Hotmart Chat: the new tool that has Producers and Affiliates communicating effortlessly

Want to share some great news about your product or give important tips to your Affiliates? Get to know Hotmart Chat and talk with your base while never leaving the platform.


Today I’m here to tell you all about the new feature that’s just been launched at FIRE FESTIVAL ‘19 which will make communication between Producers and Affiliates even easier. It’s the new Hotmart Chat! Let’s chat a bit about it now. 

For awhile, chat has caught the interest of companies as a way to communicate directly with their customers. Just take a look at the growth in the number of sites from all kinds of segments providing this options among their service channels.   

This also goes for b2b communication, which in general is related to the needs of business owners or professional groups, as is the case with Producers and Affiliates.   

Knowing this ever growing need to stay connected is exactly why we have this brand new form of chat ready for you! A place for Producers to talk with those who affiliate with their products. Perfect for answering questions and giving tips about the Affiliates Program.    

Are you all ready to find out more about this awesome new tool? Just keep on reading… 

Send instant messages 

Now, when you’re navigating our platform, in the left hand corner of the side menu you’ll see the option for “Communication.”

To open up a chat window, it’s necessary for the Producer to initiate the conversation. Just click on the name of the Affiliate you wish to speak to and you’re ready to go! 

The contacts who are currently online will be marked with a green icon. When the message has been sent, you’ll know it was delivered by the double blue check symbol (✔✔) that will appear. 

Got it? It’s that easy. You’ll probably notice that our chat feature is eerily similar to other instant messaging tools already out there like WhatsApp web, Messenger and many others.  

Send out content to an assortment of Affiliates all at once – Broadcast

Want to send out news about your product to a bunch of Affiliates all at once? You can. Just go to your contact list and select the people you want to get the content. 

Using the transmission function, or broadcast, is a great way to share strategies and tips on how to persuade an audience with a whole lot of people. Send text, imagines and hyperlinks through the chat.   

But heads-up, we’re not talking about a group chat, ok? You’ll send the info out to a large number of people, but each receiver will get the content in an individual window.

In other words, if you select 5 people at the same time to send out some news, 5 individual chat windows will be opened. This way you can guide your Affiliates after the initial message with more personalized care. 

Another option is to enable responses from your Affiliates in a Broadcast. Let’s suppose you are creating a Broadcast and would like to get direct responses from the Affiliates you are sending the message to. After selecting who will receive the Broadcast, enable responses on the next screen.

If you want to deactivate the response option later, just click on the Broadcast conversation, See information and then Deactivate responses.

Send messages according to Affiliate profiles? Yeah! Filter your audience:


  • By product
  • Legal entity
  • Sales numbers
  • Click numbers 
  • Lead numbers 
  • Badges 
  • Affiliation code 

Talk with your Affiliates who’ve had great sales for the last few months. Always remember to to congratulate your base,  

Converse com seus Afiliados e Afiliadas que tiveram um bom desempenho durante os últimos meses. Lembre-se de parabenizar sua base, get to know what their strategies were  and give them a hand to improve even more.

The same goes for those whose sales aren’t doing so well. Provide helpful material, tips and digital market strategies and help them out with some insight on what they need to do to improve upcoming sales.   

Make Chat your best friend

Take advantage of the tools and benefits of having a direct communication channel with your Affiliates. Respond to messages quickly, as not to miss you window of opportunity. Answer questions about your products, get feedback and always look to send incentive messages. 

 With Chat, you will have the chance to always offer a personalized service, ever more studious and a top-quality experience. This is how a trusting relationship between Producers and Affiliates is forged.  

Providing  high-end service is something that must be worked on every day. This is why, as a Producer, it’s important to create a service routine with your Affiliate base.

Keep a more analytical view of them, create a log highlighting what you’ve chatted about and measure the results. Figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are and map out a way for what can be improved.   

Now that you know more about this new tool available on the Hotmart platform, why not give it a test drive today? Head over there and enjoy!

Talk to you soon:)


Isabela Portela

Isabela Portela

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