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Create new offers and ads on Hotmart Club and sell within your Members Area. Learn more about Club Sales now!

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Hello, Hotmarter, how are you? Today, we’ll let you in on yet another amazing feature to offer other products and sell more and it all within your own Members Area. In this post you’ll learn all abou Club Sales!

Creating new offers is essential for your digital business to take off faster.So, Club Sales is here to offer you the unique opportunity to turn your Sales Funnel into a more efficient resourcer, guiding your buyer until the sale of the product – considering other products which are considered offers such as down selling or upselling.

To make it clearer, let’s go over the definitions really quickly:

  • Upselling is a “purchase upgrade”. Which means offering the buyer a product that is useful, as soon as she makes the first purchase, encouraging her to buy something more expensive within the same category of product already bought.
  • Down selling offers the same product or, sometimes, a similar one (even if this is not the main offer), when the customer isn’t ready to purchase the desired product at that time.

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Discover Club Sales

When we presented our most recent products at our event, FIRE 2017, participants followed the results of researches done with Hotmart buyers in July, 2017.

The numbers have shown that 79% said they had learned a new technique from the courses they had bought, reaching professional or personal objectives, and that others 56% use their products from 1 to 3 times a week. Which means that it is a continuous learning experience that truly changes the lives of thousands of people.

But the number that really caught our eyes is that 85% of the people said they would buy another product from the same digital Producer.

And this is where Club Sales comes in

Besides all the features Hotmart Club has to offer for Producer to provide the best learning experience to their students by hosting and distributing content in a simple and fast way, with Club Sales your Members Area also works as a true sales accelerator.

In this image,, ads page created with Club Sales on Hotmart Club

Now, you can create ads and make offers that deliver what your buyers really need – taking into account that, once they already trust you, chances of making a new purchase are really high!

In this image, an ad created with Club Sales within a class content on Hotmart Club

So, this means that you’re going to make an impression while your students watch you without the need to look for new products that complete their experience outside your Members Area. Your audience will find the ideal offer, in one place, at the exact time they feel the need for another one of your products.

There’s no secret to get started…

It’s super easy and fast to take advantage of the benefits of Club Sales.

In general, just access your content on the Members Area, click on Ads, select the product you want to make an offer and enter a description and your sales video. Then, publish it!

That’s right: your Student will see an Ad Page of your most recent offer and you still get to create other ads and distribute throughout the content.

Don’t miss another second! Join countless people who are already using Club Sales. Create exclusive offers to your Students and see your sales skyrocket!

Questions? Be sure to get in touch with our Customer Support!

See you soon!



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