Create new strategies to organize, promote, and display your digital products

Hotmart Space gives you an exclusive link for your new sales channel.

If you have an online business, you know how hard it can be to organize, promote, display, and even create strategies for several products at the same time, right?

Hotmart created Space to simplify the way you can do all this and also facilitate access for your buyers. It expands repurchase possibilities and even offers a personalized link to promote all your products in one place!

Want to know more about this new free solution and take advantage of all the tips to create new strategies for your online business? Watch the video below and learn how to activate Hotmart Space and personalize your link!

A Space for new strategies

Hotmart Space is a new solution created to organize and display your products in one place. With Space, you can highlight your products, create segmentation strategies, product carousels, and take advantage of many other features.

In addition, with Hotmart Space, your online business gains a new sales channel, with a personalized link. This allows you to promote the link on your social networks, email blasts, and anywhere else included in your strategy.

For example, if your business is called Life Fitness, you can create a link with the same name so that your potential buyers can associate that address with the content you produce. It all depends on your creativity and strategy!

But there is an important detail: your address is unique, which means that, when it is created, it will not be available for any other users on the Hotmart platform to use. So, don’t waste any time and guarantee your link with the look and feel of your business. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

More Space for your sales

Another new feature of Hotmart Space that can really help boost your sales are the featured products.

With featured products, you can choose which products will be visible in Space as well as create groups for them.

Have you ever thought about how many strategies you can create with featured products? Imagine you have several language courses. You could create a strategy and organize them into levels, for example, basic, intermediate, advanced… Or even define niches: English for children, English for business, English for travel. The possibilities are endless! And you can edit them whenever you want.

Now that you know about Hotmart Space and what it can do for your online business, it’s time to start creating yours.

To do so, just follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Hotmart account
  2. Click on Products on the left-side menu
  3. Next, click on Space

That’s it! You’ll see the screen where you can customize the name, description, and image of Space. Just fill in the fields and choose the products that will be displayed. When you click save, set your custom link. Remember that it will only be created once and cannot be changed afterward. The other information about Space can be changed as many times as you want.

See you next time!

Thiago Fonseca

Thiago Fonseca

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