Learn from Peter Tabich, who was named the best teacher in the world, and discover the transforming power of education


Educate and Transform: Lessons from the Best Teacher in the World

Learn from Peter Tabich, who was named the best teacher in the world, and discover the transforming power of education.

Marcos Pereira

03/24/2021 | By Marcos Pereira

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Have you ever stopped to think about the transformational impact that education and knowledge have on society? Today, you will hear the story of someone who has changed not only people’s lives, but a whole community.

Over the past few weeks, we have started to post a new series on the Hotmart YouTube channel, Hotmart MASTERS Newscast. It gathers tips from some of the leading experts in the digital market that participated in the latest edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

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And to start another chapter in this series, we’ll do a recap of the best moments of Peter Tabich’s talk. The winner of the 2019 Global Teacher prize, he knows better than anyone the transformative power of education and how teaching helps to empower people and communities.

To hear this amazing story of overcoming adversity through education, just watch the video below or read the summary of the presentation in this post.

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Lessons from the best teacher in the world

As we told you above, Peter Tabich won the Global Teacher Prize 2019, considered the Nobel prize of education. Born in Kenya, he is a science professor and a Franciscan brother.

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Peter managed to make a rural Kenian school come out on top in several national scientific competitions around the world. 

According to Peter, one of the keys to turning a school with very few resources into a transformative environment was believing in the potential of each student and working in collaboration with other teachers.

Among the actions he put into practice at the school are social activities, such as science clubs, which allowed students to show the best of themselves. In addition, Peter makes sure he gets to know his students’ families closely to better understand the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

Peter also highlights the importance of technological resources in the classroom and how they help in learning. But he points out that it’s essential to know how to use these tools creatively.

Peter’s experience as a Franciscan brother has also influenced his role as a teacher. He explains that he seeks to bring principles of simplicity, peace, and sustainability to the classroom, in addition to sharing his achievements with the community.

Finally, Peter summed up his mission as a teacher in making students believe in their potential and overcoming obstacles, showing that, with dedication and the right tools, everyone is able to achieve their goals.

Learn from market references in education

So, did you find Peter Tabichi’s tips inspiring? If so, roll up your sleeves and start putting into practice the lessons he shared!

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