8 tips to create killer digital products

Creating digital products that are relevant, updated and packed with information to solve your customers’ problems is the main step you have to take towards becoming a successful digital entrepreneur!

8 tips to create killer digital products

While you read this text, thousands of people are studying, learning, and working hard to create, launch or improve their digital products.

To help you in your very first steps, we have compiled a list with 8 tips that set the winners apart from the losers.

Every major case of digital products followed and keep following these tips on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you take this path, the chances of getting it right and profit from your digital products will increase manyfold. Check them out and make sure you leave your own tips and what you have learned in the comments section!

1 – Always pick a niche

Before creating digital products, make sure you are working towards a specific audience. Never try to create a product that is suitable for everyone.

It is more important to find distribution channels and promote the sales of your products, offering specific knowledge, than to offer something that is generic, without personality.

Imagine you are going to write an ebook and you are considering the following options:

  1. How to sell more, and better;
  2. The best sales tips for a realtor.

Although the first product has a wider potential market, this is a product whose audience is much more difficult to reach, since it is an extremely competitive market, dominated by major publishing houses and traditional sales books.

On the other hand, the second option brings more specificity to the subject, and a clearer niche. Thus, it is easier to find potential Affiliates and create content in which your audience will be interested.

In short, it is much easier to act in a specific niche than in a generic market, competing against major companies in the sector. The internet allows you to become highly specialized, and even so, find interesting business opportunities.

2 – Find the “pain”, the problem your customer wants to solve

Make sure your potential client has an immediate “pain” and that she is willing to pay – by purchasing your digital products – to solve it. The bigger the “pain”, the more prone she will be to pay larger sums for your product.

Two examples can illustrate this point: your client has problems with credit and can’t seem to find information on the web on how to solve this issue.

In this case, a step-by-step guide on how to solve credit issues will certainly generate sales to people who are going through the same problem. And they want it solved right away.

The second example is when your potential customer wants to change jobs and do something she really enjoys. Why not create a series of videos to teach her how to work from home and make money from her passions?

3 – Give them a “taste” of your digital product

Yes, offering free information is an excellent way of generating sales!

It could be an article with an introduction, the first chapter of your ebook, a webinar about the subject, or a newsletter. By offering a little taste, you make the person want more, and therefore more inclined to purchasing your product.

4 – Create and maintain a community

Imagine you have a digital product which focuses on the real estate market. The best way to ensure you have a profitable business is to create a community.

In it, you will provide tips, share articles that are in the interest of the audience, questions and answers, and even free samples of your product.

Having some space on the web where people can find answers to their questions, relevant information, and even more than that, a place where they can interact with one another, is essential.

Your community may be in the form of a blog, an online forum, or a page on a social networking site – the important thing is to keep your target audience entertained and engaged!

5 – Always capture the email addresses of your potential customers

Yes, now that you can give them a taste of your digital product and you have a community that gathers your potential customers, it is time to ask for something in return.

What about offering a video lesson in exchange for your customer’s email address? Or maybe offer them a monthly newsletter about your niche? Once you get the contact information from your customer in potential, you take a step closer to making a sale.

6 – Use your email list wisely

Never SPAM, always offer relevant content and allow users to cancel the subscription at any moment. A good email list is one of the main assets a digital entrepreneur has.

Learn how to make the best of your list and use it responsibly. You can learn more about email marketing by clicking here.

7 – Maintain a high level of satisfaction

Make sure your product is of high quality and offer a refund to customers who were not satisfied. These are the ones who go around and talk about your product, and you don’t want this kind of reputation.

A satisfied client will seldom talk about the product to other people, but a dissatisfied one will certainly do a lot of damage to your sales!

8 – Always keep your product updated

These days, everything changes in a heartbeat. If your product runs the risk of going outdated, invest in improvements and updates in content whenever possible.

Even if the plan is to release new versions of the material, always make sure the information it contains is correct, and meets the expectations of today’s customer. A high-quality product offers cutting edge content, always updated, to its buyers.

you can create different kinds of digital products

The secret to creating successful digital products is to make sure the information it contains is always perceived by the customer as having a higher value than the price she paid for it.

If you follow the tips above, you ensure your product is on the right track, with the potential of becoming a hit on the web!

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your business!

João Pedro

João Pedro

Hotmart CEO & cofounder

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