the Hotmart Sparkle, check it out! Take this opportunity to start using it in a new way.


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See you soon!